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Adam stared at the bottle of wine in front of him, picked it up and threw it against the wall. He had gone straight home immediately the governor declared that he was suspended. He had opened a special bottle of Devil’s Springs Vodka that he had reserved for an extreme moment of depression. It had not taken long for him to finish the bottle and to move on to other less strong liquors. He had fallen asleep and woken up thirty minutes later, it took almost two minutes for him to recognize where he was and to remember that he had been suspended. The only thing that depressed him more than his suspension was the fact that Kate was still missing and the chief who could be the killer was now running everything. Continue reading



Adam looked at the empty, boring faces in front of him and sighed. “Yes we believe the third lady wasn’t a victim of the church street killer.”

He was in a meeting with all law enforcement agencies in the state under the strict orders of the state governor. The NSCDC, FRSC, NIS, NPS were all represented, even KWATMA sent a representative, it was ridiculous. It was a complete waste of time as far as he was concerned. He was supposed to be meeting with the heads of all these agencies but apparently they all thought the meeting was a waste of their time too and had sent their deputies. The deputies trying to assert some sort of authority had been firing him with questions, most of them silly repetitions of what another person had asked. Continue reading



Adam jumped into his car, slammed the door, started the engine and was out on the road as fast as he could. He could not believe that the psycho had made a personal threat to him, and what was he talking about saying he knew him before he worked for the governor. There were only a few people who knew him from his days as a uniformed officer, so few and none of them worked at CIB.  He thought as far as he could remember, nothing came to mind. And even though he had not achieved much as policeman back then, he had not made any mistakes or done errors of note, so what was the bastard talking about? Continue reading



Adam rubbed his shivering hands together, he badly needed a drink. He was seated on the staircase of house where he had found the dead bodies. Policemen went in and out of the house, taking crime scene pictures and bagging anything they thought was evidence. Tola was seated close to him, she was talking with her husband on the phone.

He had been shaken to his bones looking at the bodies covered in their own blood on the floor. He had stood still, looking at them for about a minute, his mind had been completely functionless and so had his body. Tola recovered first from the shock and left him inside to call in the murder. The Pastor who they had left in the car suddenly came in suspecting that something was wrong and it had taken all the energy Adam could muster to prevent him from grabbing his dead son. Medics who arrived later had to sedate him to stop him from harming himself or any other person. Continue reading



Adam woke up with a start.
He slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he noticed was that his head felt like a band of soldiers were marching inside it. Light filtered into the room through the open window curtains, it was morning. His brain did not seem to process what morning meant at the moment, the headache probably stopped any signals going to his brain. There was a sharp ringing sound in his brain also, and it was driving him crazy. He shut his eyes, trying to stop the ringing but it continued. He opened his eyes again and tried to look at the clock hanging above the door, a blinking light caught his attention. Continue reading