Dear Bride In A Bit #LettersOfTheHeart

Dear Bride In A Bit,

I’m supposed to be a good writer but the words seem to fail me today. But if this is supposed to be a letter of the heart, then hear my heart’s message to you.

Girls are like beans in a pod they say
Pick one and throw away the others
Do that and you are safe from distraction
Yet this is untrue for me
For when I look, all I see is you
One bean in the pod

Yes, you are attractive
Yes, your smile is magnetic
But I saw beyond this
Because even when you were gone
When all I had were memories
Still you stood out
One bean in the pod.

Yes I will go places
Yes I will meet people
Exotic European women
Sensual women of the Caribbean
And even dark skinned beauties of Africa
Still my heart beats for one
My mind thinks of one
My eyes see only one
My one bean in the pod.

I’ve heard about loving so hard it hurts, well l love you so much it hurts! I need my mind in the right shape for other things right now but you are my beautiful, very pleasant ever present distraction. This morning isn’t one of my better writing days, so l’ll stop here.
See you in a bit.

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