Ellipsis: Professor Salako’s Story

Ellipsis 10
Professor Salako’s Story.

“I will see you later tonight sir.”
Professor Salako read the text and smiled. He typed a response.
“Make sure you wear my favourite underwear.”
The response came.
“You don’t have a favourite underwear.”
He smiled and replied.
He placed his phone on the table; that was another night sorted. Now, he needed to sort the weekend and he was having some trouble. Sometimes he wondered what these students felt like. How could a girl, a small one like the one seated in front of him, be acting stubborn? She wasn’t the first stubborn one and she wouldn’t be the last. Like everyone before her, she would not last in her stubbornness.
The first time he had slept with a student it had been a mistake. The girl had practically seduced him. He was newly married and had no interest in other girls but somehow this girl succeeded. He had failed her out of anger at his own weakness and lack of control. Of course, she had come back the next year when she needed to retake the course and this time he was more willing. He had discovered how easy it was to sleep with students. Some of them came of their own accord and some had been passed to him by other lecturers. He never asked a student out, it was wrong.
But he got older and soon the girls didn’t find him so attractive anymore. The lecturers who passed girls to him were themselves not getting enough girls and he had to learn to hunt. Once he got his teeth in, he was not going to let go. His wife, like him, was getting older. Sex wasn’t the same anymore. And there was something about a fifty-year-old’s body that was not like an eighteen-year-old’s. He usually went for the easy prey, people like the girl he sleeping with tonight, he had lots of those. But there were some who he had to hunt specially. He was yet to fail to get any of his targets and he wasn’t going to fail with this one.
She had been in his department for three years and was about to enter her final year. There was something about this girl that attracted him from the first time he saw her. She had an innocence that most of the girls in his classes did not have. She was very playful and you would almost always find her smiling. She wasn’t the best student in the class but she was doing okay. She never had a reason to come to him so he had to go after her. And for three years he did to no avail. It was getting annoying.
“Look here Mary, I am not asking you to do anything you are not already doing. Don’t you have a boyfriend?”
“Yes sir,” she said.
“Don’t you sleep with him?”
“No sir,” she said.
Professor Salako frowned, “You have never slept with him?”
“No sir,” she said.
Was she…?
“Are you a virgin?”
She hesitated, “Yes sir.”
Professor Salako smiled, this was a first. He had not slept with a virgin since his wife, this was going to be sweet.
“Okay sweet little girl, I understand your fear. In fact, I will be doing you a favour because if you lose your virginity to one of these small boys, they will just handle you roughly. You see, I am experienced and I will be gentle with you. So what do you say? Will you go out with me this weekend?”
“No, sir.” The girl’s voice was low but firm.
Professor Salako was starting to get angry.
“Do you know who I am? I am your Dean and I could very easily destroy your academic career in this school.”
“That’s okay sir,” the girl said.
Did he hear wrong? “What did you say?”
“I would like to leave sir.”
“You would like to leave?” Professor Salako stood and walked around the table to the girl. “Do you understand who you are talking to?”
The girl just stared at her feet.
“Look, girl, do you think you are better than all your colleagues who have slept with me?”
“No, sir.”
“So what is your problem?”
“I’m sorry sir, I cannot do it, sir.”
“Mary, I am rich, I am powerful and I can make your life very easy. But like I said, I am rich and I am powerful and I can throw you out of this university.”
The girl did not respond.
“Do you understand what I am saying to you?” Professor Salako asked. He had never had to threaten any girl before she understood what she had to do. “If I don’t get a call from you before 7 PM tonight, understand that you are out of this university. Is that clear?”
“Yes, sir.”
Professor Salako returned to his chair and the girl hurried out of his office. He had never had to do this but he was going to throw all his force against this girl. She was just one girl and he could have thousands but he could not let this news spread around the school. Once girls knew they could refuse him and get away with it, he was done. Mary had just made herself a very huge target and she was going to be hit soon. He would wait till 7 PM.
Professor Salako woke up in the car and looked at the clock on the dashboard. It was almost eight o’clock. The girl! He picked up his phone, he didn’t have any missed calls. She hadn’t called. It was time to unleash his power on her.
He scrolled through his contacts and settle on Mr. Iyke, her level adviser. He dialed.
A few seconds later his voice came over the phone. “Hello, sir?”
“How are you Iyke?”
“I am fine sir.”
“Do you know one Mary Nwakali in your class?”
There was a pause. A few metres behind him, a man limped on to the road.
“Mary Nwakali? Yes sir.”
“Good. Now, listen to the following instructions.”
As he started to speak…

12 Hours Later.
Professor Salako was one of the 30.

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