Treachery 5

Luke stepped into a puddle and sharply withdrew his leg. That just summed up the day he was having. He had gotten himself, his boss and his future into a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, unlike the puddle situation, he did not have the power to withdraw himself from this one. He looked around him, like every other night in the city, people walked around oblivious to the pain of others. He’d done the same several times; live like he was the only one who mattered.
Whatever he’d done, however bad he was, Engineer Lawal was still the one who used him. He could literally taste the bitterness that sprung up in him at the thought of Engineer Lawal. He had been used by a vile man. But the man did not have to try too hard, he’d caved so easily. No, this wasn’t on Engineer Lawal, this was on him.
What was going on with Doctor Jordan now? That concerned him. Were the DSS going to be gentle with the man they assumed was a big sponsor of terrorism not only in Nigeria but several African countries? He didn’t think so. Doctor Jordan’s life was ruined and so was his.
A blinking red light a few feet from him caught his attention. A sign under it read: ‘Caleb’s: Quintessence of Heaven’. Heaven? He smirked, they didn’t want the likes of him there. But Caleb’s was a bar and he was exactly the kind of person they wanted in there.
He walked into the bar and found his way to a corner of the room where he had the best chance of solitude. He dropped into the chair and a waitress approached him.
“Welcome to Caleb’s sir.” She said.
He looked at her and for a moment wished he could exchange lives with her. She looked happy and probably did not just betray her boss.
“Anything numbing.”
“I know what you mean. Some magic coming up sir.” She said and walked away.
He brought out his phone and switched it on. He’d put it off immediately he left Engineer Lawal’s restaurant. He was sure Elizabeth would have call him several times but he had nothing to say to her. It was better to be thought a devil than to open your mouth and confirm it.
The phone came on and he was right, he had several messages from Elizabeth. She did not call him names or insult him but she expressed her disappointment very clearly. She sent him a link with the caption; ‘see what they are doing to him’.
He opened the link.
It was a blog post and it was titled; ‘Millionaire Accountant exposed as terrorism sponsor’. Luke sat up and started to read. He sighed as he read. The writer was brutal. She described how Doctor Jordan’s hitherto good life was just a front. She insinuated that Eden was just a money factory for the terrorism and unsuspecting companies who had worked with them had paid their hard earned money to sponsor the very same thing that was destroying their country. At the end of the post she attached a picture.
Luke clicked on the picture and gasped.
It was Doctor Jordan been transferred into a car and his face was battered. It looked like he could not walk either; he was being carried by two men.
Luke dropped his phone on the seat beside him as tears flowed down his face. He could not live with this, he had to do something. He could call Elizabeth and tell her everything. Maybe she could take it to the authorities, if they would believe her. He could go himself. He shook his head, no he could not. He remembered Engineer Lawal’s warning.
“If you go to the police with what you think you know, they will not believe you. Even if they do, you have no evidence. Any evidence you have will only send you to jail with Doctor Jordan, not get him out.”
He had to tell somebody what he had done, it did not matter if they believed him or not. He had to tell somebody, anybody.
He looked up and saw the waitress standing in front of him with a bottle of a drink he did not recognize and a glass.
“Here’s what you ordered sir.”
“I ordered that?”
“You want ‘numb’, this is ‘numb’.”
He motioned for her to set the drink on the table and she did.
“Can I talk to you for a minute?” Luke asked.
“Sure.” She said.
“Please sit.”
“Oh, it’s going to be a while?”
“I don’t know, maybe.”
“Give me a minute please.”
She walked away and he shook his head, she was probably not coming back. He opened the drink and poured some into the glass. He took a sip and he felt a sting on his face like he had been slapped, he almost dropped the glass. At the same time he felt waves course through his head like something just opened up blocked pathways in his brain.
He took another sip and relaxed in the chair.
“Sir,” The waitress was back. “You should probably pay for that before you drink more.”
She was right. He was not sure he would remember anything by the time he was done with drinking. He brought out his debit card and paid for the drink.
“If you would still like to talk, I close in one hour.” The waitress said.
He probably would not be able to talk in one hour except he stopped the drinking. And maybe he should.
His phone rang. It was Elizabeth. Idiot! He had forgotten to switch his phone off. It did not matter, he could not answer anyway. He filled the glass and downed as much as he could without his throat going up in flames.
He poured another glass, this was going to be a long night.
He felt coldness wash over his face and he stirred. A second wave of coldness fell on his face but this time he felt it more. It wasn’t just cold air, it was water. He opened his eyes and saw a pink flowered sheet that ended just a couple of feet from his face. The pink sheet was soft, at least it felt like it was. He was on a bed. He moved his legs, they ached like they had not moved in years.
“Stand up right now.” A deep voice, growled above him.
Luke pushed himself up and looked in the direction of the voice. It was a man. A bald, short but very scary looking man.
“Who the hell are you?” The man shouted.
“Where am I?” Luke mumbled.
He looked around the room. He recognized nothing about the place. The bed he was lying on was placed on the ground. Not too far from the bed was a gas cooker and some pots. Opposite the bed was a wooden hanger, lots of female clothes hung from it. This place was not familiar at all.
“I’m talking to you.” The man shouted. “Who are you?”
“What am I doing here?”
The man raised a punch. “This will remind you.”
The door behind the man opened and a lady entered.
“Shina, stop it.” The lady shouted.
Luke looked at the lady, he recognized her. She was the waitress at the bar. Was this her house?
“Why do you have a man sleeping on your bed?” The short scary man asked, his anger now directed at the waitress.
“I met him at Caleb’s,” She started to say.
“What are you going to tell me next, you are in love with him? You are pregnant with his baby?”
“No, nothing happened.” The waitress said. “Can you calm down and let me explain.”
Luke looked at her, he wanted to hear that explanation too.
“He came in to Caleb’s three nights ago.” She said.
“What?” Luke shouted. “Three nights ago?”
“He looked like he was having some issues so I gave him one of our strongest drinks. I didn’t know he was going to finish the whole bottle.”
Luke could not believe what he was hearing.
“I’ve been here for the past three days?”
“What?” The boyfriend was boiling now. “Please tell me he was unconscious throughout.”
“No, he wasn’t. He woke up a few times to vomit but that was all he did.”
“Is this what you do? Bring every drunk fool you meet in the bar to your house?”
“The manager said he was my problem since I was the one who allowed him drink so much. He looked like he was about to die, I didn’t’ know what to do.”
Luke stood, if he had been out for three days he shouldn’t still be here. He needed to find out what was happening.
“Thank you so much for everything.” Luke said. “I’m sorry for any inconveniences but I have to leave now.”
“You better leave now.” The still angry boyfriend said, then turned to his girlfriend. “You still have a lot to explain.”
Luke stood and got out of the house as soon as he could. Nothing made sense to him at the moment. What had happened to Doctor Jordan? Was he still being tortured? Was he dead? Elizabeth?
Three days? He shook his head, he couldn’t believe he had lost so much time. What if he had died? What if he’d died without knowing what happened to Doctor Jordan. Thank God it was just a black out. He knew what he should do, he knew what he wanted to do. He was going to turn himself in. What was the worst thing that could happen?
But first he needed a bath.
He looked at his house and for a few seconds hesitated. It’d been three days, anybody could be waiting for him. Engineer Lawal could have sent somebody to take him out, Doctor Jordan’s people could be there waiting. Or maybe the DSS figured everything out and were waiting to arrest him.
He sighed. He’d laid his bed, he would have to lie on it.
He knocked on the gate and waited. There was no answer. There was supposed to be an answer. He’d employed a guard when he started getting paid a lot of money by Engineer Lawal. He shook his head at how stupid he was. He knocked again. Still no answer.
He pushed the gate and it opened. He stepped into his compound and stopped. There was a car that wasn’t his in the compound. It looked familiar. It was Mercedes Benz GLK350. This was Elizabeth’s car! Was she here? Why was she here? Was Doctor Jordan dead? Was he ready to see her? He wasn’t ready to, not the way he was. He turned around and pushed the door as slightly as he could.
Luke stopped, he’d been caught. He turned around and faced Elizabeth. And she was smiling.
“Luke.” She said and ran towards him.
He took a step back and held her back when she got to him. “Hi.”
“Where have you been?”
“I’ve been…” He started to say but his voice trailed off.
“I’ve been here since morning, I have the greatest news.” Luke looked up. “Dad is back at home.”
“He’s innocent Luke and he proved it.” She said. “He suffered, a lot, but he’s back.”
“How did he…? Did they arrest someone else?”
Or were they going to arrest somebody? He still wasn’t in the clear.
“Yes they did.” She said. “You know one Engineer Lawal?”
Luke opened his mouth but no words came out.
“I’m sure you know him. It turns out he was the one who set this whole thing up.”
If Engineer Lawal had been arrested, it was only a matter of time before he mentioned his name. And it wouldn’t be less than he deserved.
“At least your dad is okay, right?”
Before she could answer, her phone rings. “Hey, it’s Dad.” She answers the call. “Yes, I had to wait but yes Luke is here now.”
Luke gasped. She shouldn’t have said that.
“He wants to speak to you.” She said and handed the phone over to him.
Luke looked at the phone, there was no more running, he had to face his boss now.
“Hello sir?” Luke said.
“Are you okay son?”
Luke moved the phone far away from his ear for a moment and chocked back a sob.
“Yes sir, I’m okay.” He said.
“I know everything that happened and I wanted to tell you everything is okay.” Doctor Jordan said.
Luke starred ahead but saw nothing. “Sir?”
“I know Engineer Lawal deceived you, I know he used you and I know you implicated me with the DSS.”
“Sir?” Luke turned away from Elizabeth so she wouldn’t see the tears that ran down his face.
“You should be grateful I was arrested in your stead. You wouldn’t have come out of it alive. And Engineer Lawal would have used someone else eventually to get to me.”
“I’m so sorry sir.” He could not say the words enough.
“It’s all forgiven Luke.” Doctor Jordan said.
Why on earth was this so easy? Was Doctor Jordan making him comfortable, until he threw him in jail?
“Luke, there’s one more thing.”
“Yes sir?”
“I still need a CEO at Eden and I want you back.”
“What?” No way, he wanted him back?
“So, what do you say Luke? Are you ready to come home?”
**Before I end this**
Treachery isn’t just one of my stories, it’s a parable.
“Are you ready to come home?”
That’s God’s question to you, me, everybody. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, it’s all forgiven. We (man) committed the sin but God took the punishment and in doing this, he was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting our sins against us.* So now, no matter how treacherous a man is, he is forgiven, all he has to do is come home to God.
How do you do this?
If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord and you believe in your heart God raised him from the dead, you will saved.**
My question and God’s question to you is, will you come home? If your answer is ‘Yes’, say the following prayer.
“Dear God, I believe in your son Jesus. I believe that he died for my sins and was raised up for my justification. I confess him as my Lord and Saviour and according to your word, I believe I am now saved. Thank you father, in Jesus’ name.”
That’s it. So easy. Salvation is so easy, it will be a terrible mistake to miss out on it.
If you said that prayer, or have any questions, you can call, text (sms and Whatsapp) me on 07036551676.
Signing out.
*2 Corinthians 5:19
** Romans 10:9

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