The occasion was the University of Ibadan’s Student Union Week. The program lasted all week but I was privileged to attend the finals of the inter-hall and the inter-faculty debates. I was seated behind FD (his P.A. was not around, so I had to) throughout the program. The debate itself was great, but I won’t bother you with details. Like it probably happens in every occasion he attends, FD was called up to the podium (even though he was not originally on the program.) He was introduced as a motivational speaker, a true but very limited introduction.
Anyway, so he got on stage and did what he was born to do. So here is where I’m going. After that meeting, we had another one with the Vice Chancellor. He had been on the high table with the deputy governor of Oyo State during FD’s address. It is the comment of the Deputy Governor that made me think of writing this. This was the comment.
“Is this man a pastor, a motivational speaker or a business man?”
I’m sure the Ibadan politician is not the first to ask this question. A lot of people know Fela Durotoye as one or two or even all of what the deputy governor said. A lot more also know him as the husband of the owner of the House of Tara Brand.
Are they wrong?
No, they are definitely not. He is all that. But then, he is more.
Fela Durotoye will probably introduce himself to you as a nation builder and that kind of summarizes what he is and what he does. I could end this article here and my message will be delivered.
A lot of people see and hear Fela Durotoye without knowing or understanding who he is and what he does. They hurry to take ‘cheek on cheek’ pictures with him, and he’d oblige them, but then they do not know that he would rather they join his nation building train than be on their ‘DPs’.
Nation-building? What is that about by the way? It is what everybody should be doing. Now, here is how I define nation-building. It is living a value-based life, doing everything with excellence so as to transform your nation into a most desirable nation to live in. This is what I believe FD does. So whether he is speaking, preaching or doing business (or even being Tara’s husband), he is building Nigeria.
And that is what I have come to realize is my job too. As should be yours. If Nigeria is to be transformed into what we want, 2015 is not what will do it. We need every Nigerian to become a nation builder.
So, Fela Durotoye is a Nation-builder. Joshua Olanrewaju is a Nation-builder. You should be a Nation-builder!

You want to join this train, all you have to do is read, believe and live by these values.
– Make a positive impact on everyone I meet and everywhere I go.
– Be a solution provider and not a part of the problem to be solved.
– Be a role model worthy of emulation.
– Be the best in all that you do, particularly the things you are naturally good at.
– Do the right thing regardless of who is doing the wrong thing.
– Value time and make the best use of it.
– Care and show respect through your words and actions.
– Consciously build a great legacy, starting now, today and everyday.
– Live a life of integrity and honour.
– Make your family, your nation and your God proud.

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