Ellipsis: KB Danjuma’s Story

Ellipsis 11
KB Danjuma’s Story

Money is good. It does not matter what anybody says, money solves every problem. KB could not understand why anybody would argue with that simple logic. Bayo, his ‘casco’ classmate was the latest person he had to school on the omnipotence of money.
“You realize even the bible says ‘money answereth all things’ right?” KB asked.
Bayo smiled but did not answer. KB shook his head, why were people always so eager to dismiss the importance of money simply because they didn’t have it? He was a student and he had a lot of money. Part of the evidence of that was the Benz he was driving. The same one Bayo the ‘casco’ brother was riding in.
“KB, you know this conversation was never about money. Believe me, I know how important money is.”
“Finally, something we can agree on. So what was your problem before?”
“You know how you quoted the bible earlier, can I quote another part of it?”
“Does it say ‘money does not answer all things’?”
Bayo chuckled. “You’re funny KB, I didn’t know. But no, it doesn’t say so, not exactly.”
“So, what does it say?”
“What will it profit a man if he gains the world and loses his soul?”
KB shook his head. “So what now, you are about to start preaching to me?”
“No, KB, we are still talking about money here.”
“How does that…”
“Money is important, and it is great to have…”
“Amen to that,” KB interjected.
Bayo smiled and continued. “But no matter how much you have, you cannot buy your way to heaven.”
“You think I’m not going to heaven?”
“Are you?”
“Of course, I am. Is the love of God not evident in my life?”
“The love of God?”
“The car I am driving for example?”
“KB, you are a yahoo boy. You don’t hide it, everybody knows that’s how you make your money.”
“That was not God; that was fraud.”
“Are you saying God couldn’t have killed me if he wanted? I am not the only one doing this business, how many of them are blessed like I am? You don’t see the hand of God in this?”
Bayo didn’t respond and they rode in silence for a few minutes. KB soon got tired of the silence and turned on the radio. As soon it came on, Bayo turned it off.
“Hey, don’t touch my radio,” KB said.
“You think your life is so great, right? Tell me the things going well for you.”
KB looked at him and smiled, this guy really didn’t know the life he had.
“First and most importantly, I am rich.”
“We know that part.”
“I just wanted to remind you,” KB said with a smile. “I am healthy, fit as a fiddle. I am still a 2-1 student and without bribing a single lecturer. I have never been busted by the police, never!”
“Okay, what else?”
“What else do you want to know about?”
“God has been good to you, hasn’t he?”
“I told you God loves me.”
“I can’t disagree KB. God does love you. But you know the ultimate show of love was sending his son to die for you.”
“No bro, the ultimate show of love is watching me ‘maga’ that Ukrainian woman and not striking me down with thunder. Because even I scared myself after that scam.”
“And you took that for God’s approval? The goodness of God to you has only one purpose, to lead you to repentance. That’s what the bible says.”
“And if I don’t repent?”
“I’m sure you have heard about this part several times. If you refuse God’s offer of love, the only thing left is judgement – Hell.”
“My guy, don’t scare me with hell. I am young, I am healthy, hell is far away from me.”
“Hell might be far away but God’s love is close to you. If hell doesn’t scare you, shouldn’t God’s love attract you?”
“Bayo, I love God too, I swear. I just have to arrange a few things first. After those things are set, we will have this conversation again.”
“What if you die tonight?”
KB slammed his brake and pulled to the side of the road.
“Get out of my car.”
“KB, come on.”
“You speak death into my life, my hospitality ends immediately. Get out.”
“Alright KB. You know I said everything out of love, right?”
“Whatever, just get out.”
Bayo stepped out of the car.
“See you tomorrow.”
KB pulled back into the road and rode in silence.
He usually loved talking to these religious people. They always tried to scare him with hell and he always laughed them off but this guy had gotten under his skin. He actually felt bad for throwing him out of the car. But nobody spoke death into his life, nobody.
He pushed a button and the radio came on. He turned up the volume, he needed to drown out Bayo’s words that kept ringing in his head. It did not help that he was now stuck in a heavy traffic. The few times he had ridden with Bayo, he had always been good company, the kind of company you wanted in heavy traffic. If only he had…

12 Hours Later.
KB Danjuma was one of the 30.

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