#RandomBae 28

It was a very important day for me. I had a meeting with the wife of the governor, this was the sort of meeting that could bring a surge in my business and change my life. But the day was not starting very well; I had a major challenge. I was fully dressed; make up great but minimal, my dress beautiful but not daring. The idea was to look good but not look flashy. After all, I was trying to paint the picture of an up and comer, not an already arrived business woman. Back to my challenge. One of my tyres was flat.
This was usually not a big deal, I’d changed a few tyres in my day but I couldn’t change the tyre in the dress I was wearing. ‘That is why you need a husband’. I could hear my mother’s voice in my head.
I looked at the time, I had more than one hour before the meeting; I could still change the tyre. I went back into the house and removed my clothes. I returned outside and began changing the tyre. I didn’t enjoy it at all. I was sweating; my makeup was ruined for sure. To make matters worse, the cloud started getting dark. It didn’t happen slowly, it happened almost at once. I had to hurry. The problem with tyres was, no matter how much you hurried, there were some things you had to do. Or else you’d better be prepared to meet your maker.
I successfully changed the tyres before it began to rain. I ran into the house and redid my makeup and wore my dress. The rain wasn’t too good for my plans. What were the chances I wouldn’t get wet somehow before I had to meet the first lady? It would be worse if I got wet and I started shivering during the meeting because the AC was freezing me up. I didn’t have to worry about that yet though so I grabbed my umbrella and headed for the door.
The rain was pouring and it was coming down in torrents. Whoever had angered the rain must have said something really terrible to it. I stepped out from under the covering of my house and ran towards the car. I was almost at my car when the wind blew my umbrella away. I ran the rest of the way as fast as I could and entered the car. I looked at my clothes and wanted to cry. The few seconds I’d spent in the rain had almost soaked me. I had just forty five minutes before the meeting now, I couldn’t go back in to change. Even if I wanted to, I’d get wet all over again. I had only one umbrella.
I turned the ignition and the car started. I backed into the street and started on my way. The heater in the car was on full blast. It soon got very hot but I had to endure if my clothes were to stand any chance of getting dry. The rain was very heavy so I couldn’t drive fast. I put on the radio and Jon Bellion blasted from the speaker; a little balm for my problems.
I heard a sound come from behind the car and then the car began to wobble. Oh no, I’d experienced this before; my tyre had burst. Why on earth was this happening to me? On the most important day of my life, no less. I couldn’t step out of the car to check what happened, it was still raining. Even if I saw what happened I couldn’t do anything about it, I had no spare.
I leaned my head against the steering and started to cry.
Why now of all possible times? Why was it raining today? Why did God even create rain?
I needed help. And fast. I scrolled through my contacts and looked for a guy I knew was in town and had a car. I found none. ‘This is why you need a husband.’ My mother’s voice came again. And this time I agreed with her.
Oh God, send me an angel.
I looked at my watch, the meeting was in twenty minutes. I sighed and turned Jon Bellion off, I didn’t want help, I wanted to cry.
I was about to start my crying fest when I heard someone’s horn behind me. I looked in the rearview mirror and I saw a pair of headlights almost obscured by the incessant rain.
My angel?
A few seconds later, I heard someone tap on my window. My angel. I rolled down the window a little. A man stood outside my window, holding an umbrella.
“What happened here?” He asked.
“I lost a tyre.” I said, overwhelmed with relief I almost cried.
“I’m sorry about that.” He said. “You can’t change tyres in this rain though.”
“Yeah I know,” I said. “I don’t even have a spare. I just need a ride to the government house.”
“I’m sorry, I’m new in town, I don’t know anywhere.”
“Is that on the way to Adewole Estate?”
“From where we are right now, yeah.”
“Great, can you give me a description?”
Why didn’t he just wait till I was in his car to ask for directions? The rain was beating him in spite of this umbrella. I gave him the description and he nodded along as I talked.
“Thank you very much.” He said.
“One good turn deserves another.” I responded.
“Okay, I hope you get help.” He said and he was gone.
What? I looked in the rearview mirror and I saw his car pull into the road and drive off. Oh my God! I could not believe the guy. The day could literally not get any worse.
My phone beeped and I looked at it. I’d gotten a text from the first lady’s PA. I wasn’t late yet and I was still coming. It did not matter if I had to walk through the rain. I wanted this chance and I had suffered too much to end up with nothing. I opened the text.
“Meeting postponed till further notice. Sorry for inconveniences.”
I rested my head on the steering wheel and began to cry.

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