The Aftermath 13 (Final Episode)

“Hello Martins?”
Martins looked back and saw RoseAnne standing at the door to the room.
Martins ran towards her but the tall man stood in front of her.
“No touching.” He shouted.
“Are you okay?” Martins asked.
“Yes, I am.” RoseAnne said.
“I’m going to get you out of here, I promise.” Martins said then turned to the man. “Where is your boss, I need to talk to him, now!”
“You’ve already met the boss.” The man said.
Martins swallowed. “What?”
RoseAnne moved closer to Martins. “You want to meet the boss? Here I am.”

Martins stepped back and shook his head. “What?”
“The boss,” RoseAnne said and curtsied. “Moi.”
Martins did not understand what was happening. RoseAnne was the boss? What boss? She was the one doing all of this? That was not possible.
“Do you want to sit?” RoseAnne said. “I think you should sit.”
“No, I’ll keep standing.” Martins said. “RoseAnne, how do you know these people?”
RoseAnne moved closer to him and put an arm around his shoulder. “How do I know them? I employed them, they work for me.”
Martins still could not wrap his head around what was going on. If RoseAnne was their boss, it would mean she was the one who set him up at the station. She was the one who kidnapped herself and Wura. That made no sense.
“Aren’t you going to ask why I did all of these?” RoseAnne asked.
“What did you do exactly?” Martins asked.
“Everything.” RoseAnne responded. “Killed the people you robbed, fed you the news about the Blue Canim, made sure you were arrested, kidnapped your daughter and girlfriend, everything.”
Martins staggered backwards and dropped into a chair. How could she have done all of this and he did not know? He loved her, at least he believed he did. This made no sense.
“So, all the time I was chasing you…”
“It was fun.” RoseAnne said. “To see someone run so hard towards his own death, get obsessed with the person who wants to kill him, so much fun.”
He grinded his teeth together and tried hard to stay still. He had spent time, money, energy, chasing this woman and she was the one who was the source of all his troubles? This was hard to take, hard to understand and maybe he never would understand but he had to know what her plan was. With him, with his daughter. He could not believe he had put his daughter in the care of somebody so evil.
“So, what now?” Martins asked.
“You don’t want to know why I did this?”
“Honestly, I don’t care.” Martins said. “I just want to know what you plan to do. My daughter, where is she?”
“Your daughter is fine. I like Wura actually, she’s one of the best things I got from this.”
Martins shot to his feet. “You are not going to get my daughter.”
“Oh, calm yourself. I already have her. I’ll tell her daddy died and I’ll be there for her. You know she already loves me.”
“So, you are going to kill me?”
“Of course I am.”
“Why? What did I ever do to you?”
RoseAnne smiled. “Finally, the question I have been waiting for.”
The door opened and the tall man Martins had seen earlier came into the room. He whispered to RoseAnne and left the room.
“We have to go.” RoseAnne said. “Looks like your house is no longer a safe place to set up camp.”
Martins had not considered the possibility of rescue. Mostly because he did not know if he needed rescuing or not. Everything was still confusing. Was RoseAnne actually going to harm him? If she was, which it increasingly looked likely, he had to find a way to get out of here. Or at least hope somebody on the outside would come to his rescue. The chances of that happening were slim though.
If he was going to have a chance, he had to delay RoseAnne and her men for as long as possible.
“Before we leave, can you please tell me why you are doing this?”
“We can talk about it where we are going.” RoseAnne said then turned to the tall man. “Get the girl and the detective into the Hilux, we’ll leave in five minutes.”
The man nodded and left.
RoseAnne spoke with a level of authority and firmness he’d never seen in her before. After all he only knew RoseAnne the beautiful, gentle teacher, not this tyrant standing in front of him.
“RoseAnne,” He started. “If that’s even your real name…”
“It is my real name.” She said.
“Is any other thing I know about you real?”
“I like your daughter.” She said. “I’ve always loved to have a little girl but there’s no way I’m sacrificing this great body to pregnancy. Wura just solves that problem for me.”
“Why are you doing this? I’ve always done my best to be nice to you from the very moment we met.”
RoseAnne chuckled. “Really? So you consider yourself to be a good person?”
Martins thought about that question for a moment. He wasn’t a good person but he tried his best not to be as bad as he knew he could be.
“No, maybe I’m not but I try my best.”
“By not killing anybody when you rob, right?”
Martins pondered her face for a couple of seconds. So she knew he was a thief all this while? While he was pretending to be a good person, wooing her, she knew what he was? He felt so ashamed of himself then he was angry for allowing himself to be played.
“You consider yourself to be a good criminal, you don’t kill anybody, right?”
“No I don’t.” Martins said. “Stealing makes me rich but killing adds nothing to me.”
“So you’ve never killed?”
“No.” Martins said.
“Really? Never?”
Martins watched her face change. She was not joking and her face made sure he knew. He’d never felt more confused in his life.
“You don’t remember him, do you?” RoseAnne asked.
Martins frowned. “Remember who?”
“My father.” She said and grimaced. “You killed him, you bastard.”
Martins paused, opened his mouth but nothing came out of it. He killed her father? How on earth did he kill her father?
“I did not kill your father.” He said. “I don’t even know who he is.”
“I was sixteen and we were having a late dinner at home. It was one of those nights when my dad came back late from a trip. We were about finishing the food when we heard a loud knock on our door. Guess who it was; armed robbers in face masks.”
Martins’ heart began to beat fast. He could already tell where the story was going.
“You guys came in and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what you guys did.”
Martins could not remember the incident she was talking about but he knew what would have happened. His experiences running with his old gang was what made him decide if a job could not be done without killing then it was not worth doing.
It still didn’t explain her hatred for him.
“Everything was over after a while but as you turned to leave your face mask dropped and I saw your face.”
“Oh yeah.” RoseAnne exclaimed. “Not just me, my dad too.”
He remembered the job now. It was his last job as an armed robber, it was the one that made up his mind. But still, he did not kill anybody on that job.
“I did not kill him.” Martins said.
“You hit him on the head with the butt of your gun.”
Martins sighed. “I did but it was not that bad. I just didn’t want him looking at me.”
“Not that bad?” RoseAnne laughed dryly. “The butt of your gun caused internal bleeding in his head, he was dead in less than twenty four hours.”
“Oh my God.”
“My slut of a mom just moved on, married my Dad’s friend and left me alone to fend for myself. I was a teenager!”
“I thought you said your dad left you a lot of money.”
“You think money is everything? I loved my dad and you took him from me.” She walked closer to Martins, the clicking of her heels on the ceramic tiles raising the tension in Martins’ body. “But you are right, money is great. I devoted a lot of it to finding you. I found your old gang easily and had them all killed but you, it was as if you’d dropped off the crime world. But you know, all I had to do was wait and you eventually turned up.”
“Why didn’t you just kill me when you found me?”
“What’s the fun in that?”
“You killed innocent people RoseAnne.”
“My dad was innocent too.” She said. “I didn’t kill anybody anyway, my guys did.”
“Why? Those people didn’t harm you.”
“Well, first, out of the window went your ‘I’m a thief not a killer boast’.”
“So this was your plan? Kill everybody I rob and then what?”
She paused and looked at him. “I have to be honest my plans didn’t quite work but it doesn’t matter, we are still at the right end point. I’m going to kill you today, finally get over my father’s death and raise your daughter as mine.”
“I am sorry about your father RoseAnne, I truly am. He’s the reason I have never done a job with a gun. Please let Wura return to her mother, she has nothing to do with this.”
“Oh she does. She’s going to know what it feels like to live without a father. She’s fortunate I will care for her, unlike my mother.”
RoseAnne walked out of the room and in less than a minute returned with a gun. Martins recognized the gun. It was a local gun, like the one he carried the day he robbed her family.
“What are you doing RoseAnne?” Martins asked.
RoseAnne pointed the gun at him. “Get on your knees. Now!”
Martins dropped to his knees and raised his hands. “RoseAnne please, you don’t have to do this. You know I did not kill your father intentionally. Shooting me now is not justice…”
“Justice? Who said anything about justice?”
She moved behind him and Martins closed his eyes. He waited for the gunshot but it didn’t come. He opened his eyes and turned back to look at RoseAnne and at that moment he saw the butt of the gun come down and hit his head. He crashed to the ground, his head exploding in pain.
“Oh yeah,” RoseAnne said. “I’m not going to shoot you, I’m going to kill you exactly the way you killed my dad.”
Martins tried to stand up but she hit him again on the head. For a few seconds or minutes, he could not tell, he felt numb and his eyesight blurred. There was a dull ringing in his head and he felt like his heart was no longer beating.
A loud crash sounded somewhere in the house and RoseAnne paused. She signaled to the guard who’d been in the room all along to watch Martins and she ran out of the room.
Martin laid on the ground waiting to die. Even if the blows to his head were not enough to kill him, he knew RoseAnne would come back to finish what she had started. If anybody had asked him how he was going to die, he would never have said ‘at the hands of the woman he loved’.
“There’s somebody here.” Martins heard a male voice shout.
He knew the voice but could not identify it. He heard the footsteps of two people run into the room.
“Put that down.” The voice he’d heard earlier said.
Martins rolled over to look up. He saw the guard RoseAnne left in the room on his knees.
“Lift him up.” The voice said again.
Martins felt hands grab him and lift him up. He saw the owner of the voice and gasped. It was Agent Ponsah.
“Good to see you again.” Agent Ponsah said.
Martins sat at the back of the police car, his hands handcuffed behind his back. He was not sure if he should be grateful or sad. He was not going to die at the hands of RoseAnne but these agents weren’t much better.
The door opposite him opened and an officer threw Detective Muritala in with him.
“What happened to you?” Detective Muritala asked.
Martins shook his head. “How did the agents find us?”
“I took their phones when we broke you out, apparently they can trace their phones.”
“This is not going to end well.”
“No, it’s not.” Detective Muritala said. “But at least, they saved your girlfriend and your daughter.”
“What are you talking about?” Martins asked.
“They found your daughter and your girlfriend tied up in one of the rooms.”
RoseAnne played them? They were going to release her thinking she was a victim.
“She’s not my girlfriend.” Martins said through clenched teeth. “She is the one behind this whole thing.”
Detective Muritala looked at him, a little confused. “What are you talking about?”
“Yes Martins, what are you talking about?”
Martins looked up and saw RoseAnne standing beside the car.
“You evil…” Martins started to say.
“Woah, don’t talk like that about your girlfriend and the future mother of your daughter.” RoseAnne said.
“You will never be her mother.”
RoseAnne paused and nodded. “You are right. As soon as these cops clear out of here, I’ll get rid of her and get out of the country. I’ll have to pay someone to finish you off. That is if you are not already bleeding inside.”
She was going to kill Wura? No, she wouldn’t. She couldn’t. Martins could not believe he had once being in love with this girl. How did she hide all this hate from him?
“Hey, one more thing.” RoseAnne said. “Check this out.” She dug her hands in her pocket and brought out something. The Blue Canim! “Oh yeah, my guys found it. I have the two things you love the most.”
“You will not get away with this.” Martins said, even though he did not believe it.
“I already have.”
Martins saw Agent Sanni walking towards the car. He had to do something. They would not take his word over RoseAnne’s. She was a beautiful victim, he was a criminal already caught in the act. But he had to do something.
“Are you okay Miss?” Agent Sanni said to RoseAnne.
“Yes sir.” RoseAnne said in a soft and trembling voice. “I’m still shocked you said my boyfriend is a thief.”
She gave Martins a cold look and walked away. Agent Sanni moved closer to Martins.
“See what you put your loved ones through when you choose a life of crime?”
“She is the criminal.” Martins said. “She was the one who organized all of this.”
Agent Sanni looked at him with a straight face for a couple of seconds then burst into laughter.
“Agent, you have to believe me. I didn’t know it at first too but she’s the mastermind behind all these.” Martins said, hoping desperately the agent would believe him. “Ask Detective Muritala, he heard everything she said to me just now.”
“Detective Muritala broke you out of jail, of course he’ll support you.” Agent Sanni said. “Well, it’s time for your questioning to resume and believe me, you will wish you had died here.”
Agent Sanni made to go and Martins knew this was his last chance. If RoseAnne left now, she would never be found again.
“Agent,” Martins called out. “I’m ready to tell you my source. I’ll you right here, right now.”
Agent Sanni looked at him. “I’m listening.”
“Before I tell you, you have to do something.”
“This is not a negotiation.”
“It’s something really simple and you’ll have your answer.” Martins said.
“Go on.”
“Check RoseAnne’s pockets.”
Agent Sanni frowned. “What?”
“It won’t cost you anything. Just check her pockets.”
“What am I looking for exactly?”
“Just check her pocket.”
Agent Sanni shook his head and walked away. Martins bowed his head and hoped for the best. One minute later, Agent Sanni came back, holding the Blue Canim.
“I found this in her pocket.” Agent Sanni said.
“That is the Blue Canim.”
“The blue what?”
“That is one of the jewels recovered and kept in the station. How did she get it?”
Agent Sanni frowned and looked at the Blue Canim.
“Ask her how she got it.”
The agent walked away and Martins sighed.
“Even if they arrest her, you are still going to jail, you know that, right?” Detective Muritala said.
“I’ll pay for my sins but at least she won’t be able to harm my daughter.”
Agent Sanni ran back to the car, anxiety written all over his face.
“What happened?” Martins asked.
“She’s gone.” Agent Sanni said. “Your girlfriend is gone.”

Martins placed his hand over the swollen spot on his head. The prison doctors had checked him and they said he was not bleeding internally and he was going to survive. He was going to survive the head injuries but he knew there was a big chance he might not survive here in jail. He was not physically or emotionally stable enough to live the prison life.
RoseAnne had disappeared into thin air. They were still looking for her but what were the chances she would actually be found? Wura had gone to stay with her mother. That was the part that hurt him the most. He could not see his baby. Her mother had refused to let her visit and had even told Wura he was dead. Maybe it was better if he was.
He’d almost killed himself a few days ago, maybe it was time he completed what he started.
He stood up from the floor and looked around the cell room. There was nothing here he could use to kill himself. Except maybe starve himself to death.
He heard footsteps outside his room and a few seconds later, his door swung open. It was a guard.
“Your lawyer is here to see you.” The guard said.
He didn’t have a lawyer. His ex-wife had refused to get him one and he had refused the one the government provided for him.
He followed the guard into a room and sat there. Whoever this lawyer was, he was going to fire him immediately. He didn’t need anyone defending him, he wanted to be punished.
The door opened and a man entered with his back turned to Martins. The man turned around and it was Tiny Tony.
“Tony?” Martins exclaimed, he felt so great relief seeing a familiar face. “I thought you were dead.”
“Everybody thought so.” Tiny Tony said. “I don’t have much time so I’ll go straight to the point.”
“What’s going on? How is Wura? Have you checked on her?” Martins asked.
“That is exactly why I’m here.” Tiny Tony said. “I’ve got good news and I’ve got good news. Which do you want to hear first?”
“Tony, come on.”
“I’m getting you out of here tonight.” Tiny Tony said.
“What?” Martins’ eyes lighted up.
“Don’t sleep too deep, Michael Scofield will be visiting you.”
Martins placed his head on the table in front of him. Tears had welled up in his eyes, he could not believe he was getting out of here.
“Don’t you want to hear the other good news?”
Martins lifted up his head. “What is it?”
“I have your two favorite things in the world, waiting for you across the border.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I’ve got Wura and the Blue Canim waiting for you in Ghana.”
Martins jumped to his feet. “What?”
“The old detective, remember him? Well, they released him on bail yesterday but he won’t be coming back. I got him and his woman in Ghana with Wura waiting for you.”
“Oh my God, Tony.” He could not believe this.
“Yeah, remember, you’re getting out tonight.”
“And the Blue Canim? It is with the detective too?”
Tiny Tony paused. “Not exactly.”
Martins knew the look on Tiny Tony’s face. “What’s going on Tony?”
“Well, the Blue Canim is in the house of Nigeria’s ambassador to Ghana and we will need to steal it.”
“So what do you say? Ready to go get what’s yours?”


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