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First stop: the Yellow House.

Adam flashed his ID more than ten times before he got to the cell where Senator Bello had been held. He had wanted to go immediately he saw the news but Ese had forbidden him from leaving the house. He kind of wished he had defied her because now he barely had anything. The body had been taken down and he was sure he was already buried. But he had to check, there was a chance he could find something yet.

He entered the cell and looked around. It was not a regular cell, it was way cleaner and more comfortable than any cell he had ever entered. Apparently, a senator still had some privileges even in detention. There was a mattress but the bedsheet was gone. He looked at the ceiling, there was a hook where a fan used to hang. It was stupid to leave something like that in a cell but then it was not very often that VIP prisoners took their own lives.

Why did he do it? The question had eaten at him since he heard about the suicide. If Senator Bello was innocent as he believed he was, why would he take his own life? Was there foul play? Did somebody kill him and make it look like a suicide.

He looked outside the cell, a guard stood watching him.

“Hey.” Adam called him.

He looked at Adam but did not move.

“Were you here when they found the body?”

“Yes sir.” He said and looked away.

Adam came out of the cell and walked to the guard. The guard shifted uneasily, he did not meet Adam’s gaze. Adam was sure he would not have answered any of his questions if he knew he could get away with not answering.

“When did you start working here?” Adam asked.

“Two years ago sir.”

“How many people have used this cell?” Adam pointed to the cell that had housed Senator Bello.

“I’m not sure. Maybe one or two.”

Adam nodded. “Tell me what happened yesterday before the body was found.”

The guard shifted from foot to foot. He did not want to talk, it made Adam want to hear what he had to say even more. He considered how to get what he wanted. He could threaten him like everybody in Abuja did. Or he could try another method.

“What’s your name?” Adam asked.

“Lekan Sadiq.”

“Okay Sadiq, you know who I am. I can offer you a job at the CIB and I assure you we pay better and you won’t spend all your days in this depressing place.”

It did not look like Sadiq was completely convinced but the offer had an effect on him.

“Just tell me what happened here yesterday Sadiq.”

“I love my job here,” He leaned closer to Adam. “If I lose it somehow, I’m holding you to that offer. But I’m not telling you this because of the job.”

“Sure, just help me understand what happened here.”

“The Senator was quite cheerful from the day he was brought here, he kept telling us he would be out in a matter of hours. He was innocent, he kept saying.”

“Did he talk to anybody? A lawyer? Family?”

“Not while I was here. Not even a lawyer, that was surprising. I don’t think he had any visitor. Well, until yesterday.”

Adam’s heart beat faster. Was he about to find the killer he had been looking for?

“Who came yesterday?” Adam asked.

“General Galadima.”

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Adam slammed the brake and pulled the car to a stop. The engine was barely off when he jumped out of the car and ran into the house. He had arrived fast but still the press had beat him to the Senator’s house. He ignored their silly questions and flashing cameras, he needed to get into the house before everything was ruined.

He burst through the door. There were a few people in the room downstairs. More importantly, Kate was already there waiting for him. He was not sure what he would do without her.

“Talk to me Kate.” Adam said as soon as he sighted her.

“Come with me.” She said.

The walked through doors and rooms and up a flight of stairs. There were no people here, he had told Kate to make sure nobody came near the body. They entered the room and Adam saw the it. The body lay in a pool of blood. He had been shot thrice. Once in the stomach and twice in the chest.

A wave of anger, guilt and sadness overcame him.

He should have been there with the Senator like he said he would. He should have put the General in his place and come to Senator Dafe immediately.

“Who entered the room first?” Adam asked, kneeing beside the body.

“I did. They didn’t even know he had been killed.” Kate said.

Adam looked up at her. “They didn’t hear a gunshot? They didn’t see anything?”

Kate shrugged. There was a story there, he would check it later. Was this the work of a professional? It did not look like it. It was safe to assume he was killed by the same person who killed Senator Halima. So maybe this was political after all.

“Kate, keep this house under lock down. Nobody comes or leaves until I say so.”

“Okay boss.”

“And kick out every single journalist here. And I mean that literally”

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“I do not care who he is.” Adam shouted into the phone. “Listen up Nnamdi, I understand here in Abuja you can get away with anything once you are a politician but I don’t care about that. He is a suspect and I am investigating him.”

Adam ended the call and threw the phone on the table.

“What was that?” Kate asked.

“That was Nnamdi the lap dog trying to bully me into dropping the senator as a suspect.” Adam said.

“That guy is a joker.”

“You got that right. All we have to do now is find evidence to confirm he killed Senator Halima.”

Adam’s phone rang and he looked at it.

“It’s Nnamdi calling again. I would have blocked his line if I was sure he won’t one day have an important information from the IG.”

“That day may be today, so answer it.”

Adam picked the call. “Nnamdi, what is… oh.”

After listening for almost a minute, he removed the phone from his ear and dropped it on his table.

“You look…different.” Kate said.

“That was the Inspector General.”

“Really? And?”

“He just told me to drop Senator Bello. He said he can vouch for him, he wants a list of other suspects on his table by noon today.” Continue reading



Adam slid the gear into park, jumped out of the car and ran into the lounge. He looked around the room, Faruk was nowhere. He brought his phone out of his pocket and dialed his number. He chewed on his nails as the phone rang. He had hoped Tola was wrong about Faruk. Faruk had been the only friend he had kept for more than a whole year. He was a crazy person who lived in a fantasy world, more than a normal adult should but he was a true and loyal friend. Continue reading



Adam looked at the empty, boring faces in front of him and sighed. “Yes we believe the third lady wasn’t a victim of the church street killer.”

He was in a meeting with all law enforcement agencies in the state under the strict orders of the state governor. The NSCDC, FRSC, NIS, NPS were all represented, even KWATMA sent a representative, it was ridiculous. It was a complete waste of time as far as he was concerned. He was supposed to be meeting with the heads of all these agencies but apparently they all thought the meeting was a waste of their time too and had sent their deputies. The deputies trying to assert some sort of authority had been firing him with questions, most of them silly repetitions of what another person had asked. Continue reading



9 AM
30th November 2015
Nicholas had never been so confused. He knew managing CyberCorp would involve taking some pretty tough decisions and he had taken many of them. Appointing Faruk, a man he knew had no good in store for him had not being the least of the tough decisions but he was about to make the toughest one yet. Each share at Logged-In had gone up by twenty two percent and it had been sparked by a journalist releasing the news about the possible takeover. He had no idea how she knew about the takeover. He had no idea what to do about it. Continue reading





8 AM

23, NOVEMBER 2015

It was the longest eight hours of his life. Nicholas discovered he was not enjoying flying as much as he thought he would. He had flown locally, one or two hours was okay, but when you have to sit for eight hours you start having second thoughts. The plane landed with a little bump, taxied down the runway and came to stop. Travelling in first class had made the trip easier on him but he still was not looking forward to the return journey. He picked up his suit, nodded his greeting to the gentle man seated next to him and walked towards the exit. Continue reading


6 PM

3, AUGUST 2015

Funke did not sleep a lot when she travelled but she wished she could have slept on this one. This journey was not supposed to be happening, it could have stopped months ago. She had wanted Nicholas to serve in Kwara State. He did not have an opinion one way or the other, so she had gone ahead to make the ‘arrangements’. He had been posted to Kwara State for his youth service as planned. What she did not count on was his posting to Arandun. She had met with a few NYSC officials who had assured her he would be posted to Ilorin. “Getting him posted to Kwara State is all you should take care of” they had told her. Well they did not take care of the posting because now he was serving in Arandun and he was in trouble, trouble he would have avoided if he was serving in Ilorin. Continue reading



3:35 PM
25 July, 2015

Saturdays were usually more boring in July because there was no football. The English Premier League ended in May and a new season was not starting until August. A replay of a match from the previous season was showing. Nicholas stared at the Television. He could not believe Arsenal lost the match. They had outplayed Tottenham but had lost to a late header. Continue reading