#RandomBae 4

Should I say yes to him?
My name is Ibukun and I want to tell you about my fiancé.
I met Ahmed for the first time twelve years ago, I was in the university and was about starting my first relationship. He came around, trying to boss his way into my life. I was young, I was trying to be independent and I kicked him to the curbs. He did not go away though. Consistently for twelve years he’s kept coming back. Sometimes I fear that I fell in love with his tenacity and not him. But I’ll let you be the judge of that.
About a year ago, Ahmed came back into the picture with full force. He was very serious this time, I could tell. A succession of bad boyfriends including my recent ex; Jonah, certainly made the prospects of Ahmed more attractive. I’d said ‘no’ to him severally but something about him was different this time. All my fears about him forcing me to his own religion, dictating control of my life or even his age were no longer issues. Ahmed looked like a totally different person.
Ahmed has a lot of wonderful friends. Rich friends, intelligent friends, celebrity friends. He has lots of friends, I genuinely love and respect. So, when these guys started coming to me one by one to tell me what Ahmed would do for me if I agreed to marry him, I could not resist. Ahmed didn’t say much or make any promises himself but I wouldn’t too if I had such great friends to do my talking for me. Who needs to hear from the horse’s mouth if his Unicorn friends can speak, right?
And speaking of friends, I need to mention Ahmed’s best friend; Yomi.
Yomi is a dream guy. If I met him first and under different circumstances, maybe I would be marrying him. Yomi is a lawyer, a very good one and after spending so much time with him, I’m convinced he would be a better husband than even Ahmed. But you know they say a man is the average of his five closest friends, if Ahmed is twenty percent as intelligent as Yomi, then I can totally live with that.
Don’t judge me but I consider a man’s looks very important. In fact, judge me if you want, because every girl does. I’d never seen Ahmed as a very handsome man but boy was I wrong. I don’t know if he did it for my benefit but he recently opened an Instagram page and I can’t sleep without checking to see what new picture he’s uploaded. His photographer, an angel most likely, has done a great job. Beautiful pictures of Ahmed flood my timeline. Ahmed in suit, Ahmed in agbada, Ahmed in a top hat, I even saw one he took with one cute little boy. My Ahmed is now so on point.
I know I’m so in love with Ahmed but not everybody in my family is. They claim even though he’s rich now, it is no guarantee of my financial future. They say he’s too old: they tell me to wait for a younger man. Some say he’s been out of the game for so long he might not even be able to perform his husbandly duties, you know what I mean. That part is scary. And to crown it all up, my crazy uncle from Ekiti says he’s going to make me a young widow. He says he won’t last four years.
I hope you can understand my dilemma. I love Ahmed and he is a good man but I don’t want to become poor to the point where going abroad becomes impossible. I don’t want a husband who will spend most of his time in his hospital. More importantly, I don’t want my crazy uncle telling me ‘I told you so’.
What do you think I should do? Marry Ahmed or No?

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