Women #Sheroes

By PhemieMichael Iranloye

Yes, that is enough reason to celebrate women.
Imagine there were only men on the planet.
7 billion.
Kuku kee me

I like women. A lot. I celebrate many of them
I celebrate my mother for giving birth to me, for being the only girl in a house of giants and mostly, for teaching me how to just be awesome. Also, for all the Garri.
I celebrate Gabrielle Union for agreeing to be my wife, even though she decided to keep her last name and still will not reply me on instagram.
I celebrate Ruth in the Bible for proving that it’s okay for girls to make the first move. Seriously. She worked her way into the bae-Zone and became a part of Jesus’ story. Ladies, I don’t know- I think there’s a lot to learn from this. . Dedicate the coming month of December to go through the book of Ruth. It will drastically change your destiny.
#NotEverytimeGuyMakeFirstMove. #SometimesGirlStepUp. C’mon. Gender Equality.
I celebrate Hillary Clinton for coming so close to setting a record. But ‘almost’ doesn’t kill a bird. ‘Almost’ can break its leg, its beak or its bones, leaving it paralyzed for life, but almost doesn’t kill a bird.
I celebrate Beauty for seeing the man behind the beast. She has given hope to a lot of us. But then again, all these Nigerian girls… all they want is shawarma, ice cream and data.
I celebrate whoever acted Ayamatanga from the mount Zion cast. We had fun scaring my brother with that. Good times. Good times.
I celebrate Steph Curry’s mother. If you don’t know why, there’s no point explaining.
I celebrate the sisters in Frozen for showing that you don’t need men to do everything for you. Ahn ahn. #NotEverytimeKnightInShiningArmour #SometimesEppYourself
I celebrate Rolo for not being a guy. Ços yuck!
Just move on. It’s not everything you must understand
I celebrate LordJosh the literary Rockstar
Those are the women I’m celebrating for now

5 thoughts on “Women #Sheroes

  1. lol @lord josh the literary rock star.
    Good one Femi. It made me smile.
    I guess I have to thank you for being a man, you are proof that men are not only handsome, they can be beautiful too.

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