Dear Bush Path Lover #LettersOfTheHeart

I can’t seem to remember clearly how this love story actually went because I am currently shivering with cold on the hospital bed with the hose of the drips running through my veins. I will just write it as it comes to my head.


I remember clearly now how I was walking through that dusty bush path with Bosman in that village in south west Nigeria. We both set eyes on you and your friend walking towards us from afar off and immediately I and Bosman decided to make our choice. Bosman settled for the slimmer darker one while I settled for you even though I’m not so into light skinned girls, only God knows why.

We got closer, said our ‘hello’s and ‘hi’s and from that moment on we longed to meet you both again. I and Bosman always returned to that same bush path to find out if we would be lucky enough to see you girls but to no avail until when another friend told us that he knew both of you and even where you lived. BINGO!!!!!!!!

Bosman struck it off with the slimmer darker one while I bided my time with you because I’m not the type to just jump into a relationship without first getting to know you first. I became the funny guy because it is said that “GIRLS ALWAYS FALLS FOR A GUY THAT MAKES THEM LAUGH” and it seemed to be working.
We were on our way to Lagos and that Lagbaja’s song – “anything for me” that I loved so much was blaring from the radio and that was my key to pop the question. I smiled, looked you in the eyes and asked in Lagbaja’s voice ANYTHING FOR ME? Immediately I saw the reply in your smile but you did not want to come cheap so you said you’d think about it. I asked if you needed any other thing to use in thinking since you had your brains right there with you, but you insisted on giving your reply the next time we met.

It started off, love was in the air. We became the wish of so many friends and hall mates and envy of so many others. We did so many mushy-mushy things that guys in love do but deep inside me I always felt the love was one-sided. I loved you more than you did love me. I thought love was supposed to be 50 – 50 in a relationship, alas I was totally wrong. It was never 50 – 50 not even 70 – 30 but I kept pushing it thinking that you’ll come to love me like I loved you, but it never happened.

I guess I never really got that reply that Ego gave at the end of the song but the ones she kept giving while lagbaja was patronizing her……………………….”LAGBAJA NOTHING FOR YOUUUUUUUU”

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