Dear Mama #LettersOfTheHeart

Dear Mother,
Iya mi!  Mamma mia!  Sweetest mother! Iya rere!  Mrs O.J of life!   The one who sat and watched my “Big fat head”. You who nursed me from infancy to adulthood (basically). I salute you ma mere!
Fear not, all these greetings come with absolutely no strings attached. I just said I should just greet you oh. You know, I don’t tell you I love you enough. Even though I sneak in some hugs once in a while and do the occasional Facebook ‘tribute’ or send you kissy face emojis on WhatsApp  or find little ways to show my appreciation, it still doesn’t do any justice. Not one bit.
I’m using this as an opportunity to tell you again that I love you mum.  More than ever, I realize how lucky I am to have you in my life. I don’t take it for granted. I absolutely cherish this relationship we have. Remember that Facebook post where I described you as,
Minister of God
Part Margaret Thatcher
Part Mother Theresa”
And Jane quickly agreed with me on the Margaret Thatcher part because you cannot stand mediocrity or indiscipline. That part I definitely witnessed back in the days. I mean, all those times I thought, “Did I really come out of this woman’s womb? Why does she beat me like this? She should just kuku come and kill me now.”  How can I forget the biblical admonition that was always sure to follow a good thrashing, you know to balance the discipline?
Of course I remember more than the discipline (all of which was because you love me). I remember the nice treats and the fun trips and of course all the fun we still have now.
My Numero uno fashion icon, beautiful woman with great taste (thank goodness we wear the same shoe size 😉 ). You are my prayer warrior and pillar of support. Abraham Lincoln said, “I remember my mother’s prayers and they have clung to me all  my life.” I agree with him.
I know how to be a loving supportive wife from watching all those acts of love you showed to your husband when he was alive. And even now that he’s gone you have remained strong for us your children. How do you do it? Divide yourself amongst all the responsibilities you have? You are indeed a marvel.
I promise to love you always. Even when you decide to change the TV station to Zee world or Telemundo. (I’ve given up rights to the remote control anyways.) I love you when you communicate with your face without saying a word. I love when your suggestions are a way of telling me you want something done. I love when you send your power combo emojis on WhatsApp. I love you when you are all up in my business (it’s for a good cause).

Thank you for always having my back. I pray you live long to enjoy the fruits of all your labour of love. I love you wholeheartedly.
Your daughter and friend,

2 thoughts on “Dear Mama #LettersOfTheHeart

  1. Sweet Mother… really words are not enough to tell… wish I could describe but couldn’t… I’m ever grateful to God for giving me the best mother not just in this planet but in the world…my bestie …my sweetie… my love… MOM may God continue to keep you for me.

    Jemima Kudos to you.
    @ Josh… great work.
    eku ishe… saanu de iki… K’kwanu.

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