I Said Yes #ItChangedMyLife

By Bukola Olusola

It was an exciting day. One I can’t really explain. All day, the surge of happiness that welled up in me knew no bounds. The root of that happiness, I couldn’t trace. It did little to bother me: I was happy and I dared not quench the feeling with my “Why?”s

I was in the place of my dreams, where  was literally the caption ” Dreams do come true”. I was in the university I could brag about, after 3 years of trying. Today,this day, is not my first, yet I’m still in awe of how things look.
I remember later that evening, a friend came and dragged me along. I knew not where I was going but I did not care – Not in this mood,I would do anything without regret.

I  recall sitting there, for each spoken word, I felt a dagger piercing my heart. I was transfixed and practically glued to the seat; I tried running but it was too late, I got caught up in the net. With evident scowl on my face,I kept my eyes fixed on the man standing in front me, speaking like I was an open book for him.

I didn’t know the exact thing he said that opened the flood gate of tears but I knew that moment had changed things.
I wept like a baby,I just couldn’t stop. With all the filth I saw within,I couldn’t stop my legs from running to the altar when I heard’

“Will you give your life to Jesus?”.

Now I know more,want more.
My philosophy has failed me.
Motivation is gone from too many rise and falls,
I seem to slip away like a withering flower,
“Grace, how long do I still have?” I mumbled

That was it! The moment everything blew up in my face and I didn’t  measure up. But again grace abounded.
This time it led me to the cross. Where the scalpel laid with loving lure. That day I was given a conscience, a conscience that tugs at me with despite the plea of my facing self. A conscience that nudges me onto the right path like the untiring hands of a church clock.

I said Yes to that call, it changed my life.


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5 thoughts on “I Said Yes #ItChangedMyLife

  1. Bukola expressed herself very succinctly.I at first thought she was going to write about “him” but she still didn’t disappoint,she wrote about “Him” after all!!!

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