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Just as my face hit the cold floor, a hand grabbed me and set me on the chair. And a voice said. “Welcome.”
I knew that voice, it was Creep. Was Segun here somewhere? I strained my eyes and looked around but I saw nothing.
“Segun?” I called out and my voice echoed.
The smell of petrol was distinct in the air, I wondered what that meant.
“I’m sure you are dying to meet me,” It was Creep again. “Well, now is the moment of the truth.”

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I bit my nails as I waited for my supervisor to call me into his office. He was angry with me, that much I knew. I was weeks behind on my project. I had lied to him, I had avoided him and of course I blamed Creep for all of these.

It was four days since I was supposed to meet with Creep and I was yet to hear anything from him. I should be happy but I wasn’t. Was he preoccupied with something else? Was he leaving me alone? Was he planning something terrible for me? It was better when he spoke to me, at least then I knew what he was doing. Maybe he moved on; unlikely but possible.

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I still had a few hours before I met the man who had turned my life into a mess. In those few hours I planned to end his hold on me. Jones, the guy Tade linked me with had agreed to meet me. He was a little too enthusiastic about the meeting, I wondered why. I assumed that Creep would be busy preparing to meet me he would not follow me around so I met Jones in an open place.  He was already waiting when I entered the cafeteria. He was a little more laid back than he was on the phone – scared maybe.
“Thanks for meeting me Jones.” I said as I took my seat. “I was surprised that you agreed to meet without knowing who I was.”

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I woke up with a start, my eyes were wide open. I lay still, my eyes moved from one corner to the other. Where was I? I heard a sound close to my foot and I held my breath, I could hear my heart pounding. The sound continued; someone was moving. I waited for the movement to stop but it didn’t. I looked around without moving, I needed something to defend myself. I felt a touch on my leg, I stiffened. It was a hand, it grabbed my leg and I kicked as hard as I could and I heard a crashing noise.

“What the hell?” A voice screamed.

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I walked slowly into the security office, careful not to draw too much attention to myself. Dr Korede had already called to grant me access to Dave but I was not going to take any chances upsetting anybody.

“Who are you?” A rough voice asked from behind a window.

“Good afternoon sir, I’m here to see Dave Aigbe.”

He did not reply. I waited but still there was no response.

“Excuse me?” I said.

Still no reply. Was I looking for trouble to have come here?

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I felt very weird in the hood and dark shades and I looked like a shady character in a low budget Colin Farrell movie. But I was willing to look as weird as was required to avoid anyone recognizing me, especially Creep. I entered the restaurant and a few eyes turned my way, I lowered my head and headed straight for the back corner. I had never been to the place, Creep could not trace me here, he’d never think to look for me in that kind of place.

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I woke up with a headache. It was the fifth consecutive day this had happened. I was a constant nervous wreck, I was worried. I had not received any call or text from Creep in five days but his previous call kept ringing in my head, I was in trouble. Dave had called severally but I never answered even though Dupe had confirmed that Dave did not misplace his phone. Dupe had gotten more pictures for me from my department but Creep wasn’t in any of them. No, he wasn’t in my department, I concluded.

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It was almost four PM before I was able to leave my supervisor’s office. I was exhausted and hungry and very nervous. While with my supervisor I had gotten 5 more messages from ‘Creep’ – appropriate name for him but I hadn’t opened the messages. I stepped out of Dr Korede’s office and scanned my surrounding to make sure I wasn’t being watched, the coast looked clear. I considered reading his texts before going to the hostel but decided against it. I needed a solution to him not text messages from him.

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My eyes snapped open but I couldn’t see anything. The ringing was not stopping too. And I had no idea where I was.  I reached my hand to where the ringing was coming from. I didn’t find anything. Where was I?

Then my hand struck something, something  soft.  It was also big, I couldn’t reach the end of it.

“What are you doing?” a voice said and I froze.

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I was alone in class that cold night. I was reading but the cold was starting to get to me and yes sleep too was catching on. I had dozed off for about a minute when I heard a creek in the room, my eyes snapped open! What was that? I grabbed my lamp and flashed it around the room, there was nothing. I sighed. I needed to stop reading alone in the dark. I pulled my sweater tighter and tried to concentrate on CPT 424. Four years of reading alone got me where I was- 1st Class.  I had just turned a fresh page when I felt a tap on my shoulders. I jumped! My lamp fell and went off. I died –almost. I rummaged on the floor feeling for my lamp.

Whooosh! Light came, on shinning on my face. I shut my eyes, my heart thumping.

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