Hi, my name is Joshua Olanrewaju. If you call me Josh, we will become friends faster. I am a writer – hence the website name but I didn’t always know this. It took six years of studying and fumbling at Mechanical Engineering to see what was in my face all along. I have to say, knowing how to build my own Mercedes would have been great but I have seen the light, and I will just have to buy my Benz like every other person.
What do you expect from this almost-Engineer turned Writer?

Stories! Lots and lots of stories.

Every life is a story and we will make yours better with great stories. Entertaining, funny, suspenseful and sleep-depriving stories. Who cares about sleep anyway when a character is about to get killed? Sleep is for the bored!

Apart from awesome fiction, lordjoshwrites.com features lots of regular people who write about how they survived 2012. (See that movie?) And how they enjoy the sun and dance in the rain. Usually, you learn that there are a lot of people like you out here who can share a couple of life changing tips with you.

Do you believe life is beautiful? Do you have a story that Martians will one day read to their pretty green children? Then you belong here and maybe you could write for lordjoshwrites.com one of these days.

This journey of hopefully a lifetime (or just 70 years) begins with a click. Subscribe to lordjoshwrites.com, and get this book.

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Enjoy the ride and see you around.

You can contact me at josh@lordjoshwrites.com