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Nicholas looked at the body beside him and shuddered again. Fear had nearly torn him apart, it was a miracle he was still sane. Faruk was dead in his car! There was no running away from this, he was in big trouble.
Finding a dead body in his car had shocked him greatly, he had stared at the body for what looked like ten hours after he noticed the bullet hole. He was afraid, confused and angry. Driving with a dead body was not easy, everybody on the road seemed to be looking at him, every policeman looked like they were going to stop him. He was fortunate though, despite his speed, he was not stopped at all. Continue reading



1 PM
8, DECEMBER, 2015
The excitement of seeing Lawal pay for his sins had given way to fear. He was about to face the man who had killed his father, and tormented him for months, it was all too much to take. He had entered the compound with Tola without any problem, the guards apparently did not know who he was or did not care. They had been led to a porch outside the main house and had been waiting for twenty minutes. It was a tactic, Lawal was trying to make them stew, and it was working, he was getting nervous. Continue reading


NICHOLAS Episode Twenty

7 AM
8, DECEMBER 2015

Kate opened her eyes slowly, she was not sure what had woken her up; the voices or the pain in her back. She had slept off around one in the morning beside Kemi’s bed. Nicholas had insisted she stay in the hospital, he was sure the arrest was a mistake or some new thing Lawal had cooked up to destroy him, either way, she was not going to be any good and Kemi needed her more. She could not help but worry, it had kept her awake. Kemi had not stirred, the doctors did not think she was going to make it. If Kemi died and Nicholas could not get out of jail, it was going to be the worse day of her life.
Her phone rang, she dug inside her handbag to get it. It was Nicholas’ mom. It had not occurred to her to call Nicholas’ mother. If Lawal was indeed behind Nicholas’ arrest, she was sure he would not be allowed access to a phone. Continue reading



6 PM
7, DECEMBER 2015
Nicholas paced in his office. He had considered going after Kate but he decided against it, he was still in shock at her reaction. He knew what he had decided to do was not a very good thing but he did not have a choice, it had to be done. He walked to his refrigerator, he needed a cold drink. He was about to open it when he heard the sound, it was distant so he ignored it. He took out the bottle of water and moved to his seat. He was not proud but she had insulted him, he was not going to run after her.
He heard footsteps pounding just outside the door, it looked like Kate had come back to apologise after all. The door burst open as Kate barged in, she was crying. Continue reading



10 AM
7, DECEMBER 2015
Nicholas rolled the pen in his left hand as he tapped the fore finger of his right hand on his table. He rocked his chair and stared into space. His tie was loose and his damp shirt stuck to his body despite the air conditioning in the office. He had not had two weeks of peace since the morning when he woke up next to a supposed dead girl, it was getting tiring. He had gotten some sort of respite when he got off the hook for murder or kidnap but CyberCorp was doing just as much damage to him as an arrest probably would. He had thought of quitting, he had seriously thought about it but had decided it was not the thing to do. It would be exactly what everyone expected and it would only show he was a coward. Continue reading



9 AM
3, DECEMBER 2015
Nicholas hurried down the hall way, his fingers wrapped around the briefcase held tight. The briefcase held nothing important but his nervous fingers could not tell the difference.  The building was not as big as CyberCorp’s office, in fact he could not believe such a big company ran from such a small building. He silently prayed that the size of the office building would be the only surprise. Continue reading



9 AM
30th November 2015
Nicholas had never been so confused. He knew managing CyberCorp would involve taking some pretty tough decisions and he had taken many of them. Appointing Faruk, a man he knew had no good in store for him had not being the least of the tough decisions but he was about to make the toughest one yet. Each share at Logged-In had gone up by twenty two percent and it had been sparked by a journalist releasing the news about the possible takeover. He had no idea how she knew about the takeover. He had no idea what to do about it. Continue reading


NICHOLAS Episode Fifteen

4 PM
25, NOVEMBER 2015

Adam stared at the empty ambulance, his mouth open. He had been fast; he knew that, there was no way the three men could have disappeared with a sick girl. He moved round the ambulance just to be sure he had not missed anything. The doors were locked, everything looked normal. There was only one reason why the men would be at CyberCorp Tower, there was only one person they could have come to see; Faruk.
He walked away from the ambulance, if the men had entered the tower with an unconscious girl, somebody would have noticed. He walked out of the car park towards the front desk. The receptionist was not the same person he had met on his first visit. He was grateful. She did not seem to care that he did not fit into the crowd. Continue reading


NICHOLAS Episode Fourteen



2 PM


Nicholas paced in his office, his head was blank! He tried his best, tried to attack the problem from different angles but he was stuck, there did not seem to be a way out. The trip back from Dubai had not been eventful, mainly because he had not returned with the others. He had stayed back, he could not sit anywhere close to Faruk for eight hours, there was a possibility he might lose his cool. Continue reading





8 AM

23, NOVEMBER 2015

It was the longest eight hours of his life. Nicholas discovered he was not enjoying flying as much as he thought he would. He had flown locally, one or two hours was okay, but when you have to sit for eight hours you start having second thoughts. The plane landed with a little bump, taxied down the runway and came to stop. Travelling in first class had made the trip easier on him but he still was not looking forward to the return journey. He picked up his suit, nodded his greeting to the gentle man seated next to him and walked towards the exit. Continue reading