#RandomBae 8

It was the night of my bachelorette party but all my friends were running late. All of them. I understood if my friends came late, they all thought being late was fashionable but not my sister. She was born two weeks before her due date and that became her life, always early. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled, if only they could allow me wear this short pink gown for my wedding. I shook off the silly thought from my head and dialed Bolu, my maid of honour again. Still she did not answer. Wait a minute, what if something had happened to them? Oh my God.
A knock sounded on my door.
That had to be them. I ran to the door and opened. A delivery man stood at the door.
“Are you Olivia Michael Ajibola?” He asked.
“Well, not yet.” I said with a smile. “I’m still Olivia Olatunji for now.”
“They said you might say that. I have a package for you outside, could you please come with me?”
I hesitated, why should I just follow this man? I was curious though, what package did he bring that was too big to bring inside. I had to know. I ran after him.
I stepped out of the house and I stopped. A black limousine was packed outside my gate. I chuckled, then I laughed and laughed some more. My girls were the best. My neighbours were starring but I didn’t care.
“Will you step in please?” The delivery man asked.
Wait a minute, what if I was being kidnapped? I shrugged, if the kidnappers went through all this trouble, the least I could do was follow them. I entered the car. As soon as I entered the car I knew this was not a kidnap. There were cards all over the seats, handwritten cards. I read through them one by one and laughed then cried; my girls were awesome. The only problem was, I did not recognize any of the names on the cards and they were male names.
The car pulled over and the delivery man, now my chauffeur opened my door. I looked up the building in front of me, this was not the venue of my bachelorette party. The building was some sort of theater but I’d never been here.
“Come with me please.” He said.
“Are the girls here?”
He did not respond. Well, the girls had to be here. What else could it be?
I followed him through a dimly lit corridor. As we approached the door at the end of the corridor, I started to hear music. So, they rented a theater for a bachelorette party, my oh so wasteful friends. We got to the door and the chauffeur opened it. I stepped into the building and frowned; there was no one in here. Then I looked in the direction of the music and I screamed.
Cobhams! Cobhams with a piano!
“Hello Olivia.” He said.
“Hi.” I replied. I was grateful he couldn’t see how much of my teeth I was showing, it was creepy.
“Come up here.” He said.
I ran up the stairs to the stage where he was seated and hugged him.
“So nice to meet you.” I said, after I caught my breath.
“I heard you like to sing.” He said.
“You heard right.” I could not wait to hear what he would say next.
“Do you know ‘Empty’?”
“I know ‘Empty’ like I know every other song on your album.” I could not stop giggling.
He started to play on the piano and then sang the first verse of the song. He nudged me and I started to sing the chorus then he joined me. I could not believe what was happening. I was actually singing with Cobhams. The theater was empty but I did not care, this could have been the Superbowl and I wouldn’t have felt any better.
We did two more songs. I could tell even Cobhams was surprised with our synergy. I wasn’t, I’d practiced this so many times in my bathroom, it came naturally.
“There’s one more thing before you go.” He said.
“What? You want to give a recording contract?” I asked.
“I think I want to but that’s not it. Let’s go sit with the audience for a minute.”
We went down the stairs and sat in the front seat. A LED screen I’d not noticed before came on.
“What are we watching?” I asked.
He did not respond.
A minute later my face came on the screen. What! It was a footage of me joking around with my roommates in the University. Then another footage took its place. It was one of me trying to learn how to ride a bike.
“Oh my God, what is this?”
“A movie I guess.” Cobhams said.
“It’s a movie made from footages of me.” I exclaimed. “Oh my God.”
It was really a movie, they even gave it a story line. I could not believe this.
By the time the movie was done twenty minutes later I was exhilarated. The chauffeur came and said it was time to go. This was the best day of my life. I hugged Cobhams so tight, he had to push me away so he could breathe. I cried all the way from the theater to the car. I got into the car and cried some more.
A few minutes later, the car parked and the chauffeur opened the door. This time we were at the venue for my bachelorette party. I jumped out of the car and ran, crying into the house. I got to the door and pushed it open. The room was empty. What was happening now? Was Denzel Washington hiding behind the curtains?
A big TV screen on the wall came on and pictures started to slide across the screen. They were picture of today. Pictures of me reading the cards and crying. Pictures of me singing with Cobhams. Pictures of me watching the move. Pictures of me crying in the car again; some of those weren’t so pretty. Pictures of me running into the house. And then there was a picture of me standing in front of the Big TV.
“Who is doing this?” I shouted.
Then I saw them; my fiancé’s best friends. The four of them, stood there looking at me, smiling. I wanted to run and hug them but I just stood there looking at them, tears streaming down my face.
“Enjoyed the night?” Dami, one of the friends asked.
I tried to respond but I choked on the tears.
“The cards were from every single friend of Michael we could find. Sorry if some of them were silly, you know guys now.”
I smiled through the tears, some of them were indeed silly.
I heard someone scream behind me and I turned around to see my friends, all of them. They ran to me and hugged me. I looked back to see the guys but there they were gone.
“Did you guys see all of that?” I asked.
“Yes.” Bolu answered. “You are the luckiest person in the world.”
“No, I’m not. Michael is the luckiest.”
He had the best friends in the world.

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