#RandomBae 14

Matthew woke that morning to thirteen missed calls on his phone, all of them from his girlfriend; Adesuwa. He wanted to call her back but then he didn’t. It was an important day for him at work, he did not want anything messing with that. He left the phone and got ready to go to work. He was having his usual breakfast; bread, laced with several layers of butter (screw ‘em pimples) and tea, when he got a text. It was Adesuwa again.
Adesuwa: I’ve been calling you. I’m sorry Matthew, I got pregnant for Mark.
Matthew dropped the slice of bread in his hand and read the message again. He wanted to call her immediately but he paused. He should think about this. This had to be a joke. He had played a prank on her some time ago. He’d told her he had an accident and his head caught on fire. She called him from the hospital thirty minutes later and he had laughed and laughed. This was her revenge; that had to be it. Mark? He was her stupid bestie. He’d always complained about him. This guy wasn’t just trying to be her friend, he wanted more. He’d always known this. Still, this did not make any sense.
He did not have time for this, he had a major presentation at work, she wasn’t going to ruin it for him. He picked up the slice of bread then dropped it; he had lost his appetite.
He was about getting in the car when another text came in.
Adesuwa: I’m very sorry. It happened one time. I still love you.
She still loved him? He shook his head and entered the car. He’d never even had sex with her: they were keeping themselves for marriage. They’d been in this relationship for more than three years and he was already shopping for a ring. His siblings knew about her, his friends knew about her and most importantly his parents knew about her. Why were women so wicked?
He drove to work, thinking of all the good things he had done for her and all the bad things he could do to her now. And Mark, the two faced bastard, he should just kill him. He’d already told the idiot he was planning on proposing, not knowing he had his own agenda.
He arrived at work in a mood to kill but he was sensible enough to know they were not the ones who needed to be killed. He was hurting yet he was powerless to do anything about it. He dragged his feet as he walked through the office. He was relieved he’d prepared his presentation the previous night, his brain could do no such thing right now. And thank God it was Friday, he had the whole weekend to mourn his loss.
He’d barely sat down when his boss came in, rushing.
“Matthew?” The Boss called.
“Morning sir.” Matthew responded, his voice barely audible.
“Is your presentation ready?”
He nodded.
“Is my presentation ready?”
He looked up. “What?”
His Boss came closer. “Okay, I’m sorry. I was out last night with some friends and somehow I didn’t get around to that presentation. You drew out my talking points, why don’t you just design my presentation? I’d owe you one.”
Owe him one? “Sir, I designed your last presentation.”
“Exactly, so you know how good I want them to be.”
The boss patted him on the back and left his office.
He wanted to scream and he wanted to throw things but he remembered a lady had been fired for doing the exact same thing. He powered his computer and stared at the screen as it booted. He did not want to do anything about his Boss’ presentation but that would put his boss in a lot of trouble with the Top bosses. Maybe this was his problem, he cared too much about others. He did all his boss’ work and got no credit. He allowed Adesuwa keep her horny bestie and see where it landed him. Well, there was nothing he could do about Adesuwa but he could do something about his boss.
It was four o’clock and the meeting was done. He could not believe what happened. He’d done a very terrible job with his boss’ presentation. He mixed up slides, made a lot of spelling mistakes and even skipped an entire talking point all together. He’d walked into the meeting feeling terrible for what he’d done but also happy because for once he was the one on the giving end of evil. But nothing had gone the way he expected. His boss had presented the first two slides – the only good ones when he was told to stop. Those first slides had answered the questions the top bosses needed answered.
Matthew sighed. Nothing was going well for him. He could not even be good being evil. He packed his stuff into his bag and got ready to leave. Closing time wasn’t till five but he did not care. He actually prayed someone got in his way, he was itching for a fight. Unfortunately, no one seemed to care he was leaving early. Even his boss saw him leaving and thanked him for a job well done. He was not going to catch a break today.
He got into his car and wondered what he was going to do. He didn’t frequent bars but maybe he would this once. He could get drunk and numb the pain. Or maybe someone would get on his nerves and he could throw a few punches meant for Mark and Adesuwa at them.
His phone beeped. He’d gotten a Whatsapp message from Adesuwa.
Adesuwa: Pregnancy test. *Image attached*
She had the nerve to send him the pregnancy test? What was that supposed to do for him?
His phone beeped again, the image had loaded. He looked at the image and paused, this wasn’t a pregnancy test. It was the meme of a girl getting cake thrown in her face with the caption ‘In Your Face’.
What was this? He typed a reply.
Matthew: What is this?
She responded.
Adesua: Hahaha. You think you can prank? Who’s your daddy now? Suck it!
P.S. This is not the end of this story. Part 2 drops tomorrow.

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