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He sighed and took another step up the hill. Climbing the hill was terrible enough but having to do it in darkness was even worse. He had tried to become accustomed to the darkness but no matter how often he visited Ibilis, he never got used to it. Ibilis was not the most gracious host, all he had to do was come down the hill but he never agreed to.
It was not just the climbing of the hill or the darkness that made him dread meeting with Ibilis, he knew he would have to explain the escape of Sango. His men had rushed to tell him that Manzo had been knocked out cold and Sango was gone. He had killed half a dozen of the men in anger even though he knew they were not to blame. He had no idea what Ibilis would say, but it definitely was not going to be pleasant. Continue reading



The country was close to chaos and he had to do something. Department of State Security was still trying to identify the man who had spoken on TV, they were yet to come up with anything useful. But he had to address the nation before the end of the day if he wanted to maintain calm. There was a lot to talk about. He had to address the black death disease, something he had tried his best to stay away from. What was he supposed to tell them?
“Sir, we go live in five minutes!” The press secretary said. Continue reading



He feared for Sango – or Damola as he ignorantly preferred to be called. He could see the anger, fear and guilt that stirred inside of him but what he wanted to do was not the answer. He had watched the kidnapping of Oya from beside Edumare’s throne. He even asked Edumare to let him intervene, all he had to do was send a band of Aljanu and they would have prevented what was sure to be a disaster from happening. Edumare had refused, saying that intervening would alter the destinies of the god-men. ‘What if she dies?’ he remembered asking anxiously. ‘If she dies, she dies.’ had been the reply and it had sent cold chills down his spine. Continue reading



The past week had been crazy for President Lange. Another village was hit by the black-death disease and the team sent to the village to find out what the cause of the disease was yet to get lucky. Aweda, the crazy doctor had been brought on board simply because he proved right about a lot of things.
The sickness had broken out without warning. Theis village was far away from the village that was previously hit so the chances of transmission by physical contact was low. The doctors had taken precautions against any form of transmission by contact or air though most of them believed the disease was not communicable at all and they had a point. The whole village seemed to have contracted the disease at the same time and it had not spread to nearby villages. Continue reading



The silence was deafening. He knew everything was not alright, not at all. He moved on the balls of his feet despite the pain from the sharp stones on the floor. There were a lot of trees and tall grasses and one or more of them had somebody lurking behind them. His head told him to turn around and run but somehow he legs kept going forward.
He paused and listened, nothing! He wondered where they were hiding. He had followed the shadow, or shadows, he could not tell if there were two. When it or they entered the densely wooded area, he wanted to turn back but felt compelled to follow. He did not see anything scary but still, his heart pounded and suddenly he wanted to be out of the place. Continue reading



The men in front of him looked on with sullen faces; it looked like a death had just been announced.
“Mr. President, we need to move on this as soon as possible. The price of oil is not getting better anytime soon. If we don’t move fast, Libya takes the lead.” The petroleum minister announced. He was a short and slender man who spoke with a lot more force than his stature suggested was possible. He was the latest to deliver gloomy news to the sitting cabinet.
“Thank you Professor Otabor.” President Lange said, trying hard to muster a smile. “We will discuss this next week, it is too late into the meeting to begin a discussion on petroleum. Let’s close this meeting now, we’ll pick it up from here later.”
President Lange moved through the closing parts of the meeting like he was on a trance. He had been president for less than four months but the strain of the office was already showing on him. Continue reading




The fiery hot wind blew against him but he did not seem to notice. His mind was taken up by what he saw; the reflection of his face in the water made him shiver. He slapped his hand across the river and his reflection disappeared in the ripples. He stood and slid across his face the veil that had been his covering for so many decades. Decades that had turned into centuries and centuries into millennia.
The world knew him as Ibilis, the cause of all the evil in the world, and they were right. But they knew so little about him, as little as he wanted them to know. His world was one of darkness, one he hated so much. He had crossed from light to darkness when he had challenged Edumare, a battle he would have won if he had been given a fair chance. His loss meant he had to leave for the abyss called Hades along with a few of his defeated loyal servants. Continue reading




There was war in heaven and there was going to be only one winner, him.
The glass floor felt cold against his bare feet as he sneaked across the oval corridor. He looked at his reflection coming off the walls for a few seconds. He looked wild; it was how he wanted to look. His head was clean shaven except for a thick line of hair running from his forehead to the back. He had not touched his beard in centuries so he was not surprised it was shaggy. But there was something else, something he was not used to; anger. He was a happy person, the life of the party. He was mischievous, a trouble maker but never angry.
Well, until he had been crossed. Continue reading