My name is Josh, today is my birthday and I’m very grateful to God for another year. I don’t have big plans for today though and its okay, this birthday is not one of the important ones. Don’t get me wrong, every new year is important but it’s not my 18th, 21st, 25th or 30th. Of course you know I am not younger than 18 and if you think I am older than 30…maybe because of my hairline, then you’re on your own.

Seriously though every birthday is important but to me one birthday is more important than others – it’s my eightieth. Stay with me, you will understand why in a minute.

So fast forward to May 18th 2069, It’s my eightieth birthday and I am at a Nigerian resort getting ready for what will be a great day. By my side is a wonderful and beautiful woman, my wife of more than five decades. I’m surrounded by a wonderful family of children, grandchildren, maybe even a few great-grandchildren. I may be retired but I’m still on the advisory board of all the companies I founded, employing thousands of Nigerians. Am I a billionaire? I don’t know because I don’t bother counting anymore. The world has gone digital but I still have all my favourite books in hardcopy neatly arranged beside those written by me. Back home in my garage, my first Mercedes benz is parked, it’s more than fifty years old but it still rocks. Hiphop has evolved but yeah I can still rap along to my favourite tracks. Hopefully…I have seen Liverpool win a Premier league title. I could go on… but lemme stop here.

2069-Josh sounds kind of cool but here is the challenge; he is in the future, one that may or may not come depending on how 2015-Josh lives his life.

What would 2069-Josh have done?

Say I get a job in Lagos, my parents think the pay isn’t good and… ‘you want to leave the comfort of going everywhere in an air-conditioned car to jumping buses in Lagos?’ they ask. Their logic makes sense but what would 2069-Josh have done?

What does 2069-Josh want from me? Do I need to read something? Go back to school? Ask that girl out? Whatever he requires of me for him to come into existence, I get up and do! He becomes my mentor, my role model, my adviser, my marriage counsellor and a lot more. He has seen it all, travelled this path before and so he is able to show me the roadmap.

Everybody – well, most people have a picture of their future self and if you don’t, you should. Who that future self turns out to be is a function of what you do today. Is he broke or rich, happily married or divorced, a role model or a laughing stock, it all depends on what you do today.

So today as I celebrate another year of getting closer to meeting this awesome man- 2069-Josh, I say a big thank you to those who are helping me become more like him. My boss – FD, my pastor- PP, Captain Steve Gerrard…all of them born in May by the way…my sisters and brothers, my colleagues, and last but not least my Samsung Note. I say thank you to you all.

So, what do I want for my birthday? A dinner with my eighty year old self. Or maybe just a Mercedes Benz GLK 350.
Thank you.

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