FASHION AS I SEE IT #30DaysOfNovember

By Oluwatodimu Jolayemi

So you are always tuned to E! TV watching the Kardashian sisters (maybe not), maybe your choice station is Fashion TV, Spice TV and others because they present to you the definition of fashion? Fashion has no definite definition, Google will disagree, but in my own opinion, ‘FASHION IS YOU’. Fashion is who you are, where you live, what you eat, what you do, where you go and not just what you wear. The term ‘fashionable’ shouldn’t be used only for the ladies and gents that go around in sneakers, ripped jeans or those that wear the ‘fade-off’ look. If you choose to wear hats around like ‘GEJ’ or you decide to have your hair dyed white like Prof. Soyinka, or go off the limb like Denrele, then it’s YOU – your fashion.

Fashion is a way you express yourself every day without necessarily looking insane.  Fashion isn’t always crazy, fashion isn’t nudity, it’s not ripping off your skin and replacing it neither does it require you to inflict pain on yourself. Ever seen a mentally derailed man roaming the streets in rags or maybe just naked? That’s his fashion. You don’t want to be copying that.

Fashion is about loving yourself just the way you are. It means doing a good job of looking great without necessarily altering your look. (Don’t you find it odd that the famous reality TV plastic surgeon Dr 90210 never did a procedure on his wife? Just saying)

Fashion is being creative with the real you and what you have in your hands. Fashion is an art. It’s making something out of nothing – it’s mining gold out of dust. You don’t have to wear ‘Chanel’, ‘Givenchy’, ‘Versace’, ‘Armani’. Be your own designer. You’ll discover fashion isn’t expensive and you can make ‘YOU’ unique to ‘YOU’.

A good fashion sense speaks volume, it gives you confidence and class. Have confidence in yourself and more often than not, you’ll come off classy.

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