Ellipsis: Adeola Jimoh’s Story

Ellipsis 3
Adeola Jimoh’s Story
This was one of the most important days of his life. After six years of applying for jobs and getting rejected, he was finally resuming at a job. Adeola sat in the reception waiting for the office to officially open. He had suffered in those six years, he could not imagine anything worse. He had lived on the streets for a couple of months before somebody agreed to allow him to sleep in their abandoned guard’s chalet. It had been six years of horror.
Nobody had admitted this, but he had a feeling he had lost some jobs because the employers felt he was too skinny. Good food was a necessity but it was a luxury for him, something he only dreamt of. And because his parents had taught him well, he could not steal. There were times he thought he would die but he could not bring himself to steal. All that pain was about to end now.
At exactly 9 o’clock, a man he did not recognize walked to him.
“Are you Mr. Adeola Jimoh?” The man asked.
“Yes sir, I am,” Adeola said.
“Please follow me.”
Adeola stood and followed the man. He could not help the smile that spread on his face, his life was about to change forever. He only wished his parents were here to be a part of it.
It was night and he sat in front of the bus, on his way back to his dump of a house. But not even the thought of his house could stop him from smiling. His first day had been fantastic. His new boss must have noticed he was broke because he gave him half of his first-month salary in advance. It was more money than he had ever held in his hands. It was probably time to reactivate his bank account. Today was a great day.
“Hi, sir?”
Adeola turned to see the guy sitting next to him.
“Hello?” Adeola said.
“I don’t mean to bother you but you seem very happy,” the guy said.
Adeola frowned. That was a strange statement but he was too happy to bother.
“Oh yeah, I am happy,” Adeola said. “I just got a job today, after six years of waiting.”
The guy smiled, “Oh wow, congratulations sir.”
“Thank you,” Adeola said.
“This must be one a very happy day for you.”
“It is my happiest day since I lost my parents,” Adeola said. “The only thing that can make today better is if my parents could somehow come back to life and I could do one thing for them.”
The guy nodded. He paused for a little while and Adeola assumed he was done.
“Sir?” The guy called and Adeola looked at him. “Can I tell you about the happiest day of my life?”
“Yeah, sure.”
The guy smiled and said, “It was the day I found out that the God of the whole universe knew about me and loved me.”
Oh no, he was in the bus with a preacher. Now he wished he had not engaged the guy.
“Have you ever been in love sir?” The guy asked. Adeola smiled but didn’t answer. “Okay, I have. Love makes us do silly things. I once traveled from Lagos to Maiduguri to see my fiancée. I almost died in a car accident. Two months later, I made that trip again. Stupid, isn’t it?”
Adeola did not answer but if he did he would have told the guy he was stupid.
“I know you’re trying to be polite but yeah, I was stupid. Stupid in love,” The guy said and smiled at his own stupidity. “What if I told you God’s love is seemingly more stupid than mine?”
Adeola did not want to engage this guy but, “You’re saying God is stupid?”
“No, not at all,” the guy replied. “I’m saying his kind of love sounds a little too much, you’d be forgiven to call it stupid.”
“How so?”
“First of all, he made man then man disobeyed and rejected him. Then he sent his only son – his innocent only son to go and die for man. There was no guarantee that man would accept that sacrifice. His son could have suffered for nothing.”
Adeola nodded and looked away, he really didn’t want to have this conversation.
“So man committed the offense,” the guy continued, “God paid the price for it and still many people reject his simple way of reconciliation.”
Adeola had to round this up, he had more on his mind than this man’s preaching.
“Thank you very much, I get your message,” Adeola said.
“You do? Awesome,” the guy said. “You know you can make today happier by accepting the love of God? You can get a new job and a new father all on the same day.”
Adeola really did not want to pay attention but something about what the guy said kept pulling at him.
“Do you want to know how?”
“Sure,” Adeola said before he could stop himself.
“If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord, and you believe in your heart God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”
“That’s simple enough,” Adeola said.
“I’m almost at my bus-stop so I don’t have time to explain a lot more to you. But would you like to get reconciled to God right now?”
Adeola thought about it. He had gone to church a few times so he was no stranger to some of this. He’d always prayed to God and he was not sure if any of his prayers ever got answered. But he had a job now, so maybe his prayer was answered. Although God took his time. He was in a public bus though, he could not do this here.
Adeola turned to the guy, “Thank you so much, I know what to do now and I will pray when I get home.”
“Are you sure? We could do it now, it won’t take a minute.”
“Thank you but don’t worry. I will pray when I get home.”
The guy sighed. “Do you have a bible?”
Adeola nodded, “Sure.”
“Please read Romans Chapter 10 Verse 9 and Second Corinthians Chapter 5 Verse 21 when you get home.”
“I will.”
“Congratulations again on the new job.”
A few minutes later the guy alighted at his bus-stop and Adeola sighed. The guy had filled his mind with thoughts about God he’d almost forgotten the money in his bag and the food he was going to eat that night. As soon as he got home, he would go out and eat some good food for the first time in years. When he was done, he would check out those bible verses the guy recommended. Maybe, just maybe, it was time to do this thing with God.
The bus was not moving much. He closed his eyes and tried to keep his mind on the good life ahead of him.
If his eyes were open he would have seen a man limp into the middle of the road and…

12 Hours Later.
Adeola Jimoh was one of the 30.

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