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I studied Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” many years ago (feels good to say ‘many years ago’, haha) in Literature and loved it for its simplicity and depth. Now that I’m a little more grown up, I remembered the poem, read it again and it makes even more meaning now that I can relate better to it.

The first big responsibility thrust on me was choosing from 3 classes in secondary school and I chose Arts (it was for me the ‘road less travelled by’) despite the negative prejudice attached to it, you know the ones about Arts being for the olodos. The thing with choices though is that at the time you made your decision, you had no magical way of seeing where it would lead you. But wouldn’t it be cool if God gave us a preview of what our lives could potentially become with whatever option we choose? Ha, keep dreaming…

And life plays the unending game on us as we always get to a phase where we have to make difficult choices (I love big words but today’s not the day) whether it be choosing a career path, a course of study in your 2nd degree that you might be funding yourself, a relocation decision, or whatever yours might be. The best you do at the time (since God won’t give you his glasses to see the end of each option) is to prayerfully peep to see as far as each of your ‘roads’ could take you and you make your choice.

Some dark days come when you question your own choices; “Would my life be better now if I had insisted on reading Law?”, “Would I have been happier if I chose Kolapo instead?”, “Was that the right time to quit my job?”, “Maybe I should have stayed back in Nigeria” (or Ibadan) … Our questions are valid and only human but what we mustn’t do is lose the will to walk through. In my case, I kept the other ‘road’ for another day (like Robert) but “knowing how road leads on to road”, I doubt I’d ever go back.

Some folks have another coping mechanism; they stall on decision-making hoping the burden of adulthood would go away (oh the days of uni when I had no worries except whether green could go with pink). But they don’t go away and eventually you make a choice and live with it.

Hopefully, someday you’ll look back with a grateful sigh at the road you took and conclude your “choice made all the difference”. You know why? Because I’m a firm believer in convictions or near convictions panning out well with hard work and faith.

P.S: Totally unrelated, a certain Kolapo went on to become the first Arts student to be chosen as Head Boy in the history of Abeokuta breaking the myth. And Dolapo? Well, today’s not the day for bragging!


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