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2 PM

13, NOVEMBER 2015

He ran his hand through his hair as he stepped into the reception. It had been a frustrating three months for Adam. He had made a case his purpose for living, if the case truly had anything to do with his living, then he was close to suicide. The months had dragged as he tried to solve the case; the first case he had ever tried to solve. He had tried his best, staked out places, followed people, intercepted notes, paid snitches but he just went round and round in a frustratingly small circle. Continue reading



12 PM
10, AUGUST 2015
Being a C.E.O. had its advantages, it did and Nicholas enjoyed them. His office was one of them. It had been his father’s office. He had been reluctant to take the office, but not taking it would mean wasting good office space and getting another office on another floor. He had made the right decision and he now used one of the best offices he had ever seen. His desk was large enough for computers, beverages and cats. It was a custom made desk. A part of it was height adjustable which made it usable for standing or sitting positions. It was an office on its own and since the C.E.O. had to work on all of a million projects at once, it was always filled. His diligent secretary kept it neat and arranged. Continue reading





4.00 AM

5, AUGUST 2015

It was dark when she opened her eyes. She squinted at the ray of light that filtered in through the window blinds. She felt lost, she normally did not wake up facing the window. The bed felt funny and whatever  she felt all over her body was definitely not her cozy blanket. She reached for where her bedside alarm clock had been sitting for five straight years, it was not there. Everything felt different.  This definitely isn’t my bedroom. You are in Arandun, remember? You woke up here yesterday, remember that too?  Yes she was, she had forgotten.  Of course the bed felt funny, it was a small, very inconvenient bed. The word ‘hotel’ had been very misleading. She was not going to spend another night in the place, that much she knew. Spending two nights was more than enough. Continue reading


6 PM

3, AUGUST 2015

Funke did not sleep a lot when she travelled but she wished she could have slept on this one. This journey was not supposed to be happening, it could have stopped months ago. She had wanted Nicholas to serve in Kwara State. He did not have an opinion one way or the other, so she had gone ahead to make the ‘arrangements’. He had been posted to Kwara State for his youth service as planned. What she did not count on was his posting to Arandun. She had met with a few NYSC officials who had assured her he would be posted to Ilorin. “Getting him posted to Kwara State is all you should take care of” they had told her. Well they did not take care of the posting because now he was serving in Arandun and he was in trouble, trouble he would have avoided if he was serving in Ilorin. Continue reading



9 A.M.
2, AUGUST 2015
It was a Sunday morning. Adam knew his boss was not a religious man. He was a Christian but he went to church only when there was a celebration; Christmas, weddings, burials. But fixing a meeting for a Sunday morning was going too far even for his boss.
Adam was sitting in his boss’ office. The office was not big but the boss did not seem to care as he rarely stayed in it. The table was dusty from lack of use. There were stacks of files on the table next to a desktop computer. The boss had insisted on the computer being on his table. He rarely used it, Adam could not recall a single time he used it but nobody dared suggest removing it. He had a large portrait of himself hanging behind the table. Adam always wondered when the picture was taken. He could not believe his boss once looked that lean and fit. It was hung next to the faded portrait of the State Governor. When you were in Inspector Odudu’s office, you could not mistake who was in charge. Continue reading



11 A.M.
29, JULY 2015
School had always intrigued Adam. It was mostly a waste of time, but it was also a great opportunity. You rarely use most of what you learn but you learn a lot from what you rarely pay attention to. He had not spent much time in school himself and he could not help but imagine how different his life would have been if he had stayed in school. He had not and he had learnt to live with that part of him. Continue reading



3:35 PM
25 July, 2015

Saturdays were usually more boring in July because there was no football. The English Premier League ended in May and a new season was not starting until August. A replay of a match from the previous season was showing. Nicholas stared at the Television. He could not believe Arsenal lost the match. They had outplayed Tottenham but had lost to a late header. Continue reading



11.10 AM
19, July 2015

‘No body, no crime’. Every Policeman knows that but he could not wrap his head around this new case he was working. There was no body but his gut told him something was terribly wrong.
He had been in Arandun for five years and all he had done was report in the office, greet people properly and keep quiet. He had learnt to keep quiet now. He did not know how, a few years before and he had been taught. Now he was in Arandun, serving his punishment and keeping his head down. And he was doing a great job of keeping his head down until a girl was kidnapped right under his nose. The Divisional Police Officer in charge of his division rarely stayed in Arandun, so he was almost always in charge. And he was in charge when the girl went missing. Continue reading



Kemi’s Family House


5:20 PM 7, July, 2015

Music is art. Fuji music is not. At least that was what Nicholas believed. It was blaring from a small transistor radio sitting on a worn out wooden box. He was sitting in a modest sitting room. The furniture was not expensive but they were neatly arranged. The wall was painted White. It looked freshly painted. Three family portraits hung on the wall. Beside one of the portraits, a golden clock chimed away. A ceiling fan hung far too low from a whitewashed ceiling. And the most notable feature of the room was a plasma Tv which was showing nothing. Nicholas couldn’t care less if the world cup final was showing on the Tv. He had been sitting alone in the room for what looked like 10 hours to him. Nobody had said anything to him. He had been sitting and waiting. Kemi is dead, and now he was sitting in her Parent’s living room, there wasn’t going to be a good ending to all this for him. The curtain that led to what looked like a corridor opened. He stood up. He tried to force a smile as the “jury” walked in. The foreman of the “jury” was Kemi’s father. Continue reading



You don’t get to meet the Local Government Inspector very often. Not outside Omu-Aran, the local government headquarters and definitely not personally. She had been waiting for him outside the town council office. She had been offered a chair and she had politely refused. She was too tensed up to sit. She still could not figure out why the LGI would want to meet with her. And then there was the matter of Nicholas. His house was been watched? By who? What was ….? Continue reading