#RandomBae 15

NOTE: This story continues from #RandomeBae Story 14.
Adesuwa laughed throughout the day till nightfall. Matthew was so deserving of the prank she’d played on him. He had done this to her so many times it felt so good to be able to get one over him, finally. But by the time it was 10 AM she was starting to get worried. He had not replied her text and he was yet to call. They usually talked immediately he got home from work, it was a routine they had never broken. What if he was truly hurt by her prank? Maybe she could call and clarify. Or maybe he was scheming on how to get her back at her. Calling him was playing into his hands.
She went to sleep feeling like a winner. Matthew would be back tomorrow morning.
She woke up the next morning to a text from Matthew.
Matthew: I can’t believe you are as cruel as to joke with something like this. I could have lost my job today. Heck, I could lost my life.
Adesuwa smiled, she knew what he was doing and she wasn’t going to fall for it. She rolled over in bed and thought about how wonderful life was. Her phone beeped and it was another text from Michael.
Matthew: I’m sorry but I need some time off to think things over. Please don’t call me.
That was weak. If he was going to prank her, he needed to up his game. She typed her response.
Adesuwa: Take all the time you want but be careful with the thinking, it can hurt. Especially if you have not done it in a while.
She stood from the bed and stretched. She felt some kind of euphoria she had never felt before. Pranking definitely felt good, now she wasn’t on the receiving end of it.
Everything was normal until some minutes after 9 AM. Someone knocked on her door, she went to check and it was Mark. She smiled and opened the door.
“Mark, you won’t believe what I did yesterday.” She said.
“I know what you did.” He said. “That was very stupid.”
Adesuwa frowned. “What are you talking about?”
“Matthew called me.” He said. “He told me you said I’d gotten you pregnant. Why on earth will you say that?”
“It was a prank Mark, it was just a joke.”
“Why drag me into it? The guy didn’t like me before, now he hates me. Whatever you thought you were doing, it has cost you a boyfriend.”
“It was all a joke Mark.”
“Do you see me laughing?”
He really wasn’t laughing. Was he serious? Was Matthew truly taking this serious? She picked up her phone and called him, the call did not go through.
“This was just a joke.” She said, dialing the number again. “He pranks me all the time, why is he taking this one serious?”
Mark looked at her, he still wasn’t smiling. “You never tell a guy you are pregnant if you are not. And for a guy he already considers a threat?”
Adesuwa looked at her phone, the number was still not reachable. She typed a text.
Adesuwa: Matthew call me, we need to talk.
She had barely pushed the send button when her phone rang. It was her elder sister.
“Hello?” Adesuwa said.
“Are you mad Adesuwa?”
“What? What happened?”
“You told Matthew you were pregnant?”
“Oh my God, he called you too?” She could not believe this. “I was just joking. He did the same to me about two months ago. It was just a prank.”
“Are you okay? You joked with something like that?”
“He told me he was in an accident. He did not tell me it was a joke until I was at the hospital. Why am I the bad person now?”
“Look, the reason I called you, Daddy will call you in a few minutes, don’t answer the phone. He is very angry.”
Adesuwa sighed. “It was just a prank for God’s sake.”
Her sister hissed and ended the call. She turned to Mark.
“I need to find Matthew and you have to help me. I can’t lose my guy because of one stupid prank.”
Before Mark could answer, her phone rang again. This time it was Matthew’s Mom.
“I’m in trouble now for sure.” She said then answered the call. “Good morning ma.”
“Hello my dear.” Matthew’s Mom said. That wasn’t a bad start. “How are you?”
“I’m fine ma.” Adesuwa said.
“So, I heard about you and Matthew, he called to tell us.”
Adesuwa wanted to punch the wall. What kind of person was this Matthew? He’d called everybody?
“I’m sorry ma.” That was the only thing she could say.
“There’s no problem. Matthew is at our place at the moment, come and we will settle all of this.”
That was a relief. “Thank you so much ma. I will be right there.”
She ended the call and hugged Mark. “His parents have intervened. Thank God.”
She entered the compound and got the feeling something was up. Matthew’s parents were outside and they started smiling when they saw her. They loved her, she knew they did but this smile looked different. It was as if they knew something she didn’t.
“Good afternoon sir, good afternoon ma.” She greeted them.
“Adesuwa, how are you?” Matthew’s dad said. The smile still on his face.
“Welcome home my daughter.” Matthew’s mom said.
Welcome home? Home? She’d never called her daughter before. Weren’t they supposed to be helping her apologize to Matthew?
“Where is Matthew?” She asked.
“He is waiting for you inside.” Matthew’s dad said.
She nodded and headed towards the door. She could hear soft music playing and suddenly she got scared. What was she scared of? She didn’t know exactly but something was up and she hated that she didn’t know what it was.
She opened the door and she understood. Matthew was in the middle of the living room on one knee. He held a small black box in his hand and on the table beside him, there was a small but beautiful cake. She stopped and covered her mouth with both hands. This was the best prank ever.
“Matthew.” She whispered, tears welling up in her eyes.
“I’ve seen a lot of people fall in love and get married,” Matthew started. “But I never thought that it would happen to me until I met you. From the first day we met, when you tripped me in the bank and I fell flat on my face, I knew you were the one. I’d fallen on my face but I’d also fallen in love with you.”
Adesuwa sniffed, how could she have known that embarrassing moment would lead to this beautiful one?
“I know you know what’s coming.” Matthew said. “I have a question to ask you.”
“Yes Matthew, what’s your question?” She couldn’t stop crying and she couldn’t stop smiling.
“Before I ask my question, close your eyes, I have a surprise for you.”
She snapped her eyes closed. She could not wait to open her eyes to see the beautiful ring he had in his… WHAM! She felt something soft crash into her face. She tried to open her eyes but she couldn’t. She tried to touch her face but her hand touched something else instead. The cake! He’d thrown the cake in her face.
“Matthew, I will kill you.” She growled.
“Now to my question.” Matthew said. “Darling, who is your Daddy now?”
Which of them is the worst prankster?

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