#RandomBae 16

Sukanmi had waited for this day for so long. For six years to be precise.
He was in his final University year the first time he picked up a guitar. He had fiddled with his roommate’s guitar and in the next three months he got better than his roommate. He then saved up and bought his own. The guitar soon became his passion, his life. It got him the jealousy of his roommate but it also won him many friends and even got him his girlfriend of five years. And today all his love and work will become something meaningful.
MAD MUSIC Productions were looking for a bassist and he was auditioning.
“What’s your name?” Monica, the lady interviewer asked.
“Sukanmi David.” He said.
“You are Cool Sunky on Instagram?” She asked.
“Yes, that’s me.”
“You are taller than you look in those videos.” She said. “Finer too.”
Sukanmi smiled.
“Okay, let’s see what you can do.” Julius, the other interviewer said.
“Is there any particular thing you want or…?”
“Just freestyle.” Julius said.
Sukanmi closed his eyes and placed his fingers on the strings, he waited then he struck a string.
“Wait.” Julius said.
Sunkami opened his eyes. “Yeah?”
“What was that?”
“It’s nothing. Just a little ritual I have, it gets me in the groove.”
“Sounds cool,” Monica said. “Now, play something.”
Sukanmi closed his eyes and placed his hands on the strings. He struck the first string and then the second and the music flowed. He played and bounced in rhythm. The more he played, the groovier his bounce became. Monica was nodding her head but Julius just stared at him. Maybe he did not love bouncy music. Sukanmi transitioned from the groovy rhythm to a slower one. He put all the emotion he could into a guitar into the music. He was hitting deep levels he didn’t even know he had.
Monica was looking at him, tears in her eyes; once again she was loving him. Julius just stared.
“Okay, we’ve heard enough.” Julius said.
Sunkanmi stopped playing and looked at them for their verdict.
“I love you.” Monica said. “The way you hold that guitar, the way you move when you play, the emotions you produce when you pluck those strings, I love everything.”
Sukanmi smiled. “Thank you.”
He shifted his attention to Julius.
“You were okay.” Julius said, not batting an eyelid. “Wait outside, we have a lot more people to listen to.”
Sukanmi knew Monica’s vote was secured but he was in trouble with this other guy. He needed to pay him a compliment. He did not know who the guy was, there was nothing he could use. And then he saw a key on the table in front of him; it was Mercedes Benz key. He’d seen a Benz outside, it was a beautiful car.
“Thank you.” Sukanmi said. “Sorry, was that your Benz outside?”
“Yeah.” Julius said.
“It is a beautiful car.” Sukanmi said. “It is my dream car actually.”
Sukanmi waited for a response. Julius looked at him, face blank, not saying a word.
Finally Julius said. “Leave, please.”
Sukanmi hurried out of the room. This was not going good at all. If he could not get Julius to his side, he had to get him out of that audition room.
He looked out through the window and saw the Benz; it was parked on the road. He had an idea.
He brought out his phone and typed a text.
“Lasun, I’ll send you an address, there is a Black Benz parked in front of it. Help me tow it. Very Urgent.”
He asked for the address and sent it to Lasun. He followed it with a transfer of five thousand naira.
Forty five minutes later, Lasun and his officers arrived to tow the car. Five minutes after the car was towed, the audition room opened and the last bassist came out. Julius stuck his head out and for the first time Sukanmi saw the guy smiling. He patted the last guy on the back and whispered something to him. Sukanmi looked at the guy, there was no way this guy was better than him.
“Please come in.” Julius said to Sukanmi.
Sukanmi entered the room with confidence.
“Welcome back.” Monica said with a smile.
“Can you sight-read?” Julius asked.
“Yes I can.” Sukanmi said. “Sorry, I wanted to come in earlier but you were busy. Your car was towed.”
“They just left and I’m sure you can still catch them if you hurry.”
“How come nobody told me?”
Julius stood and hurried towards the door. He stopped at the door and looked at Monica.
“Continue without me, I’ll be back as soon as I can.”
Julius left the room and Sukanmi smiled – finally.
“So, it’s just you and me, huh?” Monica said.
“So it would seem.”
“You like Benzes? I own one too, maybe you’ll like to ride in it later?”
“Sure.” Sukanmi said. “So, what do I play now?”
Monica stood and moved close to him. She smiled and began to sing. “Oh, baby now let’s get down tonight…”
Sukanmi looked at her, blank and she stopped.
“You don’t know the song? Sexual healing by Marvin Gaye? Come on, play; accompany me.”
Sukanmi closed his eyes and placed his fingers on the strings.
He heard the door open and he opened his eyes. Julius was back in the room.
“My car wasn’t towed.”
“Yes it was.” Sukanmi said. “The Benz in front of the…”
“It was Monica’s car.”
Sukanmi gasped. “What?”
Monica hurried towards the door. “I hate this nonsense.”
Sukanmi watched Monica leave the room and sighed as the door closed behind her. He turned back to face Julius.
Julius looked at him. “So, are you ready?”
Two weeks later, MAD MUSIC’s new bassist debuted at a show, Monica got Sukanmi tickets to come and watch.

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