I Discovered Purpose #ItChangedMyLife

I am now an undergraduate. Freedom at last. New friends, new country and new culture. All of these I am going to make sure I enjoy to the fullest. These were my thoughts as I got into school to study Computer Engineering Technology. I am not going to dull myself, I’m gon ball and also gon study. I won’t be left behind. So I can’t imagine being left out either.
So it all began. Went to club with friends, had a couple of bottles of beer, great shots of Jack Daniel and amazing true or dare games. Wow I have been missing a lot Oo. These kept on buzzing in my young mind. But at the end of every day I ‘flexed’, I never felt fulfilled. Something was missing I thought to myself. But what could that be. I am free now, I can sleep when I like and go out when I want. So what’s wrong? Sigh! This kept on happening. 100 level gone, 200 level followed suit and I am about to hit 300 level and my grades are not even encouraging to add to the matter. Mehn I can’t take this anymore. There’s got to be more like Micah Stampley observed.
Then the wake up call came through. It was my younger sister, the fourth child Dorathy Otabor. She called, “Hello Big Bro, How are you na?” She asked… “I am fine O my sis” I replied. She continued, “How’s school na? Hope everything is fine, just thought to check up on you and know how you are doing.” “Thank you so much sweet sis, school is fine and every every dey alright” I said to her. “Okay Bro, I will talk to you soon then.” She said and finally I replied “Thanks Sis. Good night”. As I was about to end the call she said, “Eh ehn Bro, do fast and graduate O, get a good job, own your apartment in Lagos so that Destiny and I can always come spend holiday with you in Lagos”. And then just like a babe whose wig just fell off her head as she’s about to climb a bike, that same feeling of mehn see level O. I realised I had a responsibility to ensure my life was properly fixed.
But what was missing was still the question? But not for long again, and with the help of my faith, I realised that it was a sense of not knowing where I was headed in life, what I was living for and why I was on earth was the reason I always felt something was missing. It was PURPOSE missing all along.
The journey began and I search for my purpose in line with how my faith taught me to. I prayed to the one who created me, God. Discussed with mentors and read books like it was my oxygen and BOOM! I had the Eureka moment. The moment when you finally get the answer to that Calculus question that has made you become someone with amnesia. It was revealed to me in bits that I was meant to live my life ensuring those I come in contact with I help unleash their greatness, build Nations and help grow start-ups to world class. I was meant to speak and lives will be transformed. I was meant to write and destinies will be revived. Finally I had discovered my purpose in life. What a feeling, still in that moment of clarity I got a word that would forever change the way men saw purpose. The word was, “the day you discover purpose should be your birthday.” Because I believe you are not yet born until you discover your purpose and you have not yet lived until you are truly living purposefully.
Fast-forward few years later, I am speaking in conferences, seminars both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria, travelled to 24states in Nigeria for speaking engagements, spoke in prestigious universities in Nigeria and got a book published. Gotten multiple awards, met great men, still praying to meet many and the list of great accomplishments just keeps growing. What’s even more amazing is that I am still in my incubation stage.
Truth is a life without purpose is like a black hole. It can never be filled by or with anything. No matter how much you put in it. It will always get swallowed up. Please what do you call a car without engine or DSTV without channels?
Mehn Fam I won’t deceive you, the day I discovered purpose, my life changed.



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18 thoughts on “I Discovered Purpose #ItChangedMyLife

  1. “Life without a purpose is like a black hole”. Love that.
    More ink to your pen sir, the sky is just your starting point. Thanks to Lord Josh for creating a medium to learn from people like Mr Daniel.

    1. Thank you so much Omolola for reading and dropping your comment. I’m glad the article was impactful. Looking forward to connecting with you on in deeper level so we can make the world a better place together. Blessings Always, DanielOTABOR.

  2. Hmmm….learnt something new.

    Your walking in PURPOSE path guarantees your GREATNESS..

    Thank you Mr Daniel Otabor.

    1. Soar Bro. SOAR. NOTHING will give me more joy than to see that all you have read and learnt strengthens your wings to soar even higher.

      You Brother & Friend

  3. Who knew struggles could be intelligently and creatively crafted. This was an intriguing read. Thank you for taking responsibility , and as they say; Responsibility is the price for Greatness. #TeamDanielOtabor.

    1. You are a superstar Orev. You are strong and beautiful. The world doesn’t even know what’s gon hit it yet. You my friend is the real deal.


  4. Lovely write up… When purpose find you,believe you can not just die,God will purposely want to keep you for the mission.
    And If anyone is still stranded in life
    And you can not answer the questions below
    1. WHO AM I (self discovery,not monetarily motivated)
    2.WHERE AM I FROM (question of heritage)
    3.WHY AM I HERE (seing yourself as an answer to every problem you see around you. its not everyone that notice)
    4WHAT CAN I DO (how much does your inner ability turns around actively to bless others…your life isnt yours,you are on a mission so clear your vision
    5.WHERE AM I GOING (if you get the 4 correct,you dont need to struggle. God will fix you. Just start .i mean start #wink)

    Believe me,if you cant answer this questions correctly….Your life is nothing but an experiment

  5. Been too lazy and stubborn to read the post..but finally got to and its really inspiring…greater heights and more inspirations.

  6. You know… I think for a second I was a bit jealous… Like “Whaaaaat*???…Just because you discover purpose??? Shuuu??”. *Lol* But I know it’s never that simple, Never that easy, and certainly never that straightforward. Even when we find out purpose, incubation is still a necessary stage. If not all one will be is an omelette lying in a plate , when one can be an Eagle, ruling the skies! Keep doing your thing… God bless you.

  7. I have not much to say, but putting it in my thought *the day you find your purpose should be your birthday* Am inspired by your life and your story sounds just like mine, The sky is your starting point.

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