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He stumbled into the club and the stench of alcohol and cigarette smoke hit his nose. He removed his taqiyah and squeezed through the frenzied crowd of narcotics-filled dancers. He looked at them in disgust, the damned infidels had no idea what was coming. He held his bag tighter, as soon as he was done, the club would make one final bang and that will be it.

“Hey baby,” He felt a hand on his shoulder. “Dance with me?”

He turned around and saw a girl with long black hair and very red lips smiling at him. His brain screamed ‘Haram!’, he agreed but he was about to do something that would get him direct access to Jannah, he had nothing to worry about. He would be helping her too, she was a filthy slut. Maybe sleeping with a saint will get her some mercy. Continue reading



It was not the first time I had seen him on the bus but something about him intrigued me today. I was not sure what it was but I could not take my eyes off him. The bus was already full, I knew he would be standing and it would not his first time. I was lucky to be sitting myself. I watched him squeeze past other people as he made his way through the bus. I silently prayed he would stand beside me. My prayers were almost answered but he stopped just in front of me. Maybe, just maybe he would see me. Shut up, silly girl! I looked away. What was the point of him seeing me? A fine guy like him probably had a thousand girls on his mind.

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