Mrs LordJosh #Sheroes

By Lord Josh

It took a while but I’m glad I found the one and the one was you. There are many ladies out there who envy you but most of them don’t know I’m the one to be envied. I got the better end of the deal.

I write a lot of beautiful stories, most of them dedicated to you but I need to thank you for the sacrifice you made to allow me do this. The moments I spend lost in thought contemplating plot and characters. The random questions, trying to pick your brain on how a teenage girl would react to a situation. Nights spent with the ratatata of my keyboard disturbing your sleep. I know it wasn’t easy but still you do it. Thank you.

Money came but it didn’t change you. Or just change us.

You listened to my ideas, told me when they sucked, comforted me when they failed, partied with me when they succeeded. You trusted me with your thoughts, your dreams, your vision. You were patient when I didn’t see it, didn’t rub it in my face when I was wrong, partied with me when it succeeded. Thank you.

Children came but they didn’t change you. They only made us.

Pregnancy was a big change, expected but still surprising. Months of carrying a mini us in your stomach, I couldn’t have asked for better partner. Labour; the pain, the screaming, the tears. Thank you for being brave when I wasn’t. And then you agreed to do it all again, well, who said women are weak? You were the best mother our children could ever have. You were the balance of friendship and discipline. I am easy to bribe with a cute smile but you kept me strong and the children disciplined. Thank you.

God is and so we are.

He started this; placed you were you could be seen, opened my eyes to see you. He is our anchor when we hit rock-bottom, he is our ceiling when we try to get out of control. He is our shield when under attack and our ammunition when we attack. He was the beginning of us and would be waiting when we end. Thank you for allowing Him be our partner.

I love you to death. I know I say this a lot but I hope I get more chances to prove it.

You love me to death. I know this not only because you say it but you’ve proven this more times than I can count.

Because of you, I get to sleep next to a hero every night.

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