AMBITION AS I SEE IT #30DaysOfNovember

Ambition as I see it by Michael Ipinyomi


So David went over to Irene’s that Sunday afternoon to pay her a much overdue visit, she’d been out of the country and offline for almost a year, nobody knew what she’d been up to, much less, which country she’d actually been to.

David sensed trouble, then again it was Irene, how much trouble could ‘Irene’ ever get into? Once she welcomed him into her tiny apartment in Ajah David knew something was up. The house was upside down, she had lost so much weight (about 30Kg at least) and her pampered light skin had darkened, he was scared. They both settled in the living room and sat facing each other, she didn’t bother wasting his time letting him drag out explanations, and as usual she knew exactly what was on his mind. She just popped open her laptop, and played a video clip.

After 30 minutes of watching incredulously, he finally understood everything, and he couldn’t help feel a sense of pride for what she had done.

Ambition is a rare and powerful infection, I call it so for obvious reasons, it makes us do the unnatural; it keeps us awake at night, makes you dream in broad daylight, blinds you to hardships, you become deaf to adversaries. Don’t we all know that someone who’s spent 10 years trying to be a doctor, or dedicated their life in pursuit of a sport their parents disprove of, or an artist who has been told countless times that they can’t make anything of themselves with ‘this’. What makes a man fight so hard, endure so much for an ‘idea’ he has merely cooked up in his own head, if not a serious illness.

We all have our little illnesses we nurture, don’t we? My problem isn’t having ambition, my problem is those who have an ambition for the sake of having one too. You know those friends who want to become ‘renowned’ and ‘useful’ in society someday, but sit and watch movies all day, and can’t even get a house-rat to acknowledge their existence. There’s a category whom house-rats actually acknowledge, all random activity, but no comparable progress, ‘same same’, they give ‘ambitious people’ a bad name.

Ambition is not pursued merely by having one;

  1. You must chart a course, with checkpoints in between
  2. Find out the costs of walking this road, and be willing to pay for it
  3. Be prepared to make the hard choices and pay the price. Willpower and motivation can only achieve so much

There’s a lot more to ambition than just these 3, but I believe these to be the backbone of everything. Plan, Prepare and Pay.


So Irene had climbed Mount Everest, 8.8 Km up, nowadays David barely even walked 1Km in an entire day, even more she had shelled out 6.4m on expenses alone, conquered 2 other peaks to earn a permit, spent 2 years saving the money, scraping it all together from selling stuff and other bits and bobs, spent several months training and 2 months for the actual climb. Ah ah, Nitori Kini? But behind all this impressive madness, the truth is, if you have a legit ambition, why won’t you be willing to sacrifice for it?

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