Ellipsis: Rose Adam’s Story

Ellipsis 7
Rose Adam’s Story

“No, I cannot do that,” Rose said into the phone. “Michael, I love you but I can’t.”
She ended the call and threw the phone on the bed. It was too early to be fighting her fiancé on the phone. She’d always thought Michael to be the perfect guy and he was until she met his parents. He’d always described his parents as liberal, educated and very nice people. But she had met them once and it had been a terrible experience.
She was not even sure what she did wrong or what irked them about her but from the moment she walked into their house, she knew they didn’t like her. They pretended to but she knew they didn’t. His father hid his dislike a little but his mother carried it on her face like a stamp. She could not wait to leave the house that day.
Michael insisted they liked her but she knew he was just trying to save face for his parents. He then had the nerve to accuse her of acting aloof or distant. How would she not be? His parents were rich, hers weren’t. She knew what was going on in their mind, they thought she was marrying Mike for his money. She wasn’t. Michael knew this but Rose wasn’t sure he’d convinced his parents about this.
A knock sounded on her door and she dragged herself to the door. She opened it and it was Michael.
“You were on your way here?” She asked. “Why did you call then?”
He walked into the house. “I wanted to gauge the mood you were in before arriving.”
Rose walked back to the bed and dropped on to it.
“Rose, we have to go. My Uncle just came back, and I’m not sure how long he’s staying for. All my family members would be there, this would be a good chance to introduce you.”
“Your family members don’t like me,” Rose said.
“You have met only two of them.”
“So you agree your parents don’t like me?”
“No, I never said anything like that.”
There was a long pause then Rose spoke.
“I will come but if I want to leave, you will leave with me.”
“Why would you want to leave?”
“Come on, Mike.”
“Okay, I agree.”
Twenty minutes into the party and Rose was ready to leave. She was not sure if it was Mike’s parents who talked to the other family members or there was something about her that repelled this family but it was clear nobody here liked her. They all smiled and said nice things to her but she could tell they were only pretending. Michael said she was being paranoid but how could he know what she was feeling? She had told him she was leaving and they had to leave together.
It was already 7 o’clock but she could still claim to have a meeting. Michael, who was supposed to sell this excuse to his family was failing at it. His dad especially was getting upset. He could not believe they were not even going to wait for his brother to arrive at the house.
“Rose, what is the problem? Is anybody giving you any trouble?” Mike’s Dad asked.
“No sir,” Rose lied. “I just need to get to a meeting.”
“At this time? Michael did not mention any meeting before.”
“It just came up sir.”
The man turned around, said something to Michael and walked away.
“What now?” Rose asked.
“He said…” Michael paused, Rose knew whatever was coming was not nice.
“What is it?”
“He said you are free to leave but I cannot.”
“What? Michael, you promised me.”
“I can’t disobey my Dad. This is important to him. I’d love if you could stay.”
“Are you picking your family over me?”
“What?” Michael didn’t seem to like that. “Why would you even say that?”
“How much do you love me, Michael?”
“Don’t ask me that.”
“Why would you make me a promise and break it?”
Michael was getting upset too. “What do you want from me?”
“I want you to pick me,” Rose said. “If you don’t pick me now, how will I know you will do the same when we get married? How do I know decisions in our family would not be made by your parents?”
“My parents are not like that and I am not like that.”
“Well, prove it now.”

The car slowed to a stop as the traffic got worse. They had ridden in silence for almost one hour. Michael’s parents had called him but he was not picking their calls. Rose knew Michael was upset but this was just a fight and they would settle it. She was happy he had picked her. Now his parents knew where their place was in this relationship.
“What is that guy doing?” Michael said.
Rose looked up to see what Michael was referring to and…

12 Hours Later.
Rose Adam was one of the 30. Michael wasn’t.

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