#RandomBae 27

Immediately he walked into the dealership I knew it was going to be a good day for me. I’d not sold a single car in a month and it was already the twenty seventh. My boss was out of the country so I was yet to receive any official reprimands but that was not a good thing. When he returned I was going to have it. That was one of the reasons I was glad to see him that morning. My boss had warned me not to judge people by their appearances but I couldn’t help it in this case.
He was dressed in a checkered gray suit, lemon shirt and red bowtie and he carried a brown satchel. It was a curious combination but it also looked exquisite. I saw the car that dropped him off, it was a KIA SUV. The long story short was that I was going to make a big sale. And I was due one.
“You are welcome sir.” I said to him at the door.
He turned to me and beamed the biggest smile. “Good morning.”
He wasn’t the kind of person you pestered with questions. It definitely wasn’t his first car and probably not his first Benz so I stayed behind him, quiet, while he walked around the dealership.
Selling only Mercedes Benzes is a great business. We have a certain type of clientele. They are rich, they know what they want and they are willing and able to pay a good price. That was in turn good for me because I always got a healthy bonus after each sale. I’d almost saved enough to buy my own Benz. This sale will push me over the target.
“This is my first time in your place.” The man said.
“Oh, really?” I said, feigning delighted surprise. “You look like you already own a couple of Benzes.”
“Yeah, I own one but I didn’t buy it here.”
“Benzes are great wherever you buy them but buying from us is not just about you buying the car but about you buying an experience.”
“You don’t need to sell me on buying from you.” He said. “You come highly recommended and I like what I see.”
“Thank you sir.”
For about five minutes he walked around looking inside cars, checking engines, studying whatever rich people studied before picking their cars.
“Can I have you price catalogue please?” He asked.
“I can tell you anything you need to know. Any prices you want.”
“I know you can, I trust your competence. I just want to pick a car without embarrassing myself.”
I walked into the office and retrieved the price catalogue. This was another advantage of selling to rich people. They bought the cars at your sales price. There were several deals a buyer could make to reduce how much he paid or get him to pay in instalments but these people never asked. And of course I never told. The sooner they paid, the sooner I got my money.
“Here’s the catalogue sir.” I handed him the book.
He flipped through and stopped at the 2015 C400 4Matic. He looked at the price and gasped.
“You see why I had to check.” He said. “This is way more than I plan on spending on cars.”
If he bought this car, I would be buying mine in less than a week from the commission I would get from it.
“Sir, I know I don’t need to sell you on the car but it is worth its price and way more.”
“I know my friend, believe me, I know.”
He looked at the catalogue then at the car.
“Can you take a picture of me in the car? I’ll like to see how it looks.”
“Sure sir.”
He handed me his iPhone 7 and entered the car. I clicked the unlock button and noticed he had the Uber app opened. That was weird. What would a person with many cars like him need Uber for? It did not matter. I closed the app and opened the camera app.
“I love this camera.” I said.
“You’re treating me so well, I might just give you phone.”
What? That would be the best gift any customer had ever given me.
In the next few minutes, he took pictures in three more cars. And frankly I did not mind. All he had to do was buy one of them, give me his phone and I would build a shrine for him if he wanted.
“I think I’ve made my decision, I’ll buy the 4matic.” He said.
Yes! I tried to play cool. “That is a very good decision sir.”
“Now can you get me your account details? I’m going to step out to call my account manager?”
“You can make the call here sir.”
“You just get the account details ready, I will make the call now.”
I nodded and headed into the office. I couldn’t wait to finish this deal. I deserved it, a lot. I picked the book with everything we needed to close the deal and went back into the showroom. My eye caught something; a wallet inside one of the cars. I picked the wallet and opened it. It was for the man. It probably dropped while we were taking the pictures. I’d give it back when he was done with his call.
I waited for about five minutes and he wasn’t done with his call. I stepped out of the showroom and looked around the dealership, I did not see the man. Oh no, did he change his mind? Why didn’t he just tell me? Did he go to get the money? I need this sale, please.
Twenty minutes later, he still wasn’t back. I began to panic. I looked at the wallet in my hand, his phone number would probably in there. I opened the wallet and saw a bunch of cards. I saw three ATM cards, all expired but at least they told me his name. I removed the business cards and checked for his. I saw his card and paused. It read MC Roman, Comedian. Comedian? He didn’t look like a comedian to me. The card had his phone number and social media handles.
I decided to check his Instagram. I needed to be sure it was the same man.
I found him and it was the same man. I saw his latest picture, posted five minutes ago and I gasped.
It was a picture of him in the 4Matic with the caption:
“God’s blessings. #NewRide #DontBeJealous #JustHustle”
I dropped into a nearby chair and fought back tears. I knew I wasn’t getting my car just yet.

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