Ellipsis: Mr. Akorede’ Story

Ellipsis 13
Mr. Akorede’s Story.

Mr. Akorede stormed out of the bedroom and slammed the door. He walked into the living, dropped into a chair and put on the TV. He flicked through several channels looking for something to distract him from the woman he had left in the bedroom. But nothing could distract him. He doubted that what he felt for her was hate, but it was not love either. How could he love someone who made him hate himself?
Things had not always been this way. He had been madly in love with her once and she had loved him too. He was not even sure where things went wrong but they had. They fought every day, on different issues – most of them, very stupid issues. It was almost as if she woke up every morning looking for a reason to fight him. He had sworn he would never hit her, he didn’t even think that was a possibility but every day he was getting closer and closer to it.
He heard the bedroom door open and he knew they were about to get into another round of fighting. He kept his eyes on the screen as she made her way into the living room. She sat a few seats away from him and said nothing. He tried to concentrate on what he was watching but her silence was killing him. She was done torturing him with her words, now she was going to do it with her silence?
He put off the TV and looked at her.
“All I’m asking is that we go see the doctor together,” she said.
“So we are back to you calling me sterile?”
“I can’t call you sterile but you can call me barren?”
He should have known this was where it was all coming to. Their fights had started when after three years of marriage, his wife had not conceived. His people had started pressurizing him and he had started cracking under the pressure. He had told her to go for a test and she had insisted he got tested too. He was okay with getting tested but her refusal to get tested until he got tested too made him angry. They had fought on several things but this was always the foundation of the fights.
They sat in silence for a couple of minutes.
“Look dear, I don’t want to fight, I just want us to have a conversation about this matter.”
Mr. Akorede nodded, “Let’s have a conversation.”
“We are going to have children, I believe that with my whole heart. But I am more concerned about the dynamics of our relationships.”
“What dynamics?”
“We are supposed to be a team, right? But when you pick your mother’s side by insisting I am the cause of our delay; that is not us being a team.”
Mr. Akorede smiled, then chuckled then burst out laughing.
“So this is where you are going?” He asked. “You don’t like my mother?”
“No, no,” his wife said. “I like her. All I’m saying is…”
“All you are saying is I should throw away the opinion of people who know me better than I know myself? People who saw the problem we are having now ahead of time?”
“What do you mean they saw it ahead of time?”
“Believe me they did. Do you know how long it took me to beg them to accept you?”
“You begged them?”
“They told me not to marry you. They said you would bring bad luck to my life but I was drunk in love, I didn’t see it.”
“And now you see it?”
“Yes, I do.”
His wife stood and walked closer to him. He stood as she got closer.
“My life was good before I met you,” she started. “I didn’t need anybody to beg anybody to marry me. I had a lot of suitors but I decided to pick you. Who do you think you are? And your parents, who the hell do they think they are? My parents are not rich but yours aren’t either. What do they have that we don’t? Who are they to predict what I can or cannot have? I will have children in this life, with or without you. If you think you did me a favour by marrying me, do yourself a favour and wake up!”
Mr. Akorede boiled as he heard those words come out of her. He could feel his will losing the battle against his anger. If he stayed here for one more second, he would beat this woman to a pulp. He would not do that, not today. He pushed her out of his way, grabbed his car keys and stormed out of the house.
Thirty minutes later he was stuck in traffic, his blood still boiling. He had driven aimlessly around town but that had not eased his anger one bit. Any woman who would insult his parents like that did not deserve to be his wife. He was going to…

12 Hours Later.
Mr. Akorede was one of the 30.

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