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Jumai Episode 5

Baban stormed into the lab, he was angry but much more he was afraid. Everything had been carefully planned up to this time, any hitch in that plan now would mean a lot of money wasted and worse; the end of him. The man who died at the WAAP office the day before had taken the kulunix and even though the relief people didn’t know it yet, it was too dangerous especially if the incidence repeated itself. It was a good thing he had not killed Doctor Coker yet.
“Where is he?” Baban asked.
“He’s waiting for you in his office.” Dongo answered.
Baban headed for the office. His sponsors were yet to hear about the death, neither had the press. But that was only a matter of time and he needed to have an answer when the questions started coming.
He opened the door and entered the office. Doctor Coker was on his feet, a very worried look on his face.
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JUMAI Episode 4

It was all about to start, this was what the past six months had been about. It had taken several hours and millions of naira but finally WAAP would start on its biggest project ever. Mark had been the middle of it all and it had been a whole lot of work, work he was grateful for now. Jumai was on the team with him but he had not seen much of her, thanks to all the work he had to do. He did a lot of the assigning of middle to low level roles and he always made sure Jumai was not anywhere near him. He wanted to forget her. He knew he was being dramatic but he was just trying to be safe.
Mark moved through the temporary offices in Damaturu, everything was almost set. His boss and the UNICEF team would arrive the next day, he could not afford any lapses.
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Dear Human #LettersOfTheHeart

My very dear Human,

When we met you weren’t into dogs. You were so guarded and tough, you still are, sometimes – and crazy too – ah mean, who says to her dog “if I wouhz you”? Who gives a dog ‘the look’? Who plans and prepares a‘complete balanced diet’ for her dogs (inside joke) *dodges THE LOOK*… hahaha.

So yeah, you can be very ‘extra’ and weird (too much energy), but you are also very soft, loyal and kind. May everyone in your life show you as much loyalty, love and commitment, nothing less.

Anyway, you have grown to take more-than-just-a-liking to us and you have shown us so much love and care. I don’t know what we did or how we did it, but we did it. Without trying to flatter myself, I think we have helped you open up more to even other humans. For that, I am glad and grateful our paths crossed.

There are so many things in my life that I love: Dog Food, Dog Biscuits, bones… All those things are nice, very nice, but the absolute best part of my day is when my nose tells me you are near and you come ruffle my fur and scratch me behind my ears.

When you are happy, I’m happy. When you are sad, your sorrow touches my heart and grieves me. I remember those nights of nuzzling you and listening to your confidences and secret dreams. Yes, I’m a dog, but I’m alive and I feel you because I love you so. You’ll do great.

I know you don’t want to hear this but, Zoro and I are old, we have aged slowly before your eyes. When we get too old, and start to look at you with grizzled muzzles, cataract clouded eyes and are in constant pain, please allow the Doctor to do the ‘right thing’.

Finally, I know you humans lead busy lives. It always seems like you are in a race, running here and there; often much too fast, often staring at that little screen y’all carry around, often never noticing the truly grand things in life. That is all I ask: to slow down, smell the roses, give, see the world, spread hope, and fall passionately in love.

aaaahhoooooohhh…. wooooooff…

Your Shaggie-Shaggy




The fiery hot wind blew against him but he did not seem to notice. His mind was taken up by what he saw; the reflection of his face in the water made him shiver. He slapped his hand across the river and his reflection disappeared in the ripples. He stood and slid across his face the veil that had been his covering for so many decades. Decades that had turned into centuries and centuries into millennia.
The world knew him as Ibilis, the cause of all the evil in the world, and they were right. But they knew so little about him, as little as he wanted them to know. His world was one of darkness, one he hated so much. He had crossed from light to darkness when he had challenged Edumare, a battle he would have won if he had been given a fair chance. His loss meant he had to leave for the abyss called Hades along with a few of his defeated loyal servants. Continue reading