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Dear Lady,

The emotions that flow between us is great when it concerns the matter of the heart. I’m always there for you through thick and thin, rain and sunshine, night and day, bad days and ’em legendary bad days.

I pride in the attention given to me, the comfort-ability you enjoy with me, the sincerity, the hidden emotions, the genuine laughter and rants, the movie outings, the dinner hangouts……but then you also enjoy the moments. Them oshofree things.

Now things seem to be going well and you expect me to pull the trigger of proposal but the bomb of “we are just friends” drops. It drops in a subtle way, with the effect not being too harsh or you feeling too bad or bitter.

Withdrawal from me will be so damning. Getting closer is a no go area too, maintaining the friendship tempo becomes a great deal. Then me, #YorubaDemon  *evil grin* gets closer, makes you feel comfortable, gets you to the other side of trust again. But then the unexpected happens. You fall in love with another guy. You start to assess and compare but I encourage you to go for it. And I pull back.

Here’s the beauty and joy of the whole process; you were never lonely. You were happy. I kept you looking radiant.

That’s my joy as a friendzoner.

Remember to say this PRAYER for me:

“Cheerful giver of love, bae of the baeless, boo of the booless, locate me and turn my life around till I meet that FRIENDZONED girl who will capture my heart so I can finally channel all these love to her.”





A letter to my son’s wife on her wedding day.

My beautiful daughter,

I am so blessed to receive you into our home. Since before my son was born, I dreamed of the lady who would one day win his heart and be the mother of his children. You are an answer to my many many prayers. During my childbearing years, I always longed to have a daughter, however, God blessed our home with three wonderful sons. Your coming into our home is my long-awaited answer to that prayer.

I want you to know that we love and respect you. When we give you our son today, we will not take him back. He is yours and yours for life. Our family doesn’t believe in divorce nor will we ever support the break up of your home, regardless of the cause. We will not interfere in the affairs of your home, however, we will always be available should you need guidance or a sounding board.

By the Grace of God, we believe that we raised our son to be a good husband and father. We trained him to always respect women and to be a Godly example. Should he misbehave in any way, know that you can come to us and we will be happy to set him straight, without taking sides. We are committed to the success of your home. While we avail ourselves to you, please know that the truest source of strength and wisdom that you need as a wife is found only in God. I urge you to develop your relationship with Him further and seek Him for daily guidance. The power of prayer cannot be overemphasized.

I learned a lot from my Mother in Love and have a very good relationship with her. I sincerely hope that with time, you will grow to love me like I love her and that we will have a beautiful relationship.

Please take good care of my son. He is now your responsibility and no longer mine. He is a gentle and caring soul and needs to be handled with care. If you need any tips on how to get through to him, I’m always available to share with you all that I know.

He will love you more than he loves me and I’m ready to accept that. I want to see him further develop into the great man that he is called to be. Please be faithful to him, protect his heart and give him all of your love. He has been mine for so many years. I have done my best as a mother to raise him, but today, I hand him over to you. He is now yours to love, cherish, nurture and protect. He is the best gift I have to give. He is the product of my life’s work and prayers. May God grant you wisdom to cherish him, even more than his father and I have.

God bless you as you start this new journey, one that will last a lifetime. Congratulations on your marriage and may you experience all of the joys that come with marrying the love of your life.

With love and sincerity,

Laurie Idahosa

Your husband’s mother




Dear Heart #LettersOfTheHeart

To the Tiny sparkling stars in my
Little world

Dear heart,

I sit in this lonely room of mine,in a strange new world. The thought of you in my heart brightens my day and lift me up as i rewrite my vows to you. To the love that will bind our hearts as one.
I vow to love you to the end of time.
I promise you a million years of love and loyalty.
A minute after eternity my love will remain.
I promise you my life. I’m gonna love you like i’m gonna loose you.
With grey hair,our love shall blossom like it will be from the very beginning.
I shall show you a whole new world.
we shall make love under the moon and our stars shall rest in the eyes of our children.
A million words i will pen down if i write to the rhythm of my heart which is an undescribable feeling that tickles me from within. We shall conquer the world as one heart and plant our love in the sand of time as a reminder of our great love.
in an afterlife you will still be mine. Living without you shall be like a punishment and i will show you to the world in your finest form.
I shall protect your ego and take pride in honouring you.
The earth shall celebrate our love. I will follow you to the end. But for now,i will wait for this great love story,for every minute is worth it. I love you.

Your Heart
Future Wife


Dear George #LettersOfTheHeart

Dear George,

So, I had this big plan for Valentine’s Day. I am not particularly sure if it was for last year or this one but one thing I was certain of was that I wanted you in it. But, before I forget my manners, which is almost typical of me these days, how are you doing? (I am sure you are fine; and this is as literally as it comes.)
Back to my plan, I was going to ‘break the ice’ because this thing they say about the unsaid words being the ones that hurt is true. I have had to live with the words echoing in my head seeking for an avenue to be heard. Just wanting to say – I loved you.
Was I wrong not to have said it earlier? Or maybe it was for the best. I knew the signs…I was sure they meant something. Eye contacts. Brushing of palms against each other. Bumping into each other. Accidental locking of heads (those ones did hurt). Long talks. Long walks. You’d tell me about your fears and frustrations and I’d always be there to tell you that it would be fine. I would always be there to make it fine. I saw beneath the perfect guy everyone knew. I saw the vulnerable one…the one afraid of being hurt…the one who’d let me see it all. I knew I completed you. This sure had to count for something…yeah?
Then the long silence came. You’d shut me out with no reason leaving me with questions that would never get answered. I’d probe myself to figure out what I might have done wrong and I always arrived at the same answer…nothing. I loved you so much that the silence and spaces between us became toxic for me.
Days went by and I slowly started to find some strength. I crawled back into my hole and tried to heal…just when I was about to shut the door, you’d poke your head half-in with a smile so warm that it’d sweep my fears and pain away and I’d forget that your silence once made my heart bleed. I was not surprised with your return because you always returned when I was at my lowest. Did you love seeing me broken?
But then, it’s you George…so I knew I’d always need that hole again for the next silence because it felt okay to hurt for you.
So I wondered why you preferred to have your walls and heart guarded while I let mine down. Darling, I could have built walls too.
I wondered why I was the one who felt vulnerable even though you were the one who told your fears.
I wondered why you’d push me away so much that hurting was no longer a solution for me. I had to run away for my own sanity.
Maybe you could have said something and not let us grow apart…
But then, we ran out of words and then I ran out of love and then we ran out of us…
We lost ourselves and I lost my strength…and I lost the will to keep holding on so tight to nothing.
So we became strangers once again and all I was left with were the ‘what ifs’…
What if we were not so proud and exploited the spaces between us into a love so pure that we only could understand?
What if you didn’t act as though you were the only one who could make decisions for us?
What if you didn’t make it hard for me to love you?
What if I never bottled my anger and pains in fear of losing you forever?
What if we were not a tale of bitter-sweet symphonies?
What if you had shown me that you loved me too?
I could not continue with the ‘what ifs’ because there are no justification for loosing yourself in the process of saving another. So I learnt not to hurt again because there is no reason why anyone should choose this kind of love. I bore my scars and fought to mend my broken soul. My walls came back up. My heart fully guarded once again.
Never again would I let me down.
George, a lot has changed since I last saw you and I have come to realise that I was in love with my idea of you. I’m sorry I expected too much from you.
Anyway, I am proud of the woman I am becoming…and no, I won’t be waiting for you.

Not yours,
Tomi Adesina



As you can tell from the featured image, I wanted to write this for the #30DaysOfNovember series but I got too many articles, I couldn’t feature all of mine. So here is the one you missed.


Michael was on one of his customary strolls through the mountainous fields of the little Italian town. He wandered casually through the open field, his two armed bodyguards walking a few steps behind him. He was a fugitive. Far away from his family, his life and a woman he once thought he would spend his life with. Breaking the law had consequences and he was living them. But he was about to experience something wonderful. Continue reading