J. K. Rowling #Sheroes

By Lord Josh

Harry Potter, whatever your sentiments about the book, is a huge success. Before the Harry Potter series ever came to our book stores or movie theaters, it was all in the head of somebody, a woman; Joanne Rowling.

You can google her story if you want details but I know this much.

She was a single mother, living on welfare, dead broke and alone. She got an idea one day while traveling on a train and she would spend years writing and rewriting the first book in her series. When it was done, she faced several challenges getting it published.

One, it was the story of a wizard boy. Many considered witchcraft too serious to be glamorized.

Two, boarding schools were not politically correct at the time and well, you know how we are with political correctness.

Three, they told her her book was too big for children.

Four, they said she was a woman and boys will not want to read something written by a woman.

Needless to say, all these were B.S. Today she has the second highest selling book in history after the bible (I stand to be corrected). She had to use her initials instead of her feminine name but she did what no male author has ever done. She became a billionaire as an author.

She wrote the books, movies were made out of the books, theme parks were created from the story, toys and games, a lot came out of Harry Potter. A lot came out of one woman’s imagination.

She doesn’t have an oil company, she doesn’t have a tech company, and she doesn’t own a bank. She used her God given talent and made a billion dollars out of it.

J.K. Rowling did it. I can do it. You definitely can do it.

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