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Michael was on one of his customary strolls through the mountainous fields of the little Italian town. He wandered casually through the open field, his two armed bodyguards walking a few steps behind him. He was a fugitive. Far away from his family, his life and a woman he once thought he would spend his life with. Breaking the law had consequences and he was living them. But he was about to experience something wonderful.

It was not unusual to see people from the village walk past him during his walks. They generally stayed faraway – thanks to his armed friends. Today was going to be different. A group of girls walked across the field, some distance from him. He looked at the group and his eyes fell on one of them. He stopped, his eyes stuck on the girl. She looked at him, smiled and looked away. He however could not look away. He stared at her as she walked away with her friends. His bodyguards noticed he had stopped for too long and tried to get his attention. But they couldn’t. Michael just stared at the empty space where the girl once stood.

the thunderbolt






Michael had been struck by the thunderbolt.

By the way, I just described a scene from “The Godfather.”

the godfather








Don’t just watch the movie, read the book.

A few of us have been struck by the thunderbolt sometime or a few times in our lives. It’s a great feeling – at least at first. Love is a strong emotion. Some have even called it the most powerful thing in the world. God is Love, so that figures. Romantic love is beautiful. It affects every part of you.

Your heart beats faster. Your brain stops working. Your tongue freezes or runs nonstop, defers with individuals. Your cheeks burn. Your stomach is magically filled with butterflies. Your teeth suddenly demand to be on display.

When it the thunderbolt strikes, it strikes hard.

As Michael was soon to find out, it doesn’t always end well. *Spoiler Alert* This girl became his wife but ended up being blown to bits by enemies of Michael Corleone. He was of course devastated and in the true spirit of the Italian vendetta, the perpetrators were killed.

Here’s my point though. Ask Michael if he would have that thunderbolt moment again and he would probably say yes. The pain was hard at the end but even the pain was worth it. We all need to fall in love. Sometimes it doesn’t work but it doesn’t make it a hopeless or worthless pursuit. Love is not all giddiness and sweet stolen kisses though, it’s a responsibility but the whole package is what makes it worth it. Like Robin Williams once said while talking about his wife’s farts in her sleep in “Good Will Hunting”

goodwill hunting








“It is those silly things that makes me love her.” (horribly paraphrased)

And who says you have to get the thunderbolt from a human?

Have you seen the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GT AMG?







I got the thunderbolt for that baby!

The point is to you have to love. It’s the best thing that can happen to you. (Followed by a life full of Joy. Followed by being a billionaire. Story for another day.) Pour your love on something. Your girl/guy, your car, your business/job, your dog/cat, Adele…just love! Pour the love without reservation. Don’t be so scared to hurt, you close yourself to love. So you have been burned in the past, don’t let it stop you from hot and brand new ‘thunderbolts’.

In the words of my favourite band – For King and Country:

run wild






“Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong.”

Who/what was your first thunderbolt experience? Let’s discuss in the comment section.

P.S. I got the thunderbolt for every reader of this site.

The 12 Christmas Love Stories Series start tomorrow.









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Disclaimer: This post does not encourage pouring romantic love on a cat or a dog. They don’t deserve it. Your Mercedes-Benz however…

nuff said



4 thoughts on “THE THUNDERBOLT

  1. Well said Bro… I don’t know why I kept thinking of Thunderbolt in the Yoruba sense of it though. Anyway, we shall love ooo, just that there is a time and season for everything sha

  2. Greater love has no man than this that a man should lay down his life for his friend. Love involves sacrifices, time, attention, sincerity and sharing. How much of these are lovers willing to give? Let us make an attempt on what is honourable and worthwhile.

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