Ellipsis: Tim Balogun’s Story

Ellipsis 12
Tim Balogun’s story.

Tim heard his secretary clear her throat and he realized he had not even recognized there was somebody in the room. He quickly placed his phone on the table and looked up.
“How long have you been standing there?” Tim asked.
“Two minutes. I wanted to see how long it would take before you noticed me but I got tired of waiting.”
“Sorry, I was… Anyway, what do you want?”
“Are you still proposing tonight?”
“That is none of your business Tonia, okay?”
“Weren’t you just staring at her picture?”
“Didn’t I just say it was none of your business? What do you want?”
“I have forgotten why I came in here.”
“Okay, you can leave then.”
Tonia smiled and walked out of the office. Tim picked up the phone and looked at Nike’s picture. He had taken this picture the first they met. She didn’t even know he took her picture. It was a creepy thing to do and he did not tell her about it until he was sure their relationship was past the point his creepiness could break it. When he eventually told her about it, she laughed it off. He didn’t tell her, however, that it was this picture that made him fall in love with her.
Nike radiated a certain joy that he could not explain. She was not even smiling in the picture but he could tell she was joyful. He met her a point when his life lacked any sort of joy. It was a blessing to meet somebody like her. Three years later and he was ready to take her to the altar. She didn’t know yet though. She would tonight.
He was always a late planner so his proposal had no shape at the moment. There were two people in his life who could handle something like this under this kind of short notice. Nike was one, and he obviously couldn’t involve her. He was very reluctant to involve the other but he had no choice.
“Tonia?” He called.
She walked in, with a huge smile on her face.
“Why are you smiling?” Tim asked.
“I knew you would call for me.”
“Why would I call for you?”
“Because you have no idea how to go about your proposal.”
“Of course I know how to go about my proposal.”
“Oh okay, I’m sorry. So did you want me to print something for you?”
“Okay, what do you need?”
Tim sighed, he knew he had to swallow his pride.
“Okay, I admit it, I need your help with the proposal.”
Tonia ran back to her office and came back with a piece of paper.
“I never doubted that you did, I just didn’t want to be too forward. I have a list of questions here that will help us plan well.”
“You do?”
“Yes sir, I do. Number one; do you have a ring?”
Tim realized saying ‘no’ would make him look as foolish as he felt. How was he planning a proposal without a ring?
“Yes, I have a ring.”
“No, you don’t have a ring. But we can order one very fast online. We might have to pay extra for express delivery. Is that okay?”
“How many people do you want at the proposal?”
“Do you want friends, siblings, me?”
“I just want it to be special for her. I don’t need a lot of people.”
“Will you leave this at my discretion then?”
“No, your discretion will probably invite like twenty people.”
“I was actually thinking more like fifty.”
“Tonia! I don’t want more than ten people. Next question?”

Tim was in a bus headed to his proposal and he was nervous. He did not understand why he was nervous but he could not shake it. Tonia was the best at planning things like this and she had made a plan he was comfortable with and one he knew would make his soon-to-be fiancée very happy.
His life was good and it was just about to get better. The only thing that upset him was this traffic he was stuck in. He hoped it wasn’t going to be too serious. Most of the proposal depended on good timing. Maybe he could…

12 Hours Later.
Tim Balogun was one of the 30.

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