Dear God #LettersOfTheHeart

Dear God,
Daddy said I should write you a letter. I talked with you this morning so I don’t know what new thing to tell you. Don’t you know everything anyway?

Maybe I will just tell you what I’m grateful for.

Six years ago I was born to the sweetest Daddy and Mommy in the whole wide world. I don’t know how you pick which Daddy and Mommy get which baby but I must be your favourite because you picked the best for me.

Daddy is loving and kind and he keeps buying things for me. Last week, he bought a very beautiful dress for me from India. He said it is called a saree. I can’t wear the dress yet because it is too big. I prefer when mommy buys my clothes. I look a lot like my daddy except I have plenty hair and he doesn’t but he keeps saying I look like my Mommy. Maybe he’s right. I also love that whenever Daddy helps me with my assignment, I always get everything.

I’m thankful for my Mommy. She always says I love Daddy more but it’s not true. Mommy is the one who takes me shopping. Mommy makes my hair and makes some of my clothes. She is my friend. Mommy is like you, she knows what I’m thinking and she is always there to help me. Mommy taught me how to dance even though (please don’t tell her) Daddy dances better than her.

Then there’s my little brother. I have to confess, when he was born I was a little jealous. He was so small and cute and perfect. Mommy spent every minute with him and Daddy was always showing him off to his friends. That was a long time ago. Now that he is running around the house and breaking Mommy’s cups, I think I’m the favourite again. He’s just like Daddy, or he thinks he is. He thinks he knows more than me but Mommy says I should not worry, every man thinks he knows everything. Except my Daddy, he really knows everything.

Thank you for my school, thank you for my teachers, and thank you for my friends. Thank you for my clothes, thank you for my toys, and thank you for my books.

Thank you for people who read Daddy’s blog and always comment when I write for him. Thank you for people who like my Mommy’s Instagram page when I model for her.

Thank you for being my friend even when Daddy and Mommy are not available. Thank you for listening to my silly childish stories and complaints. Thank you for my dreams and promising to help me achieve them.

I have to go now, my piano teacher is here. I love you God.

Daddy bought Mommy a beautiful white Mercedes on her birthday. I want one for mine too, can you make that happen? I will like it in pink, please. Thank you.

Hugs and Kisses.
Princess J.

12 thoughts on “Dear God #LettersOfTheHeart

  1. Beautiful… Josh congrats in anticipation…Seriously, can’t wait to see the Mom… rgds to the beautiful kid and the little broda…

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