A Boy Showed Me Love #ItChangedMyLife

By Sharon Olanrewaju

In my second year in secondary school, I was moved to a new class (you know how our classes used to have branches e.g JSS1 A,B, C or GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE). I was moved to the blue class. It meant new friends for me and enemies too. There was this boy who was a particular enemy.I couldn’t explain why he disliked me but it was so obvious he did.For example, there was a day a classmate who was a friend of mine found a letter in his locker. If you remember well,letters were the in thing then. A boy would put a love letter in your locker or you would write a letter to a friend who has annoyed you informing her you don’t want to be friends with her anymore. Letters just seemed to be a more interesting means of passing any message across. Letters were a major part of our lives (well, for the girls especially). I remember that in our first year, there was a girl who was probably feeling bad she had not received love letters from anyone, so she started writing letters to herself regularly and would put it in her locker and then loud it for all to hear, as if she had nothing to do with it! There was a respect that came from being written to.It meant you were noticed.

Back to the letter in question, the writer was angry with my friend because she had heard that he said she was a bad influence on me (you should know: I was loved by many in class, I was friends with many too).
When letters were found in anyone’s locker, the interesting part was trying to figure out who wrote it. This boy who was a particular enemy then accused me of writing the letter😶.I was stupefied! How could I have written the letter when I was discussed in it.There was another day he accused me of asking for answers to a test question during the test.(you wouldn’t understand how annoying all these were back then, it was a slap in the face). We just weren’t in each other’s good books and it was quite fine with me. But less than a year after, things were about to change!
He Started liking me and damn! he was so not ashamed of it😄
He exchanged his seat with that of the person behind me. It brought him closer to me,it was also a good thing for me.I wasn’t so good with mathematics, all I needed to do was look back and he would take it up from there,my problems would always be sorted out.I could also get lazy with writing my notes, He was sure to handle it😘 (he had a good hand writing, he still does). He got me my first boy gifts: two beautiful cards for the Christmas break (I slept with those cards almost everyday, till I tore them), he would also call and message me like that was his only life duty. Although these actions made me feel special and even made people talk in class, I was too naive and jovial to be so bothered.I simply thought he was just being nice.I didn’t know so much about crushes and feelings.
We drew apart after some time.Years went by and I found myself in the University, we were also coming back as friends. This time, I was not just the same jovial, innocent girl he liked years back but more than that, I was a grumpy,insecure,depressed, doubtful,religion beaten girl, one who never found Joy inspite of all her efforts to get to God.No matter how hard I tried,it seemed God and I were not just meant to be.
Then he came (again). Now,I also had a crush on him. He endured my broken,messy, grumpy,insecure person and just hung around as a friend.Trust me, a girl who has not found herself and is insecure or is not conscious of her person in Christ and His (Christ’s) unfailing love for her would always be a big, fat burden. That’s because anyone in her life would be ladened with the task of satisfying that deep pit filled with the desire to be loved and always doted over and no guy who wants to live till his old age can ‘completely’ satisfy such a woman (He’ll simply die young!)
But he came and showed me Grace, helped me understand Christ and his love for me and that did the trick. Gradually,I was becoming a better person, a gracious lady, learning to be secure and confident in who I am and not be a burden to myself and to others. I started learning to treat all guys in my life as Kings because I felt like a Queen,my feminity was brought to play. I was confidently loving up on people. It wasn’t so much of the depression anymore.Life was becoming better, much more peaceful,much more worth it.
Now, I’m still not a perfect girl, but boy am I glad with this person I see now and even much more,I’m overwhelmed at the thought of the woman I’ll be in years to come.
There were indeed many other friends who helped in my understanding and acceptance of God’s love.( I  wouldn’t want to mention names, it’s a real long list), but you see, there is just something about the ‘boy- girl’ thing that makes it run deeper.I think the best way to understand God’s love is to be loved by someone who has been hit by that same love, especially if the person is the opposite sex…(Glory!🙌)You just must understand it that way. Not the same sex o, not girl-girl or boy-boy,that one might not work😄 (🙋I’m simply  preaching heterosexuality here) *lol* and it doesn’t matter to me that it didn’t ‘work out into something bigger’ between my crush and I, all that matters is that he came into my life and did things right!


I Said Yes #ItChangedMyLife

By Bukola Olusola

It was an exciting day. One I can’t really explain. All day, the surge of happiness that welled up in me knew no bounds. The root of that happiness, I couldn’t trace. It did little to bother me: I was happy and I dared not quench the feeling with my “Why?”s

I was in the place of my dreams, where  was literally the caption ” Dreams do come true”. I was in the university I could brag about, after 3 years of trying. Today,this day, is not my first, yet I’m still in awe of how things look.
I remember later that evening, a friend came and dragged me along. I knew not where I was going but I did not care – Not in this mood,I would do anything without regret.

I  recall sitting there, for each spoken word, I felt a dagger piercing my heart. I was transfixed and practically glued to the seat; I tried running but it was too late, I got caught up in the net. With evident scowl on my face,I kept my eyes fixed on the man standing in front me, speaking like I was an open book for him.

I didn’t know the exact thing he said that opened the flood gate of tears but I knew that moment had changed things.
I wept like a baby,I just couldn’t stop. With all the filth I saw within,I couldn’t stop my legs from running to the altar when I heard’

“Will you give your life to Jesus?”.

Now I know more,want more.
My philosophy has failed me.
Motivation is gone from too many rise and falls,
I seem to slip away like a withering flower,
“Grace, how long do I still have?” I mumbled

That was it! The moment everything blew up in my face and I didn’t  measure up. But again grace abounded.
This time it led me to the cross. Where the scalpel laid with loving lure. That day I was given a conscience, a conscience that tugs at me with despite the plea of my facing self. A conscience that nudges me onto the right path like the untiring hands of a church clock.

I said Yes to that call, it changed my life.


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Dear Mama #LettersOfTheHeart

Dear Mother,
Iya mi!  Mamma mia!  Sweetest mother! Iya rere!  Mrs O.J of life!   The one who sat and watched my “Big fat head”. You who nursed me from infancy to adulthood (basically). I salute you ma mere!
Fear not, all these greetings come with absolutely no strings attached. I just said I should just greet you oh. You know, I don’t tell you I love you enough. Even though I sneak in some hugs once in a while and do the occasional Facebook ‘tribute’ or send you kissy face emojis on WhatsApp  or find little ways to show my appreciation, it still doesn’t do any justice. Not one bit.
I’m using this as an opportunity to tell you again that I love you mum.  More than ever, I realize how lucky I am to have you in my life. I don’t take it for granted. I absolutely cherish this relationship we have. Remember that Facebook post where I described you as,
Minister of God
Part Margaret Thatcher
Part Mother Theresa”
And Jane quickly agreed with me on the Margaret Thatcher part because you cannot stand mediocrity or indiscipline. That part I definitely witnessed back in the days. I mean, all those times I thought, “Did I really come out of this woman’s womb? Why does she beat me like this? She should just kuku come and kill me now.”  How can I forget the biblical admonition that was always sure to follow a good thrashing, you know to balance the discipline?
Of course I remember more than the discipline (all of which was because you love me). I remember the nice treats and the fun trips and of course all the fun we still have now.
My Numero uno fashion icon, beautiful woman with great taste (thank goodness we wear the same shoe size 😉 ). You are my prayer warrior and pillar of support. Abraham Lincoln said, “I remember my mother’s prayers and they have clung to me all  my life.” I agree with him.
I know how to be a loving supportive wife from watching all those acts of love you showed to your husband when he was alive. And even now that he’s gone you have remained strong for us your children. How do you do it? Divide yourself amongst all the responsibilities you have? You are indeed a marvel.
I promise to love you always. Even when you decide to change the TV station to Zee world or Telemundo. (I’ve given up rights to the remote control anyways.) I love you when you communicate with your face without saying a word. I love when your suggestions are a way of telling me you want something done. I love when you send your power combo emojis on WhatsApp. I love you when you are all up in my business (it’s for a good cause).

Thank you for always having my back. I pray you live long to enjoy the fruits of all your labour of love. I love you wholeheartedly.
Your daughter and friend,


Dear Lover #LettersOfTheHeart


My gift,
I have dreamed about you
I long for your companionship and embrace;
oh I long to be held and not feel guilty about it
My passion, my joy,
I can’t wait to talk with you about my active mind,
my feelings and intentions
I love you already because although you complete me, you are the better part of me and the lines of our puzzle completely disappear at our oneness
You are a gift to me! One I can never part with
You know for certain when I am uncertain
You calm my nerves with your gentleness
You help me see the best in everyone and everything
You remind me of my love for God because you love Him more completely than anyone I know
My leader, my head, my heart, my precious gift
I am eternally grateful to God for giving you to me

Your lover


Dear Momma #LettersOfTheHeart

Dear Momma
I saw you today, it’s been a while and though I can’t sincerely say I missed you, my life has been beautiful; my job, my school, David proposed to me.
You came over today to tell me about your new shop, you seemed very excited about it, you said it was the best you have ever had, it was big, it had basic facilities, enough parking space and it was at a strategic location for your business. It was barely 30 minutes from where I live; “now I can get to check on my baby” were the words you said.
I looked into your beautiful eyes momma, they are smaller now, duller than I remember, where’s that light I used to see in them? Your smile is thinner too. I looked at your face and all I could see staring back at me were tired eyes, thin smiles and wrinkles of a thousand worries.
I stood up to get you a drink and fix you a meal because it was all too much for me to bear, but when I stared back at you sitting on my couch, your back was a little bent momma, you looked small and tired, all broke inside me momma! How did all these years pass and I wasn’t there?
“I took a loan” you said, “oh Sara, this will be big, I can feel it, it’ll be a new life for us, I’ll be able to take care of myself, have some savings and take care of you darling”
I cried after you left momma.
I’m sorry.
All those years I watched you fight for me, you were all I had and I loved you, I wanted to protect you from the world, from the likes of my father whom I never knew. Those nights I wept because I couldn’t protect you, I watched all those men come into your life only to leave. I wanted you to see yourself as the hero I saw. You didn’t, you broke each time they left, but u loved me still.
Time passed and all that love I felt turned to anger; I was angry with you for not being all that you could be, I was ashamed of you momma. I saw you as weak and I hated it, I wanted to run away.
I moved out when I went away to college, oh momma! So long has it been since I looked at you with love. I’m sorry that you still have to be starting over, I’m sorry I turned away momma, no one taught you to love yourself or that you deserve to be cared for.
I can’t get back those years momma, but if you let me, I’ll love you the right way, let me take care of you.
Let me love you this Valentine and ever after.
Your  daughter,


Dear Future Husband #LettersOfTheHeart

Dear Future Husband,
I thought I would be nervous when writing this to you but it’s much easier than I thought. Sometimes I wish my life were a movie, and that there could be a spilt screen, just so I could check in and see what you’re up to. Sometimes I wonder if we are connected by some forces stronger than us. I am looking forward to a life of commitment and a happiness with you, I’m not unrealistic that we won’t have any problems or difficulties. Those will be the growing times when our love and commitment will be tested, and we will emerge stronger, wiser and more deeply in love.
We are meant for each other. That is so awesome to me! I can hardly wait to meet you, but I know I have to be patient. Until then, I can think about you, pray for you and hope that you are thinking about me and praying for me, too.
I want to love you. And, I want you to love me. I want to be cherished, to be the most important person in your life, to be your most intimate friend. I want your tenderness and your affection, your kindness and your strength. I want to be there for you when you feel happy and on top of the world. I want you to feel safe with me and never to be ashamed to talk about your fears and weaknesses. I want to be your wife, and you my husband. Neither of us will be the perfect spouse, but we strive to please God and to do his will. I want you to treat me like the queen I am, so I can treat you like the king you are.
I’m so glad that I won’t know where or when I would meet you, if I haven’t yet. I really don’t think I have, but who knows? I wonder if we were ever at the same place at the same time, if you were ever in the background of my pictures. It would be pretty cool if we had crossed paths already somehow without realizing it.
Don’t feel pressured by this letter. Like I said, I don’t know when I would want to meet you. What I do know is that someday I will meet you, and I will love you absolutely with every single thing I have inside me. I’m not promising to be the perfect wife but you won’t regret falling in love with me. I can promise to appreciate and admire every quirk about you. When you are sad, having a bad day, or angry, I will do everything in my power to make you smile.
So why in the world am I telling you all this? Because you are in my mind. I do think about you a lot. You are so important to me. Our future is important to me. That’s why all this matters.
I hope that you’ll let me tell you all the things I love about you, every single day, and never get sick of hearing it. You’ll realize am not like other girls that I think spending money on expensive clothes is about as important as today’s obsession with Miley Cyrus.
What will draw me to you, more than anything else, however is your love of God, through the failures and the triumphs, through the laughter and the tears, will only increase my love for you. So please continue to be patient and wait for me.
After reading this short letter, future husband, I hope you now understand why I wrote this for you, so you will see my heart. It beats for you. It will always beat for you. I really do exist. Please wait for me. I am waiting for you.
Your future wife.


Dear No Strings Attached Bestie #LettersOfTheHeart

So it is true what they say; two opposite sex cannot effectively be ‘no-strings-attached best friends’. They’d either both realize they are in love with each other or one of them would fall into a one-sided love. Even though I didn’t quite believe that analogy, I never knew I would fall into the latter category. But I did! I fell hard and fast.

Falling in love with you was so easy; how could I not fall in love with you? You were always there, ready to listen to me, ready to laugh with me, ready to hold me against your chest and wipe my face as I cry, ready to tell me the truth always even when I am being stupid, ready to defend me in public and cover-up my shortcomings, ready to provide your shoulder to lean on, ready to pick me up when I fall flat on my face. You penetrated my heart so easily that I was surprised when I checked my heart and found you there. But sharing my heart with you was a delight for me. I wanted to make you fall in love with me just as much as I loved you, to pitch my tent in your heart and make it my abode. But when I checked-in, another was already resident in your heart.

Unaware of the status of my aching heart, you confided in me, telling me about your love for another woman when all I wanted was to hear you confess your love for me; for only me. I cried in the safety of my closet and suddenly, you were not there to wipe my tears or cry with me, you were not there to sooth the pain that you unknowingly created. I waited for the time you would come to tell me you love me, for the time you would stop seeing me as ‘just a very good friend’. But after waiting for what seems like a lifetime, I finally realize that I would never hear it. You gave me everything I ever wanted but you did not give me the one thing I craved above all else – your heart. I cannot learn to love you just as a friend, but I would try. In the meantime, I will renovate my heart and create a larger room for someone else, so that next time, I would not fall victim of a one-sided love.

Still sadly your no-strings-attached bestie

Nissi Inspiration


Dear Omolola #LettersOfTheHeart

(Adetomiwa’s letter to his mom who passed a couple of decades ago)

Hello Omolola,

Hope this mail meets you well.
It’s been a while babe, I’m sure you’re doing well. A lot has happened since the last time, let’s just say my whole life has changed. I’ve tried to find love similar to the one we share and I’ve recorded massive failures. I’ve taken on some weird tasks and survived the rigorous schedules. I’ve had many near death experiences, no don’t be scared, I’m still whole, body and soul.  Omolola, I have lived in different places under varying conditions, but like the super hero you know, I’ve found a way to adapt and bask in them.  I’m done with school now, FINALLY! I’ll soon start working and I’ll be able to take good care of you.  Family members want to take graduation pictures with me, they all seem so proud of what I’ve become. Most of them say we look alike, I feel it’s an insult though, considering how beautiful you are compared to my frail looking face. Do forgive their weak attempt at paying compliments.
I saw our last picture a few minutes ago, the way I held on to your neck, our smiles could melt the sun. Now I only see you virtually, its been a long time without you. On the eve of your birthday, I told you I felt lonely all over again. I felt my strength fading, in my pursuit of happiness I think I had forgotten to live. Right now I wish I could take out time just to stop growing. I want to be the baby that I am, your baby. I want you to hug me and hold me close to your heart. I miss you babe. I want to see you so badly. How would I look like you and not be able to look at you. Its been over two decades since I last saw you. The world claims absence makes the heart grow fonder, it doesn’t explicitly explain the steps to keep the memories from fading, I’m at wit’s end on the latter. I wonder what would make you show your face. I have constantly made giant leaps, waiting earnestly on the edge of my seat, hoping that one of such grand events would feature an appearance from you. Alas, it only featured nugatory appearances from girls who are constantly striving to take your place. Never mind babe, I got you. Although I must say that with your delayed return, I have been tempted to test out a few interns to fill your position, sadly they have all dropped out. Management noticed that they lacked the amount of TLC we needed so they failed to meet up with the KPIs.

Olusola has always been my rival, an amazing one at that. He’s only lucky he met you before I did, because I have comfortably floored him in other aspects. I still keep him around though, after all, its advised that we keep our enemies closer. And then he’s my father, what can I do?
So while I await our anticipated rendezvous, I advise you to keep your eyes peeled baby girl, adjust your halo my dear angel, believe me, you wouldn’t want to miss any of this. I dust my shoes, fasten my belt and flip my cloak on, your super hero to the rescue.

Yours eternally,
Your son


Dear Son #LettersOfTheHeart

Dear Son,

My daughter is head-over-heels in love with you so you are family. You are son.
You may be surprised I chose to write you… It is because I love you… and my daughter.
There are a lot of things I want to say to you and as you will get to know as we go on son, I’m not exactly the memory master in some things so I thought the earlier I started saying them, the better.

I want to be your mom – not like I want to take the place of your mother. I don’t want you to see me as your wife’s mother but the mother of the both of you. I don’t want to be formal with you, I want to talk to you for hours, just making jokes and teasing.

Son, I give my daughter to you because I trust that you’ll treat her like her father does me – like royalty.
I raised a Queen.
I give her to you because I see that you’re a King.

Son, I know your wife is as fragile as she’s strong. She’s perfected concealing her weaknesses and flaunting her strengths but once in a while, she’s bound to crash under the weight of her imperfections. Please, in those times, help remind her that she is strong not because she does not have weaknesses but because she has a leash on them.

I solemnly vow never to poke my nose in your matters if you don’t ask that I do so, if I ever do so without invitation, please feel completely free and confident enough to smack it out!
It’s your marriage, it’s your life.

I know she won’t tell you so I will – my baby girl loves surprises – she inherited it from me – so, spring up a few sometimes. This will be one of the best advice I can give you on how to get whatever you want of her.

Chide her. Correct her. Be mad at her. Never yell at her, never raise your hands against her- NEVER! I tell my sons these.
You are ROYALTY!
Pamper her. Pray for her. Spoil her.
Love her like your own life.

Love & Grace,

P. S: your wife will want two kids… I want twin grandchildren… I trust you and God to make that happen! ;););)