So you are an amateur drug dealer on your first drug deal. It is supposed to be straight forward; drop the weed, get the money, get out. You are still careful though. You are dressed in a suit so attention is not drawn to your suitcase. Your shoes are shined, your hair is combed, you just want to do the deal and get out. But then something happens to scatter all your plans.

You have been set up!

You realize you have walked into a police sting operation. Your straight forward deal was leading you straight forward to jail. But you are smart. You see the cops before they can break their cover and you make for the exit. They are not dumb too, they know you know so they come after you. If you are caught with the suitcase in your hand, you will be headed to the penitentiary for a while but you can’t exactly drop it. You are getting desperate now. Then your eye catches something.

There is an open office with a lot of people dressed like you in it. They are all holding suitcases like yours. You will blend with them easily. Without thinking too much about it, you rush into the office. You keep an eye on the door though, you are not safe yet. For a few seconds you look around at the office you are in and the people dressed in it. It turns out they are lawyers. They are interviewing to become an associate to a top notch lawyer. It’s none of your business so you turn your attention to the door. And just then one of the cops sight you. You have nowhere else to go now.

“Next!” You hear the topnotch lawyer call out.

Your brain zip-zaps with conflicting ideas. You don’t have time to think too much so what do you do?

Take up your cross and face the cops?

mike arrested







Be a complete fool and interview for the job?







If you’ve seen the movie I just (sorta) described then you know Mike chose the latter option. If he didn’t there won’t be any TV Show called Suits.









And he would not become the great fake lawyer he turned out to be. What he did was stupid and it will only work one time out of ten but if you ask me, those are great odds. The question is, would you take such a chance?

Wildly successful people are known for the ridiculous things they do. Ridiculousness is the way of life the very successful. They take chances, they do things they cannot be sure would work but with a strong ridiculous belief that it would.

They build arks when it’s never rained.

noahs ark




They defy gravity and fly (without winchcraft).








They take 1000 CD plates and insert the content in a tiny music player called an iPod.








They see a machine that takes up a whole room and decide to put it in every home (including the ones with only one room).

bill gates








All these make sense to you now but when these people set out to do them, they were laughed at. Ridiculous!

You need a little ridiculousness in your life.

The problem with people who don’t live like this (I’m looking in the mirror) is they overthink things. They always want everything to be right, perfect. They wait for the right moment, the right feeling. They wait for approval. (Ever heard this quote: “It’s easier to get forgiveness than permission”?) These guys want the rain to stop before they get on their bike. They want to have the money before they shop for their Benz. They think the girl needs to like them before they ask her out. They think… and never do.

Thinking is great but the fun is in the doing.

No one ever became famous for thinking. Well except this guy.









What are your biggest dreams? The ones that even you find it difficult to believe. Okay so maybe I’m not asking you to go grab a Boeing 707, because it’s on your bucket list (how would you even grab that?). What I’m saying is, there are some stuff, some are even too regular to qualify as ridiculous that you are putting them off, waiting for the right time, the time to do them is now!

If you never do anything people consider stupid, then you may never actually accomplish much.

Me, I want to write a movie that Johnny Depp will act in.








Do you have his number?

What ridiculous thing do you want to do? Let’s discuss in the comment section.

The time now, let’s get ridiculous!


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