Death #ItChangedMyLife

By Okikiola Oladele

I have learnt to live life without a shade of worry. I mean when you look at it deeply what is the point of worrying. You never know what will happen tomorrow. You don’t even really know if tomorrow will come, so why do you want to keep yourself rooted in the very mystery that tomorrow holds and forget to live life today. Life is right here and now,in this moment, let tomorrow worry about itself. It is non-existent. You see, I am a “cross-the-bridge-when-we-get-there” kinda guy. I still am but then, death changed my life!

Death shouldn’t be new to me, well to many of us but it’s much more real around me. It lives around me, just around the corner. It could jump out anytime with its crooked sickle and snatch a soul. I see it every now and then so I could almost say I’m immune to it…or so I thought!
You see one would think being in the field of medicine makes one hardened to circumstances and happenstance. Ah, well, one might be right. You barely have time to grief for the loss of a patient before you attend to the next one. Nope!
It isn’t that you aren’t hurt but you can’t allow your mental status cloud your judgement so you put all thoughts of grief and sorrow aside! Superman fascie on and ready to go but every Superman still needs a Lois Lane, or how does the saying go? I digress. So you see…Death changed my life! And I will tell you why.
I haven’t talked about this a lot. 2012. It was a time that bent the fabric of reality for me as a person and made me see this life for what it really is. One of my cousins, more like a sister died. I had never felt shock like that before, as my father called out to me as I sat in the car…and you know when Dad is about to break a sad news to me, he gets unusually cheerful. I cried for about one week straight. It felt surreal.
A darkness threatened to engulf my heart and the world seemed bleak! You know after every night, the sun always shine again, right? Right? Oh it did. The sun really did shine! But only for a moment! We were healing and gradually returning to normal programming. The warmth was returning and smiles were becoming brilliant again! Radiant joy. Remember how I said death lives just around the corner? Yep! It jumped out and snatched another soul, specifically the sister this time around! You start asking questions, what is happening? Who did these lovely young ladies offend? That kind of thing messes with your mind especially when you take a minute to think about how the Immediate family members might be feeling. It is quite….crushing!
Fast forward a couple of years and more shocking deaths and you start getting wicked vibes down your spine. Stuff like what I have described are only seen in movies but then it hits close to home and suddenly you know that life isn’t what you thought it might be.
You may have designed a fancy dream of what your life should be. Who you will marry. Where you will settle down. How many cars you will own. These are all good! Brilliant as a matter of fact. Planning makes perfect but somehow we’ve gotten so engrossed in the future and we forget to live in present. LIFE IS FLEETING. Live life now! It goes without saying learn to appreciate people more, do the things you enjoy doing! Don’t keep yourself bottled up. I was discussing, just recently,  with a dear friend about how people tell us how we seem to be everywhere doing everything and my answer is simple. Whatever my hands find doing, I need to do it well!
We were born with so much talents and potentials that need to find expression. I want to be one of those guys who die empty! I want to get real here, I’m not trying to be dark but the truth is you never know when the sand will stop running in your hourglass. It’s something you want to take a moment and think about! You ask yourself, why should you keep hanging on to old relationships that may keep you grounded? Why do I want to keep living life in my corner? Why do I want to keep myself restricted to a particular diet? Why won’t I try out a new sport? Why do I want to keep living in this city?
Interesting to note is that you might have valid answers to some of those nagging questions at the back of your mind and that’s okay! The important question is, How do you see life? Something to just…deal with or a gift! I think we need to come to a realisation of the fact that everyday we live is a gift! Each waking moment is bigger than us and the moment we know or understand that, we step out of the frame and see the bigger picture!
When we begin to honour the sacrifices people make for us by using every waking moment as a treasure to be cherished such that if you were to check out right now and it is asked that what did you do with you life, you will see in that moment, In that instance, that life in itself is bigger than you!
So, you see…death changed my life! Now I am a big picture, tall dreams kinda guy! The goal is to die empty whenever that is.
Peace. Love and Chicken grease!

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5 thoughts on “Death #ItChangedMyLife

  1. Thank you for sharing with us….And I just learnt two new words from your post#smiles# thank you.

    Thanks Josh!

  2. We don’t know just how long the span of our ‘future’ is. The future thins with each passing second, fruitful people are those who live in the ‘now’. Life is beautiful, live it while you can!

    Lovely post! Death indeed is life changing.

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