#RandomBae 26

Superstardom was on the horizon now. Nonye Baker had just been signed to Maybach Music. She wasn’t anybody’s mate in the Nigerian music industry. Getting signed to an International music label was something most artists could and would only dream of. She was living their dreams now. She was only twenty one and a young graduate but she was more known than all her university professors. Maybe even her university. Such fame has its disadvantages though. Now, everybody wanted to take pictures with her. People she had met only once claimed to be her best friend. But the one she had to deal with right now was her secondary school reunion invite.
She’d never been to the reunion and usually nobody cared. They never sent her personal invites or checked to see why she didn’t come. Not even her best friend from school bothered to check on her. But now, they wanted her to perform in their reunion. The nerve they had.
The reunion was that night but she was going to have other things lined up. Her manager was trying to arrange a meeting with Tiwa Savage for the next week but she’d asked that he make it that night. She didn’t care much for her classmates but she still wanted a good excuse for snubbing them.
The President of the old students association had called her severally the day before. He’d called from morning till night, every hour of the day but she did not answer the call. She knew if she said no a day before the reunion, they would do all they could to convince her. It was better she said no just a few hours before. The guy had not called that day though.
Was this pride? Was she just being a snub because she was famous now?
She shook her head, no. Nobody brought her where she was, nobody should take advantage of where she was. One of the things she’d learnt coming up was that people who ignored you, refused to acknowledge or appreciate your progress when you were climbing were usually the ones who wanted a piece of what you had after you got to the top of the ladder. She’d learned to be tough and not get emotional about these things.
One of her former managers had given her the litmus test for people who asked for favors. She had ask herself; is this good for business? If it wasn’t, it was a ‘no’ to the request.
She picked up her phone and opened Twitter. She’d dropped a tweet the day before that was trending, she’d gotten several replies; some from people she didn’t even know knew she existed. Oh, the joy of success.
She clicked on the trends of the day. She was still trending and #Reunion was trending also. Was this her own reunion? She opened the trend and scrolled through the tweets. Most of the tweets weren’t from her old classmates but she kept scrolling. Then she started seeing tweets from people she knew. It looked like her former classmates had started the trend and other people had taken it viral.
She closed Twitter and sat up. If they’d gotten the reunion to trend, maybe it was a good idea that she went for it. She would help the trend and in return the trend would help her.
Her phone rang; it was her manager.
“Hello Pee.” She said.
“I got the Tiwa Savage meeting for you. Seven, tonight, at Caleb’s.”
The reunion was starting at seven too. But she couldn’t cancel Tiwa Savage for a reunion that might or might not still be trending at the end of the day.
“I’ll be there.” She said.
It was eight thirty and Tiwa Savage was nowhere to be found. Nonye had called her manager several times but he was not answering his calls. She’d called Tiwa herself and she wasn’t answering either. This was frustrating. To make matters worse, the reunion was still trending.
A lot of the people in the club wanted to talk to her or take pictures with her but she was too angry she was afraid she would say something wrong to one of them. Her day couldn’t have gone worse. Her tweet had stopped trending, she’d been stood up and it looked like the reunion had given up on her because the president had stopped calling.
Maybe she could go to the reunion, surprise everybody and save her day.
That was what she would do.
She got to the hall and she was shocked; there was nothing. Nobody. What was going on? Was the party so lame they finished before nine? She saw a guard and called him.
“What happened to the reunion holding here?”
The guard’s face lighted up. “The reunion was crazy. Come and see as musicians turned up, it was great.”
She shifted from one foot to the other. “If it was that great, how did it end so early?”
“It ended around twelve because we needed to close the hall.” The guard said.
“What? I thought the reunion was…”
“Yesterday, it was yesterday.”
She brought out her phone and looked at the invite. He was right, it was the day before. She gently walked back to her car. Exactly how silly was she?

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