The Aftermath 12

Detective Muritala sat in front of his boss and like every time it had happened, he wished he didn’t have to. She looked at him with suspicion, almost as if she knew what he wanted to talk about. He’d thought about several ways he could get Martins out of the station and from the hand of his torturers and he realized he needed the help of someone higher than him.
The DPO was that someone.
“So, what can I do for you Detective?” The DPO asked.
“Remember the cases you gave me?” Detective Muritala asked.
“You mean the ones you didn’t want?”
“The very ones.” Detective Muritala said. “I have made a major breakthrough in the cases.”
“A breakthrough?” She raised an eyebrow, she apparently didn’t trust him very much. He could not blame her.
“The culprit in both cases were the same person.”
“And you know who this person is?”
“Joseph Martins.”
“I know that name.” She said.
“Do you buy jewelries?”
“Joe Martins? The owner of the jewelry store?”
“The very one.” He had caught her attention now. “It makes sense if you think about it. He owns a jewelry store, the thief steals jewelry.”
“And you haven’t arrested him?”
“That’s what I need your help for.”
She leaned back in her seat. “What do you want from me?”
He’d thought about this carefully. She didn’t know about Martins’ arrest yet. The headquarters were keeping it under wraps and he was grateful they did.
“He has been arrested by another police station and they are refusing to hand him over.”
“What do they have him for?”
“Same offense.” He said. “I want him transferred here, I believe I can close the case faster.”
“I don’t know about this.”
He knew it wasn’t going to be easy to get her to agree but it was his only shot.
“This isn’t unprecedented.” He said. “And I’m not cutting them out of the investigation, I just need to question him here on my turf.”
“That’s not enough reason to cause friction with another…”
“This won’t affect you in anyway.” Detective Muritala said. “I wouldn’t even have come to you if I had the authority to sign the necessary forms.”
“I don’t…”
“If I close this case, you realize you get all the credit?” She liked that. “And all I need is bring him here, question him, return him to them and we can put him away while they try to figure out what’s happening.”
“Okay then, I’ll do.”
“Thank you. You won’t regret this.”
That was a huge lie, she was going to regret it.
The bald officer – he actually still didn’t know the guy’s name, had promised once he got a letter requesting the prisoner transfer, he would find a way to get him out of the station. Once he was out of the gates of the police station, he had made arrangements for people to grab him. The plan was coming together already.
Detective Muritala shook his head as he walked out of the DPO’s office. Breaking out a prisoner was the latest to be added to his list of sins. That list was growing longer every day now. But this would be the last he would do. Once he got Martins out and the man he’d spoken to on the phone before paid him like he promised, he would get Shekiya and leave the country.
If she would have him.

The door opened and Martins looked up, the evil twins were back. If their faces were anything to go by, he was in a lot of trouble. He had given up on life now. He was going to rot here, if he didn’t die first. He would never see RoseAnne again or Wura. If they were still alive.
Why was nobody helping him? Not Detective Muritala. Not Tiny Tony.
“You don’t look so happy.” Agent Ponsah said, with a sadistic smile.
Martins ignored him. They had brutalized his body. Worse still, they had brutalized his mind, the best part of him.
“I’m sure you know we didn’t find your Tony guy.” Agent Sanni said.
“Probably because he doesn’t exist.” Agent Ponsah added.
Agent Sanni pulled a chair and sat in front of him.
“We’ve beaten you, we’ve broken bones in your body but it looks like you are a really tough guy. That’s great, I’m almost impressed.”
“I think it’s time we step it up.” Agent Ponsah said. “Have you heard about the term ‘pharmacological torture’?”
Martins swallowed. He had feared it would eventually come to this. He could not take this, not anymore.
“Have you heard about the Insulin shock therapy?”
Martins sat up. “You can’t do that.”
The agents laughed. “We can do anything we want. You are a bloody criminal.”
“I still have rights.”
“Call your lawyer then.”
“You can’t keep me here forever.” Martins said but even he didn’t believe that.
“We don’t want to.” Agent Sanni said. “We have other people to interrogate. Just tell us what we want to know and you won’t see us ever again.”
Martins sank lower in his chair.
“Alright then.” Agent Sanni said. “Agent Ponsah, prep the other interrogation room, let’s have fun with this guy.”
They both walked out of the room. Martins looked around, he was done with this. He was not going to be tortured any further. Even if it meant killing himself.
The room was empty except for the table and chairs. There wasn’t much he could use to kill himself but he had to find something. He wasn’t going to be alive when the two demons came back.
He shook the chair he sat on then he stood and hit it on the ground till it broke. He picked up the broken leg of the chair. It wasn’t the best weapon available but it would do the job. The only way he could use the piece of wood as a weapon was to stab himself.
He sighed. He could not believe he had come to the point where he was considering suicide. Not just considering it, he was planning it. It was better if he died now though. It wasn’t like they would let him go anyway. At least now he could die without further torture.
He picked up the piece of wood and lifted it up. He closed his eyes and gripped the wood as tight as he could. He had to do this once. If he survived the stab, he was in for a very terrible life afterwards.
“Okay, this is it.” He whispered.
“What are you doing?” A voice shouted from outside. The demons were back?
The door opened and Detective Muritala ran in.
“What on earth are you doing?”
“Will you please leave?” Martins said.
“Were you going to kill yourself?”
“What is it to you?”
“You cannot kill yourself.” The Detective said. “You are leaving this station now.”
“What?” Hope rose in his heart. “You are breaking me out?”
“Don’t be ridiculous Martins.” Detective Muritala said. “I’m moving you to another facility.”
He couldn’t care if he was being moved to hell, anywhere but with the two psychos who had pushed him to suicide.
“We have questions to ask too and we’d rather not do it here.”
Martins was confused but he did not care, he was going with him.
“Let’s go and be done with it.” Martins said.
“We need to wait for a few minutes.”
“Please, can we just go before those crazy agents come back?”
The door opened and the agents entered. They looked at Martins and the piece of wood in his hand.
“Are you trying to break out?” Agent Sanni asked and then turned to Detective Muritala. “And you were just going to stand there and watch him?”
“I was just…” Detective Muritala started to say but is interrupted.
“Frigging incompetence, it is a good thing people like you are gradually being pushed out of the system.”
Martins looked at the Detective, he didn’t seem to like that comment.
“Can I talk to you please?” The Detective said and Agent Sanni drew closer to him.
Detective Muritala’s fist moved like lightning and connected with Agent Sanni’s temple and he went down, cold.
“What the hell?” Agent Ponsah shouted.
Detective Muritala drew a gun from his belt and pointed it at Agent Ponsah.
“Shut up and stay where you are.”
“What on earth do you think you are doing?” Agent Ponsah asked, his hands raised. “You are dead already, you know that, right?”
Martins could not believe what was happening. He’d never believed the old detective had that kind of punch in him.
“I’m transferring the prisoner.” Detective Muritala said. “You know what, I don’t want any trouble from you clowns. Hand me your phones now.”
“I can’t believe this.” Martins mumbled to himself.
Detective Muritala collected both phones and slid them in his pocket. Martins wanted to insult the agents but there was chance they would get him back, he couldn’t risk making them angrier than they were.
“Let’s go.” Detective Muritala said.
Martins followed him out of the room and they locked the door behind them.
Martins was not sure if this was a breakout or a transfer like the Detective kept saying but at least he was out of the crazy cell with the crazy agents who were trying to get him mad. The Detective had a pass of some sorts that got him out of the station without further violence. Martins was thrown in the back of a police Hilux, beside the bald officer who was working for the person who hired him. Detective Muritala sat in front of the car with the driver.
Two of the three people in the car were not clean, that much he knew. Was this a rescue mission? If it was, who was the sponsor? And where were they taking him?
He could not ask anything because he was not sure what the cover was and he didn’t want to expose the Detective and the bald officer. But still, he was curious.
“Where are we going?”
“You’ll see.” Detective Muritala said.
They drove in silence for about then minutes and then the driver pulled over by the road. He came down from the vehicle without saying a word and walked into a nearby bush.
What is going on?
A few seconds after the driver walked away, another man came and entered the car. Detective Muritala and the bald officer said nothing. The man started the car and drove into the road.
Martins looked at the man, he was familiar. Yes, he remembered him now; he was one of Tiny Tony’s men. This was a breakout.
But this wasn’t necessarily good news for him. The bald officer beside him was the one who delivered the news of RoseAnne and Wura’s capture to him. He was probably going to be tortured again or worse they would make him watch while they tortured the girls.
He leaned back in the car and shook his head. There was no point worrying; he would cross that bridge when he got there. But he could not stop thinking about his daughter. She was too young to go through all of these.
He turned to the bald officer.
“What is going on with my daughter?”
The words had barely come out of his mouth when he saw a car coming speeding towards them from the side of the bald officer.
“Watch out!” He screamed.
The coming car collided with their car and Martins was thrown backward from his seat. He hit his head on the window behind him and dropped down, unconscious.
The ache hammered at his head like someone was splitting wood on his temple. He slowly opened his eyes and for a few seconds he did not know where he was. He looked around the small room. It was a painted pink, like Wura’s room. There was a pink train set that ran around the room and big pink teddy bear. Wura had those too.
He sat up.
He saw the little pink bible, the pink closet, the lion on the closet – the only thing in the room that wasn’t pink, he knew all of these.
He was in Wura’s room!
What the hell was happening? He stood and immediately reached for a wall, his eyes swarm and tongue tasted salty. He looked down at his shirt and saw blood then he remembered the accident. A car had hit them. Maybe ‘the accident’ wasn’t an accident. Where was Detective Muritala and the bald officer? Did Tiny Tony have anything to do with this?
He dragged along the wall till he got to the door. He knocked on it. There was no answer. He raised his hand to knock again but the door swung open and he saw a tall man standing in front of him. The man was not familiar. Maybe he was one of the guys who worked for Tiny Tony.
“I see you are awake.” The man said with a smile. “How was your sleep?”
“I was not asleep.” Martins growled.
“You looked like you were asleep to me.”
“Who are you?” Martins asked.
“I thought your first question would be ‘where am I?’”
“I’m in my daughter’s room, you idiot.”
“Okay, so you recognize the room. Shouldn’t you have asked about your daughter then? Or how you got here?”
Martins looked at the man and sneered. “I want to talk to Tiny Tony.”
“Oh, you do?”
“Yes, immediately.”
“I’m sorry that won’t be possible.” The man said and Martins frowned. “You see, Tiny Tony is dead.”
“Your little escape from the station with the old detective, Tiny Tony arranged that behind my back. I warned him not to do anything stupid, he didn’t listen.”
Martins stepped back. Tiny Tony was dead? That meant this man did not work for him.
“So, who the hell are you?”
“I am Tony’s boss. I employed him so he could employ you.”
Martins frowned, that was strange. He’d always imagined he knew all the big players but this man was not remotely familiar.
“You want the Blue Canim?”
“Not really, I don’t.” The man said. “I wanted you.”
This was all so confusing. He did not know this man, why on earth will he want him? Was he the one behind the murders too?
“In case you are worried about him,” The man said. “Your detective friend is alive. For now, at least.”
The detective wasn’t his biggest concern right now. “My daughter and RoseAnne, did you touch them?”
“Did I touch them? Oh, you are in for a surprise.”
Martins moved closer to the man. “What the hell did you do?”
“I think it’s time to meet the boss.”
Martins raised an eyebrow. “Your boss? You are not the boss?”
The man chuckled. “Oh no, I’m not the boss.”
Martins had a foreboding about meeting this boss. He had a feeling it was someone he knew, someone who knew him, RoseAnne and Wura.
“Go wait in the living room.” The man said. “You know your way, right?”
“You are in my house, I know my way.”
Martins walked to the living room and sat. These crazy people were camped in his house? How come nobody had thought to check his house?
“Hello Martins?”
Martins looked back and saw RoseAnne standing at the door to the room.
Martins ran towards her but the tall man stood in front of her.
“No touching.” He shouted.
“Are you okay?” Martins asked.
“Yes, I am.” RoseAnne said.
“I’m going to get you out of here, I promise.” Martins said then turned to the man. “Where is your boss, I need to talk to him, now!”
“You’ve already met the boss.” The man said.
Martins swallowed. “What?”
RoseAnne moved closer to Martins. “You want to meet the boss? Here I am.”

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