Ellipsis: Dim Nathan’s Story

Ellipsis 2
Dim Nathan’s Story
He woke up two hours later than usual that morning. It was exactly 7 o’clock and he could not believe he had slept through his four alarm rings. He was old fashioned and the only alarm he trusted was his bedside alarm clock. But even that had failed him today. For the first time in a decade. For ten straight years after his wife died, he had woken up by 5 and immediately started working. It was the way he coped with the loss of his wife, it was the only way he knew.
Dim climbed out of the bed knowing exactly why he had woken up late. He had slept for only three hours every day for a whole week, his body and his mind were at their breaking point. He still had work to do though. He picked up his laptop, opened the lid and the screen came to life. It was a good thing the laptop was not human because it had not been off in two months. He checked his emails; he had none. How come he had no emails? Did his employees sleep late too?
He placed the laptop on his bedside table, next to the disappointing alarm clock and stepped off the bed. He was about to enter the bathroom when his bedroom door burst open. He turned around to face the door in time for his twins to run into him. He almost fell over from the impact of his very big ten-year-old boys.
“Fellas, what did I tell you about tackling Daddy?”
“Daddy, we want Ice-cream,” Daniel, the spokesman for the twins said.
Dim shook his head, “On a Monday morning?”
“You promised,” Daniel replied.
“I promised I would take you on Saturday.”
“But you didn’t.”
“Daddy had to travel to Ghana.”
There was a second of silence and Dim thought it was over.
“Don’t they sell ice-cream in Ghana?” David, the gentler twin, asked.
Dim nodded, of course, they did. He could actually have taken the twins on the trip but it did not occur to him. He understood their need to be with him. They were on holidays now after been away in a boarding school for months but he had things to do.
“Okay boys, Daddy needs to go to work. I will tell Aunty Halima to buy ice-cream for you, is that okay?”
They didn’t answer but he could tell it was not okay. It wasn’t the ice-cream they were after.
Was he doing this wrong? He was working hard to provide for them. Their mother was from a wealthy family and if she were alive, their financial futures would have been guaranteed. Now, it was all on him. He wanted his boys to study at Harvard and Harvard wasn’t cheap. They had the brains for it and he was so close to having the money for it. He wanted to spend time with them too and he would. But not today.
“I need to take my bath now, okay? Wait for me and we’ll have breakfast together.”
They dragged their feet and walked out of the room. He loved these boys, he wished they knew how much.
He took his bath and dressed up. He had trained himself not to spend more than ten minutes on this part of his day and he didn’t. He picked up his bag as he headed for the door. He got to the door and stopped and looked back at the room. He had done well for himself, he could see that from his room. He looked at the picture of his wife hanging on the wall directly opposite the bed.
“I hope you are proud of me, darling.”
He was not sure what happened at that moment but it felt like she said “no”. He shook his head, he could not let his imagination mess up his mind. As he stepped out of the room, his phone rang. It was his assistant. One of them.
“Good morning sir,” she said then went straight to the point as he had taught them. “We got a call from Ghana sir, they need to ask us some questions.”
Dim walked into the dining room where his children were waiting.
“Are you saying I have to go to Ghana again?”
“They did not specifically request for you, so Mr. Obada could go.”
“Yes, sir. They also sounded urgent on the phone so it would be best if he could get on a plane immediately.”
“No, I will go. This deal is too important.”
“Sir, I thought David and Daniel were back from school and you would want to spend today with them. Everything is fine here at the office and Mr. Obada can handle the Ghana trip.”
Dim paused for a few seconds then, “Book a flight for me, I will see you ASAP.”
He ended the call and looked at his sons, he was going to have to disappoint them again. But it was all for a purpose, and it would soon end.
“Hi boys, I’m sorry but…”
“Bye Daddy,” Daniel said.
They both came off their chairs and walked out of the room. Dim wanted to run after them and give them a hug but he didn’t, he would when he returned from his trip.
Dim closed his laptop and placed it on the seat beside him. Experience had taught him that shinning screens in slow traffic attracted unscrupulous individuals to your car. He would resume work as soon as they were in free-flowing traffic again. Or maybe he wouldn’t.
Today had been good, he had closed the Ghana deal. To celebrate he had moved money from all his different accounts into his children’s Harvard trust fund. Now, Harvard was locked down, all they had to do was get accepted.
Life was good and he could not wait to get home to hug his children. He hoped they would not be asleep.
He looked up and saw a man limp into the middle of the road.
“Shina, be careful with that man,” he said to his driver.
Maybe this was one the unscrupulous fellows he’d thought about before. He had to hide his laptop. He picked it up and…

12 Hours Later.
Dim Nathan was one of the 30.

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