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I Discovered A Bird Of Prey #ItChangedMyLife

By Priscilla Adeboye

…I woke up. I was alone. I tried to sit up, and then I realised I still had some dregs of the jetlag I had contracted earlier from flying 36 hours to this place. And even though my ears were still buzzing, I heard the chirping of birds; there was a lure to it, as if they were calling my name.

So I got up and looked out of the window; the warm rays of the setting sun kissed my face. Nature, resplendent in its beauty. Selecting the room on the fifth floor at a hotel with no elevators, turned out to be a good idea after all. This view was a dream.

I stepped out to the balcony and then I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery: the skies, the sun, mountains, trees, birds, lakes, the natural landscape – folds, twist, bends, curves, and colours. My heart expanded in my chest at the sight of this breath-taking slice of heaven on earth.

That was when I saw her.

As I was still trying to catch my breath, I saw her.

With astonishing speed and manoeuvrability, she swooped by, grabbed what looked like a rabbit from afar and off she flew, without even landing.

I was hypnotised, mesmerised, fascinated, awe-struck. Whaaaaaaaatttt? Diving from such great heights, gliding through the air with so much grace and panache, ‘Swaguuu drippin’, if you like.

The Eagle. When you say that name, put some respeck’ on it. Clocked to fly at close to 200 miles per hour. Impressive both in size and fearsome beauty. Most popular animal symbol on flags, coins, seals, flags, and standards since ancient times. Admired the world over as a living symbol of power, freedom, bravery, courage, honour, pride, determination, graceand transcendence. Capable of floating, aka swimming and also ‘walking’.

After what I saw that evening, I had to find out more about this bird of prey. This. This. This eagle of a bird:

·         Eyes – Eagles’ eyes are extremely powerful, having up to 3.6 times human acuity, which enables them to spot a potential prey or enemy from a very long distance. Their eyes have a million light-sensitive cells per square mm of retina, five times more than a human’s 200,000. While humans see just three basic colours, eagles see five. These adaptations give eagles extremely keen eyesight and enable them to spot even well-camouflaged potential prey from a very long distance. Also, eagles have two sets of eyes. The first set is their natural eye which they have when they are in aresting mode. However, when they start to take flight on strong wind thermals, they have a second eye that comes in on them. This second eye enables them to fly on these strong winds without damaging their original eye. You have been blessed with the gift of physical sight but how acute is your mind? Remember ‘the eyes are useless when the mind is blind’. A big focused vision will yield big positive results. Interesting to note however, is that there are some things your physical eyes or mind would not see, you need a spiritual eye which only the Holy Spirit enables.  #selah

·         Fearlessness – the eagle will never surrender to the size of its prey. Eagles have been known to kill animals up to 5 times their size. It is always ‘fight to win’ with the eagle. It has also been observed that most birds of prey look back over their shoulders before striking prey (or shortly thereafter). All hawks seem to have this habit, from the smallest kestrel to the largest Ferruginous – but not the Eagles. No retreat, no surrender. Face problems head-on.

·         Play/Chillax – the eagle engages in some aerial displays, death-defying dives and swoops just for fun. After all, all work and no play… Also, at a certain age, the physical body condition of the eagle deteriorates fast making it difficult for her to fly or even survive. But even at that, she never gives up living. Instead, she retreats to a mountaintop and over a period and goes through a metamorphosis which produces a re-growth of the aged body parts, allowing the eagle to live for up to another 30 – 40 years.

·         Friendship – Eagles can fly up to an altitude of 10,000 feet, I have flown in an aircraft before that didn’t even get that high. At 10, 000 feet, the only other bird you’ll find is an eagle. The eagle doesn’t play around with suckers. Dr. Myles Munroe once said ‘eagles don’t mingle with pigeons. Pigeons scavenge on the ground and grumble and complain all day long. Eagles fly and make less noise, alwayswaiting for opportunities to strike their next prey or glide with the current of the storm’. No time to waste time. There is a saying that goes: “the people you hang around with and the books you read eventually determine the person you become.”

·         Tenacity – when the storm comes, other birds fly away to safety. Not the eagle, she spreads her mighty wings and rides on the wings of the wind to soar to greater heights. She uses the pressure of the storm to glide higher without having to use her own energy. She takes advantage of the very storm that would otherwise have destroyed her.

·         Nurturing – though known for their strength, pride and brutality, what is most astonishing about these birds of prey is their ability to nurture. 3 months before she starts to lay eggs, an eagle builds a cosy home for her young. Research has shown that no member of the bird family is more gentle and attentive to its young than the eagle. And when she sees that the time has come to teach her young to fly, she does a great job in nudging it to the greatness the Eagle dynasty is famous for.

·         Lifestyle – eagles live well. They eat well. They don’t feed on dead food. They are ranked at the top of the food chain as apex predators in the avian world. I like to think they sleep well too. They normally build their nests,at a vantage point high in a tree or on high cliffs in a permanent feeding territory. These nests are ‘renovated’ year after year and can become an enormous edifice, measuring up to 6-8 feet wide, 2 feet high and weighing well over 1,000 pounds.

·         Dependence – eagles are superlative soarers, powerful fliers—skilfully gliding over long distances. However, eagles would literally die if they expend too much energy flapping their strong big wings during flight. Yes, they are skilled birds, very talented and strong, but they are also smart enough to patiently wait for a big gust of wind to rise up from the atmosphere; theysoar on the wind currents without having to flap their wings. They do this in order to conserve energy. Sometimes, eagles remain perched for days before they can catch a good, strong, wind thermal. My Bible says: ‘“Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,” says the Lord’. (Zechariah 4:6). We are able to achieve exponentially more with God’s help than we can on our own.

·         Loyalty – Eagles ‘mate for life’. Once eagles mate with their partners, they stay true and loyal to that other eagle for life. In the same way, God expects us to stay true, loyal, and faithful to our spouses to the day we die.

Ps: there is a prominent genus in the eagle family named Aquila, by the way

I found an awesome bird of prey and it changed my life. Dear Himalayas, I will be back.

NB: If you’d love to visit Nepal with me next year, please shoot me an email

Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress,

Priscilla Adeboye


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Death #ItChangedMyLife

By Okikiola Oladele

I have learnt to live life without a shade of worry. I mean when you look at it deeply what is the point of worrying. You never know what will happen tomorrow. You don’t even really know if tomorrow will come, so why do you want to keep yourself rooted in the very mystery that tomorrow holds and forget to live life today. Life is right here and now,in this moment, let tomorrow worry about itself. It is non-existent. You see, I am a “cross-the-bridge-when-we-get-there” kinda guy. I still am but then, death changed my life!

Death shouldn’t be new to me, well to many of us but it’s much more real around me. It lives around me, just around the corner. It could jump out anytime with its crooked sickle and snatch a soul. I see it every now and then so I could almost say I’m immune to it…or so I thought!
You see one would think being in the field of medicine makes one hardened to circumstances and happenstance. Ah, well, one might be right. You barely have time to grief for the loss of a patient before you attend to the next one. Nope!
It isn’t that you aren’t hurt but you can’t allow your mental status cloud your judgement so you put all thoughts of grief and sorrow aside! Superman fascie on and ready to go but every Superman still needs a Lois Lane, or how does the saying go? I digress. So you see…Death changed my life! And I will tell you why.
I haven’t talked about this a lot. 2012. It was a time that bent the fabric of reality for me as a person and made me see this life for what it really is. One of my cousins, more like a sister died. I had never felt shock like that before, as my father called out to me as I sat in the car…and you know when Dad is about to break a sad news to me, he gets unusually cheerful. I cried for about one week straight. It felt surreal.
A darkness threatened to engulf my heart and the world seemed bleak! You know after every night, the sun always shine again, right? Right? Oh it did. The sun really did shine! But only for a moment! We were healing and gradually returning to normal programming. The warmth was returning and smiles were becoming brilliant again! Radiant joy. Remember how I said death lives just around the corner? Yep! It jumped out and snatched another soul, specifically the sister this time around! You start asking questions, what is happening? Who did these lovely young ladies offend? That kind of thing messes with your mind especially when you take a minute to think about how the Immediate family members might be feeling. It is quite….crushing!
Fast forward a couple of years and more shocking deaths and you start getting wicked vibes down your spine. Stuff like what I have described are only seen in movies but then it hits close to home and suddenly you know that life isn’t what you thought it might be.
You may have designed a fancy dream of what your life should be. Who you will marry. Where you will settle down. How many cars you will own. These are all good! Brilliant as a matter of fact. Planning makes perfect but somehow we’ve gotten so engrossed in the future and we forget to live in present. LIFE IS FLEETING. Live life now! It goes without saying learn to appreciate people more, do the things you enjoy doing! Don’t keep yourself bottled up. I was discussing, just recently,  with a dear friend about how people tell us how we seem to be everywhere doing everything and my answer is simple. Whatever my hands find doing, I need to do it well!
We were born with so much talents and potentials that need to find expression. I want to be one of those guys who die empty! I want to get real here, I’m not trying to be dark but the truth is you never know when the sand will stop running in your hourglass. It’s something you want to take a moment and think about! You ask yourself, why should you keep hanging on to old relationships that may keep you grounded? Why do I want to keep living life in my corner? Why do I want to keep myself restricted to a particular diet? Why won’t I try out a new sport? Why do I want to keep living in this city?
Interesting to note is that you might have valid answers to some of those nagging questions at the back of your mind and that’s okay! The important question is, How do you see life? Something to just…deal with or a gift! I think we need to come to a realisation of the fact that everyday we live is a gift! Each waking moment is bigger than us and the moment we know or understand that, we step out of the frame and see the bigger picture!
When we begin to honour the sacrifices people make for us by using every waking moment as a treasure to be cherished such that if you were to check out right now and it is asked that what did you do with you life, you will see in that moment, In that instance, that life in itself is bigger than you!
So, you see…death changed my life! Now I am a big picture, tall dreams kinda guy! The goal is to die empty whenever that is.
Peace. Love and Chicken grease!

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I Read A Book #ItChangedMyLife

By Victoria Akinwande

One of my greatest heart desires has always been to lead an extraordinary life, to be significant, to leave a legacy for my generation. But, I didn’t know what it takes to make my dreams become a reality. “My dreams remained dreams”, there was no corresponding action to make them become a reality.

When anybody asked me “where do you see yourself in the nearest future?” my response used to be “I would be great and living a first class life.” Lol! I thought having great dreams and visions was all I needed to be phenomenal.


Sometimes last year, I visited a friend in Lagos, Nigeria. I love to travel a lot. My friend was very busy during the visit, I stayed home alone most of the time. It’s easier in situations like this to watch movies, listen to music and chat away my precious time, but I decided to READ.


My friend is an avid reader, there were books all over the room, close to 200 books, but I had to pick one. Choosing which one to read wasn’t easy mehn! I had to close my eyes to other books, most of the books were excellent books but one really caught my attention “The Monk That Sold His Ferrari.” Coincidentally, that was the same book my friend recommended.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari








Download book here

So, I embarked on a journey with the Leadership Expert and Titan Robin Sharma. Apart from the oldest and still relevant book which doesn’t need an upgrade “The Bible”. For me, “The Monk That Sold His Ferrari” is a book I recommend for people to read.


The human race usually thinks that the future is a time zone say 5, 10 years from now, No. The future is not a time zone it’s all that you have been created to be that you haven’t become, So I realized I had to stop dreaming and wishing. It’s fine to dream, there are many times I sit down and visualize myself in my dream house, car, family, audience, et. al.


But I had to get up and begin to do the things that I was born to do. I started by compiling inspirational quotes and send to my BBM contacts weekly, from there I graduated into writing and posting article on my social media accounts and today I have a blog where I post on daily (HERE). Truth is I haven’t done 1% of what God created me to do, but I’m on the path and I know I would arrive at my DESTINATION.


I realized that to have the result only the 5% of the world’s population have, I have to be willing and committed to thinking, behaving and installing the habits the other 95% of the world’s population are not willing to imbibe, that’s where we separate the great, that’s where the 5% rises to the top.


This book is a testimonial of the quote by Francis Bacon “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.”

I chewed and digested this book and it changed my life forever!

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I Discovered Purpose #ItChangedMyLife

I am now an undergraduate. Freedom at last. New friends, new country and new culture. All of these I am going to make sure I enjoy to the fullest. These were my thoughts as I got into school to study Computer Engineering Technology. I am not going to dull myself, I’m gon ball and also gon study. I won’t be left behind. So I can’t imagine being left out either.
So it all began. Went to club with friends, had a couple of bottles of beer, great shots of Jack Daniel and amazing true or dare games. Wow I have been missing a lot Oo. These kept on buzzing in my young mind. But at the end of every day I ‘flexed’, I never felt fulfilled. Something was missing I thought to myself. But what could that be. I am free now, I can sleep when I like and go out when I want. So what’s wrong? Sigh! This kept on happening. 100 level gone, 200 level followed suit and I am about to hit 300 level and my grades are not even encouraging to add to the matter. Mehn I can’t take this anymore. There’s got to be more like Micah Stampley observed.
Then the wake up call came through. It was my younger sister, the fourth child Dorathy Otabor. She called, “Hello Big Bro, How are you na?” She asked… “I am fine O my sis” I replied. She continued, “How’s school na? Hope everything is fine, just thought to check up on you and know how you are doing.” “Thank you so much sweet sis, school is fine and every every dey alright” I said to her. “Okay Bro, I will talk to you soon then.” She said and finally I replied “Thanks Sis. Good night”. As I was about to end the call she said, “Eh ehn Bro, do fast and graduate O, get a good job, own your apartment in Lagos so that Destiny and I can always come spend holiday with you in Lagos”. And then just like a babe whose wig just fell off her head as she’s about to climb a bike, that same feeling of mehn see level O. I realised I had a responsibility to ensure my life was properly fixed.
But what was missing was still the question? But not for long again, and with the help of my faith, I realised that it was a sense of not knowing where I was headed in life, what I was living for and why I was on earth was the reason I always felt something was missing. It was PURPOSE missing all along.
The journey began and I search for my purpose in line with how my faith taught me to. I prayed to the one who created me, God. Discussed with mentors and read books like it was my oxygen and BOOM! I had the Eureka moment. The moment when you finally get the answer to that Calculus question that has made you become someone with amnesia. It was revealed to me in bits that I was meant to live my life ensuring those I come in contact with I help unleash their greatness, build Nations and help grow start-ups to world class. I was meant to speak and lives will be transformed. I was meant to write and destinies will be revived. Finally I had discovered my purpose in life. What a feeling, still in that moment of clarity I got a word that would forever change the way men saw purpose. The word was, “the day you discover purpose should be your birthday.” Because I believe you are not yet born until you discover your purpose and you have not yet lived until you are truly living purposefully.
Fast-forward few years later, I am speaking in conferences, seminars both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria, travelled to 24states in Nigeria for speaking engagements, spoke in prestigious universities in Nigeria and got a book published. Gotten multiple awards, met great men, still praying to meet many and the list of great accomplishments just keeps growing. What’s even more amazing is that I am still in my incubation stage.
Truth is a life without purpose is like a black hole. It can never be filled by or with anything. No matter how much you put in it. It will always get swallowed up. Please what do you call a car without engine or DSTV without channels?
Mehn Fam I won’t deceive you, the day I discovered purpose, my life changed.



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By Bukola Omotoso

Looking back over my life, I can think of several moments that were significant. The first time I ate Ice Cream, my first kiss, the day I lost my dad, the day I discovered how depressing Pounded Yam really is, the first time I tried to make Amala, etc, etc, but one day stands out to me. It was the day I got to school late.

Let me give you a little background. I must have been between ages 5 and 6, attending a primary school owned by my grandfather. We lived right in the school compound, so there was no reason for me to be late, ever.

My grandfather was a stickler for timeliness; invite him someplace and he would be there two hours early, waiting for you to wake up. He never, ever showed up late. Ever. So, it really grated on his nerves whenever people would show up late, without regard for time.

Prior to this fateful day, he had issued verbal warnings to late comers, admonishing them to come to school on time. He didn’t flog anyone though, not yet.

On this day, I thought to myself, “I never do anything wrong. I always obey all the rules. I ought to relax just this once. I mean, my house is literally a minute away from the assembly ground; I could still be a couple of minutes late and I would be fine.”

Fam, when you start thinking thoughts like this, beware; the devil has a surprise beating planned for you.

So, there I was, strolling to school, late, and with my belt untied. My grandfather saw me, and I don’t remember much else. All I know is, he beat me so much, I had bumps and depressions on my head. My class teacher was pretty strict, but when he saw me that morning, he felt so bad for me. I could see the pity in his eyes. My whole life turned around that morning.

Later, in secondary school, I became some sort of rebel (emphasis on “some sort”); I sagged my uniform skirt, tucked my shirt in loosely, wore my beret only on one side of my head, so that it completely covered my left ear. I was one of the shortest people in my entire class, but on the assembly ground, I preferred to stay at the very back of the line, behind the tallest boys. I carried a towel (a big one, not a face towel) around my neck for one term. It wasn’t part of the school uniform, but yea, I did it.

In all of that “rebellion”, not once did it even occur to me to show up late. I never showed up late to school again. Because, even though my grandfather had retired at that point, and didn’t attend our assembly gatherings often, the memory of that experience never left me. Also, there was a new sheriff in town. And this one didn’t deal in cane; she doled out slaps that would literally make you see sparks. You could be deaf or disillusioned for a full minute as a result.

Even now in my adult life, every time I show up late, I remember the bumps and depressions and think, “Girl, you know better than to be late. Grandpa’s cane taught you better.”

Talk about a day I will never forget.

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I Met A Happy Blind Lady #ItChangedMyLife

By Nissi Inspiration

Once upon a time, I was so self-conscious, uncomfortable in my own skin and always needing a mirror’s reflection to determine my beauty.

But that was, ‘once upon a time’

It all changed when I met Maria…

On a very gloomy day filled with disappointments, I decided to pay my friend – Tolani – an evening visit, but on getting there, I was unprepared for what I met. I have seen blind people by the roadsides countless number of times, but this is the first time I would officially meet one who isn’t a charity case! And a beautiful one at that!

The lady – whose unfocused eyes pronounced her blind – sat, all smiles, as Tolani fixed her make-up. Speechless as I was, Tolani faced me with a bright smile. “It is good you are here babe, I need you to be the judge” she said when I entered. “Maria has a date and I want to make sure she looks smashing”

I watched as Maria’s face broke into a wide expectant smile. Clearing my throat, I said. “Of course, you have nothing to worry about Maria. Tolani is very good at this” I assured her.

“Of course, with two beautiful women, nothing can go wrong” Maria said in an animated fashion.

I rolled my eyes. “What makes you think I am beautiful?” I asked, knowing she just talked out of courtesy.

She smiled, her eyes unfocused. “You sound like a nice person and nice people are always beautiful to me”

Floored by that statement, I watched in silence as Tolani applied a modest amount of gloss to Maria’s puckered lips. I wondered how Maria must be feeling, unable to personally check out her reflection in the mirror to know if she was truly looking great. Unable to see if the powder blended perfectly with her skin. She just sat there, with a contented smile on her face! How could she do that!

“Yes, I am through” Tolani declared minutes later.

The smile on Maria’s face brightened up the room as we helped her up. The short red gown she had on stopped just above her knees. But the cloth and make-up wasn’t what made her look so breathless. It was her smile. Her smile came from within, making her glow with happiness and confidence.

“You look so beautiful” I said truthfully, seeking to reassure her, but she didn’t need the reassurance.

“I feel beautiful” she responded.

And that! Those three words changed me. Maria, though without eyes was able to change my way of thinking. Though without sight, she was able to look within to find the true definition of beauty. Now I know that beauty isn’t all about the reflection I see in my standing mirror. True beauty can only be felt!

Now, I look less at my standing mirror, and I look more at my inner mirror, because it is not enough to look beautiful. Feeling beautiful is the ultimate!

I met a happy blind lady, it changed my life!


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I Lost My Phone #ItChangedMyLife

By Adekunle

Should I, a professed Christian, called to be a saint, a child of God, a member of Christ, a temple of the Holy Ghost, should I be covetous, sensual, proud, or envious? Should I yield to impatience, discontent, or anger? Should I be slothful, unbelieving, or unmerciful? What effects will such conduct have upon others? All that God has done for us, or by us, or given to us, should lead us to watchfulness, self-denial, and diligence. Next to the sinfulness of sin, we should dread the scandal
– Matthew Henry.

I earned N5000 per month for six months as an Industrial Training (IT) Student attached to Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Headquarters Abuja. There was a Strike in the period by the Radio Workers Union and because I showed up to assist the management, I was paid an extra N7000. That is a total of N37,000.00

Before I resumed school for my final year, I decided I was going to buy a new phone. The NOKIA E63 (You probably don’t remember what it looks like now but it was a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIG deal then); So on this beautiful Saturday, I drove to Emab Plaza in Abuja -popular place for several phone shops and unloaded a total of N36,000 for my new phone.






NOTE: N36000.00 is just One Thousand naira less than the entire income I received from my workplace throughout IT.


I could interest you with the reactions to my new phone (mostly excited with me feeling super cool) or bore you with details of how I got my accommodation for first semester 500 level but I shan’t. I will just go to the point where my life changed.


Minna was hot. You know how the heat wave of this year was across the country? Well, that was the norm in Minna. So on this fateful night, I elected to sleep in the living room of the house, keeping my phone among other ‘prized’ possessions safely (?) in the bedroom and the best part of it? I decided not to lock the main entrance to the house. (I don’t think it was the first time)


I woke up in the morning for a new day and I saw my roommate, Sogo. He said and I quote “We’ve been robbed”. Now, Sogo typically reacts to bad stuff by laughing- He was NOT laughing that day. By now you have probably very successfully guessed E63 was no longer present within the premises, custody or handle of either of us. In English, N36k was gone!

Those of you who know me know that I don’t collect plenty money from people in any way neither do I “do Yahoo Yahoo” or so, as Sogo rightly reacted, it was not a FUNNY Something.


As we all react to issue of stolen/missing items, I went out, looked around [as though the phone merely went out for an early morning jog and collapsed just outside the door] and asked. There was this young guy who seemed helpful (which is probably why I suspect he had something to do with the theft) and suggested that I go meet a “Baba” around some corner of the house that could miraculously do something about the situation and I did something I would NEVER imagined I would do. I looked at Sogo like “what do you think?”, His look like “What are you talking about?” helped bring my brain back home. Now let me be clear, I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN I would NOT have gone to any Baba, whether or not I got that reset but the fact that I didn’t dismiss it IMMEDIATELY it came was a personal disappointment for me but #ItChangedMyLife


From that moment on till now, I am not aware of ANY material possession that I have/would value so much as to CONSIDER such error. I have God to thank for that, and perhaps the thief. It was a lesson well learnt. There is nothing that I have received that I shouldn’t be able to give back. Nothing!


Now before you get all “touched” by this, Know that sometimes [I SAID SOMETIMES O!!!], I get stuff of value, and while I am immensely grateful for the gifts and show my gratitude, I..errr…don’t treat the stuff with the ‘prestige’ people expect so maybe that is a by-product of my lesson. But I’m certain that the Person (GOD) that taught me not to ‘grab’ anything will also teach me to hold some of those things more dearly than I ordinarily do.

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I Fell In Love #ItChangedMyLife

By Tomi Adesina

High walls. Cold heart. Thick skin. Hard rocks. This was my life.
I felt a sharp pain striking right down my chest…it was meant to hurt less. I had been through this a thousand times; but it didn’t.
It was the pain that came from my bruises and scars.
It was the pain I felt the day I watched mother earth receive your body.
I stared with bloodshot eyes crimsoned from all the tears I had shed.
I watched in defeat as she swallowed you proudly and the sand came falling on your bed, bidding you home.
I swallowed in pain and turned away from the sight that was threatening to rip out my hurting throat.
My gaze fell upon a shining light so bright; I cursed it.
Why were the heavens so delighted to receive you?
What would I do without you, my darling wall?
My paths were going to be slippery.
I was going to believe the words I swore never to.
I was going to laugh freely without fear.
I was going to believe in me again.
I had been here before…I had loved and lost.
I couldn’t have my walls let me down by giving way now that I needed her the most.
But then she had to go away…
I had met George and it was going to be different now.
I no longer had to cry myself to sleep.
I was sure to face the world with renewed gusto.
I had a reason to feel alive once again.
Farewell, walls.
I fell in love… and it changed my life.


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I Watched Scandal #ItChangedMyLife

By LordJosh

It was the year 2013, I’d gotten a new TV series from a friend, and it was supposed to be very interesting. I was skeptical, it was not my type. I preferred shows like Pysch, The Mentalist, The Big Bang Theory; they were heavily loaded with comedy. But hey, I had nothing else to watch so I opened the ‘Season 1’ folder, opened the first episode and like that I was thrust into the world of ‘Scandal’.





Now for those of you who haven’t had the privilege to watch Scandal, here’s a short rundown of the Series. It is the story of a crisis manager, Olivia Pope. When she is not helping rich people get rid of bodies or manipulate the press, she is sleeping with the married President of the United States. As you can imagine, being the concubine of the president can’t be easy especially with the cunning and conniving woman that is the first lady. I know this goes without saying but Olivia’s life was a roller coaster.

Still waiting for the moment my life changed?

Hold on.

After watching a few episodes of Scandal I couldn’t help but admire the work of the writer of the story. The way Olivia’s life was tossed up and down interested me. I loved the fact that the writer of this story controlled this powerful woman and even the most powerful man in the world; President Fitzgerald Grant. The writer made a mess of their love affair, exposed them, broke them up then when she saw fit brought them back together. I was fascinated.

This was the point when the bulb lit up; I wanted to do this!

I wanted to make people fall in love. I wanted to make people hurt people (I’m all good inside, I promise). I wanted to create annoying heroes who saved lives. I wanted to discover new cities and countries. I wanted to create drugs worse than cocaine. I want to break lives and I wanted to mend them.

I wanted to write.

And so that night, I wrote the first episode of Nicholas.

The morning was cold, the leaves were wet; it wasn’t a pleasant time to run…

I wrote that episode and sent it to a friend (shout out to Dolapo) and the rest as they say is history. Since that night I have written seven full length stories and I’m working on publishing my first novel. Watching Scandal at the time triggered something in me, it brought out something that was buried deep, a desire I was yet to know I had; it changed my life!

So maybe a movie isn’t what will change your life, Scandal wasn’t exactly what changed my life, Shoda Rhimes, the creator and head writer of Scandal did. She was a person doing what I wanted to do, I saw her and it challenged me to finally get off my butt and do something with my talent.

Who are your heroes? Who are the people whose work you admire? Maybe it is time you stop admiring and applauding and get to emulating. I’m not Shoda Rhimes yet but the fact that you are reading this is evidence that I’m moving in that direction. You love LordJosh? Thank you. But maybe you should get out there and do something I can love about you too.

The best time to start? Today!

Watching Scandal changed my life only because I took a challenge from what I was watching. Take a challenge from what you just read and maybe, just maybe it will change your life too.


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