#RandomBae 18

The first thing she saw was the black Benz parked in front of the restaurant. She nodded her approval, it was a smooth ride. Then she looked up to see the guy perched on the car. She gasped. Oh my God, it was MEGAMINDED from Twitter. She’d followed him for more than a year and he always blew her mind. He gave the most savage clapbacks, had the most interesting Twitter fights and trended at least once every fortnight. He was the ultimate Twitter celebrity. She’d always wondered what he looked like in person and now she knew. He was shorter than she expected and his beard was slightly exaggerated on his Twitter avi but it did not matter. He was popular for his mind, not his face.
She wondered if she should talk to him. What if he slighted her like most celebrities do? Or worse; what if he noticed something horrible about her and did a thread on her? It was not worth the effort. She stopped staring at him and entered the restaurant.
She made her order and went to sit. She could not take her mind off Megaminded. She was starting a jewelry business, getting someone like him to tweet for her could boost the business. But was that worth risking her reputation?
She heard someone raise their voice outside and she peeped. She could not make out the words but what was happening was clear. Apparently, the Benz did not belong to Megaminded and the real owner was having a fit because he found him sitting on his car. She shook her head and smiled. That guy had no idea what kind of bashing he would receive on Twitter later that day.
She was about to dig into her food when Megaminded entered the restaurant. He looked in her direction but if he saw or noticed her, he didn’t show it. He walked to the counter to make his order. She had to do this; she had to talk to him.
She took a deep breath and walked up to him at the counter. What was the right way to do this?
“I’ll pay for what he’s buying.” She said to the man at the counter.
Megaminded looked at her. “Why?”
“Because my name is Stephanie and I’m pleased to meet you.”
He smiled. “Okay.”
He collected the bottle of water – that was all he ordered – and she paid for it.
“Do you mind joining me at my table?” She asked.
“Sure.” He said.
She tried to contain her excitement as he followed her to her table. They got to the table and sat. He opened his bottle and took a sip then brought out his phone and started surfing.
“Hi.” Stephanie said and he looked up. “I’ve always wondered what your real name is.”
“Mayowa.” He said.
“Oh.” She nodded. “Nice name.”
“Yeah.” He said and went back to his phone.
“I’m sorry but I have to ask, how did you get so good at using Twitter? I’ve been on it for so long but I can’t seem to get any traction.”
He shrugged. “I don’t know, guess it just happened.”
“So any tips? Anything I can do to get more popular?”
“I guess you have to tweet a lot. Get in on the right conversations.”
What was going on with him? This was not the guy she knew on Twitter. He was supposed to be a talkative, full of smart words. She wasn’t supposed to the one keeping this conversation alive.
“Apart from Twitter, what else do you do?”
He looked up from his phone. “How do you mean?”
“Is social media all you do?”
“Of course not.” He said.
‘Okay, so what else do you do?”
He looked behind and stood. “Sorry, excuse me.”
She watched him walk away and honestly she was not sure she wanted him to come back. But why was she disappointed anyway? He wasn’t rude, he wasn’t even snobbish. He was just boring. Maybe he wasn’t the real Megaminded.
A few minutes later, he returned but didn’t sit.
“I’m sorry I kept you waiting.”
“It’s fine.” She said. “I’m sorry, I have to ask, are you Megaminded from Twitter?’
“Yes.” He said. “I’m sorry but I have to leave.”
“You have to get back to work?”
“No, I have to get back to school.”
School? He was a student?
Whoever said you should never meet your heroes did not lie, she was thoroughly disappointed.

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