He stumbled into the club and the stench of alcohol and cigarette smoke hit his nose. He removed his taqiyah and squeezed through the frenzied crowd of narcotics-filled dancers. He looked at them in disgust, the damned infidels had no idea what was coming. He held his bag tighter, as soon as he was done, the club would make one final bang and that will be it.

“Hey baby,” He felt a hand on his shoulder. “Dance with me?”

He turned around and saw a girl with long black hair and very red lips smiling at him. His brain screamed ‘Haram!’, he agreed but he was about to do something that would get him direct access to Jannah, he had nothing to worry about. He would be helping her too, she was a filthy slut. Maybe sleeping with a saint will get her some mercy.

“I don’t dance, I prefer to watch.” He replied.

“You can watch all you want as long you have what I want.” She said and thrust her body against his.

He felt a movement between his thighs and he quickly covered it up with his bag.

“I want some of what you have in that bag and maybe if you give me everything, you can watch till morning.” She said.

He looked down at the bag and he drew it away from her. Finish your mission! He would, these fools were not leaving this sin-infested place till morning, he had time.

“Are you going do your dancing here?” He asked.

“I can. Or we can go to my room.”

“I’d prefer that.” He said.

She grabbed his hand and led him away from the crowd. He looked behind as he walked. If any of his brothers saw him right now, he would lose all respect they had for him for agreeing to this assignment. He looked at the girl’s voluptuous rumps and decided, his brothers would never know. Not if he finished his mission.

The girl slipped her key into the keyhole and pushed the door open. It wasn’t his first time with a prostitute but he was nervous. Maybe it was better that he did not go ahead with this stupid idea.

“Hey baby,” She put her arms around his neck. “Let me freshen up and we will get down to business.”

He watched her turn around and walked into the bathroom. He wanted to run out of the room and go complete his duty but he looked longingly at the bathroom door. He wanted the girl.

He looked at the bag and then at his watch. He nodded, he knew what to do.


She closed the door behind her and turned on the tap. He had fallen into her trap just like his brothers had told her he would. They wanted to set an example and he would be that example. She went behind the toilet seat and removed the syringe. She held it against the light filtering through the window and nodded, everything was fine. All she had to do was keep his eyes away from her hand when it was time to deliver the poison. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled, she would be a million naira richer in a few hours.

She removed her top, pushed up her breasts and opened the door.


He heard the door open and quickly hurried away from the corner. She stood against the door in a way that sent tingling sensation all over his body. His sokoto was threatening to bust now, just like the bra she had on. He hurried out of his trouser and pushed her towards the bed. He removed his now empty bag from the way, he could not wait anymore.

“Wait baby.” She said and held a hand against his chest.

Oh no! “What?” He shouted.

“Your bag is empty?” She asked.

He looked at the bag and back at the girl, why was she interested in his bag? Money?

“I have plenty money in my pocket.” He said and his hands resumed their work on the hook of her bra.

“Wait!” The girl was more agitated now.

She rose from the bed and looked around the room. What was the problem? Did she know what was in the bag? He looked down at his standing instrument; it was not going to be wasted. He would reach a climax before he went to Jannah. He moved towards the girl and grabbed her hair. She thrust him out of the way and he landed on face, his erect organ hitting the cold floor.

Aaaargh! He screamed. “You witch! I will kill you.”

He struggled to his feet and stopped. The girl had a syringe pointed to him. He looked at it and laughed.

“You will fight me with a needle?”

“It’s a poisoned syringe, you moron.” Her voice had changed. “Where is the bomb in your bag?”

His eyes widened. “Bomb…how did you know about the bomb? Who are you?”

“I’m the girl who will kill you.” She said, her eyes still scanning the room.

He laughed and said. “If you know about the bomb then you must know I came here to die. I do not fear death, jannah awaits me.”

“Not if you die by my hand.” She said and rushed towards him.

He darted out of the way and she fell forward, the syringe falling from her hand. He looked at her and smiled. She was perfectly positioned for a happy ending on his way to Jannah. In a few minutes the whole building will go down, the infidels soaked in alcohol will go straight to hell and he would be welcomed at heaven’s gate. Perfect ending.

“You little witch, come here.”

He pulled her hair and she groaned and suddenly he felt a pinch on his thigh. He looked at it and saw the syringe sticking out of his leg.

“What have you done, you devil?!” He removed the syringe and threw it out. He grabbed her by the neck. “What have you done?”

“Tell me where the bomb is and I’ll give you an antidote.”

He thought about it. He had come to the house to die but not like this, not in the hands of an arniya. But the bombs would go off soon, maybe the poison would not work so fast.

He felt it first in his throat, he was not going to be so lucky. Next went his knees and he crumbled to the floor. Then he could no longer breathe.

“Where is the bomb?!” The girl screamed but her voice was sounding distant now.

The bomb was in the room but she would not find it, not on time. He shook with fear, his eyes darted to and fro but he knew the end had come. He would die tonight but not like he had hoped to.

“Allah, please…” He closed his eyes and slipped away.

A few seconds later the building rocked from its foundation and exploded in a storm of drunks and debris. But he would not be welcome at heaven’s gate, he died an infidel.

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