#RandomBae 2

The first time Jerry saw her was at GCE coaching. Unlike most girls he met at his evening classes, she was out of his league. He was a cool guy, handsome and rich; he was a dream for a lot of girls. These girls swarmed around him so for a long time he did not care much about Tolulope. But something pulled him to her today. Maybe it was time he did something about it.
He would, at the right time.
The right time came after Chemistry class. The Biology teacher was late, as usual. He had a small window to carry out his operation.
She was sitting with two girls, they weren’t going to pose any problems; he knew them both. He approached the girls, a little more nervous than he expected.
“Hi Dolapo, Phebean, can I talk to your friend?”
The girls looked at her, waiting for instructions, she nodded and they walked away.
“Hey.” He said. “May I sit?”
She smiled. “So you finally came, huh?”
“We’ve attended the same extramural classes for how many months now?”
He could not believe what he was hearing. She’d been expecting for him to come?
“I can’t believe this.” He said. “I was worried talking to you would be difficult.”
“Why? Because I’m hot?”
“I would say beautiful and out of my league, but yeah, hot.”
“You think I’m out of your league?” She laughed.
“You don’t think so?”
“I’m not just out of your league, we don’t even play the same sport.”
“Okay, now I’m confused.”
She laughed and punched him lightly on the shoulder. This was going great. They were talking, joking and he wasn’t even that great at conversations. He’d told himself he was not getting into a relationship until he was in the University but this girl was giving him second thoughts.
“I’ve always wanted to ask you,” She started. “Why are you in Science class?”
“Don’t be fooled by my un-seriousness here, I’m not a terrible science student. I’ve had ‘B’ a couple of times in Chemistry.”
“That’s not what I’m talking about. I’ve read your blog, why aren’t you in Arts class?”
“You’ve read my blog?” That was a real surprise to him. “I don’t even share my posts like that.”
“Well, a friend showed me once and I’ve been checking it from time to time.”
He wasn’t one for too much emotions but only Celine Dion could express the depth and height, length and breadth of what he feeling at the moment. She was beautiful, very funny and genuinely cared about him. Wait till University? Now, his second thoughts were having second thoughts. Why wait till the University when he’d already found the one.
“So, why aren’t you in Arts class?”
Before he could answer, the Biology teacher entered. He’d never been so annoyed to see a teacher in his whole life.
“I guess we’ll conclude this conversation after class then.” He said.
He went back to his seat, his legs barely carrying him. He could not believe he could fall so hard for a girl in such a short time. But sometimes, when you know, you know.
The lecture lasted thirty minutes and he spent every second of those minutes thinking of the best way to ask her out. It had to be perfect, it had to be special. He was smart, good with words when he decided to use them. And towards the end of the class he found the right words; the right way.
The class ended and he jumped off his chair, this was it. His Mom would be so proud. Maybe not right now, but in four years when he eventually introduced Tolu to her.
He got to her seat.
“Hi Tolu.” He said.
“Hey.” She said.
“So about our earlier discussion…” He started.
“I’m sorry Jerry, I have to go immediately.” She said. “My boyfriend is waiting to pick me up.”
He staggered backwards. “Your boyfriend?”
“He’s been waiting for a while, I can’t keep him any longer. We’ll talk tomorrow.”
She smiled and ran out of the class.
Jerry did not go back for any more of those extramural classes and needless to say, he failed his Jamb.

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